1. N

    Advice on 'Cheaper' brand / for CU upgrades, PRS EICRs

    Hello, Would like some opinions. We have quite a few CU upgrades to complete. These are PRS properties, and looking down the list, a lot will be TT. Since Amd 3 we have used Hager CUs. Decent quality, also like the little meter tails clamp for TT. However, the cost is prohibitive, especially...
  2. Marti

    Milenco Van Security Dead Bolts. Cheaper than ArmaDlock

    What are you guys using a additional physical security on on your vans? Assuming no-one is foolish enough to be relying on the OEM door lock and immobilisers. Being freshly minted, that is fleeced by various insurance and CPS bodies, I chose the DIY option and bought three Milenco Door Bolts off...
  3. Matthew007800

    Switched Sockets Cheaper?

    Hi, I was wondering why UK wall sockets with a switch are cheaper than those with no switch. This doesnt make any sense to me as surely the switched sockets should cost more as they have a mechanism. Examples of this is: MK 13A Unswitched Double Socket K781PPK | -...
  4. C

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT OR NIC

    Hello guys I am really conflict as to who I should go with as i am looking to go it alone this year. Napit are cheaper and less fuss - however the brand is not recognized that well Napit appear to be allot easier to start off with because they only want to view one job, they also seem...
  5. Leesparkykent

    200A load break switch/switch disconnector.

    I have a job on ATM where the client has been done over by the builder for 65K leaving the job which is 13 new build flats near completion but the client is running out of dollar pretty quick. I'm doing my best to help out by finishing the job but due to the concerns over money I'm getting paid...
  6. L

    Private Work

    Hello All. Here's my situation, im currently NICEIC QS where I work, im earning a half decent wage but its never enough right. Im debating with the idea of setting up on my own but the thought of trying to replace my salary is frightening, mortgage and family so very risky. Not got enough...
  7. V

    Step Drill Bits

    I have a metal clad CU that I am currently installing, it's the MK Sentry one and I want to use the Wago Sprint glands on it. They make a Sprint gland that is 25mm and will accept 2 x 2.5mm T&E for a ring final. The problem is all the knockouts on the box are either 20mm or 32mm. If I bought a...
  8. brucelee

    Amd 3 2015 books

    Hi to all the forum members, I just wanted to ask does anyone know where I can buy the new amended 2015 versions of the Regs, OSG, and related guidance notes. Preferably cheaper than IET, Elecsa/NICEIC or Amazon Also why does the forum not have a sponsor that they could negotiate a Better deal...
  9. F

    wholesalers or screwfix

    were do most shop im finding of late screwfix to be cheaper than the local wholesalers your thoughts
  10. D

    Best competent person scheme

    Hi guys, ive always been employed but I am thinking of going it alone this year. What do people think the best competent person scheme is to ensure compliance with part p. ive herd you have to of been trading for a year for the NIC and was wondering if others were cheaper or had less paperwork...
  11. T

    Panel heater recommendations?

    Alreet. I always use Dimplex heaters but a customer has asked if i can have a search around for a cheaper option. I need 1 x 3kw and 2 x 2kw panel heaters with 24h timers built in. Can anyone recommend any cheaper brands they have used? Max
  12. O

    Underfloor heating mats

    Hi, I'm going to be installing underfloor heating mats (150w) but I'm after some advise on the insulation boards to put down first. They seem expensive I was wondering is there a cheaper alternative? Or am I going to just have to buy the boards they recommend with the mats? Iv never installed...
  13. J

    Where to stay for long term work? :)

    As I've mentioned in my previous posts I'm heading down London managing a big install and was wondering where should I be looking at staying? There are going to be 4 of us for about 9-12 months in the greenwich area. A have been looking at renting a flat/house Was just wondering what you...
  14. S

    Cable pulleys/Heavy duty cable installation

    Hi guys going to be putting 2 times 95mm2 5 core onto a ladder system and was wondering where i can get pulleys from and wheels to mount above the ladder so when its pulled in its not in contact with the ladder system and then it can be placed onto the ladder once its all been ran in? Or what...
  15. L

    Stroma Certification Scheme stroma

    Are any of you guys with stroma? Got my assessment on Thursday just wondered if they was any good? I was with napit but this year couldn't afford the fees with these Electrical Trainee taking all work can't seem to beat there quotes. Been sat at home for the past 3 weeks
  16. C

    Industrial 2 showers off of 1 supply?

    I have a customer who has an existing electric shower fed by 10mm t&e, cable is buired in wall(plasterboard) fitted when house was built approx 13 years ago. They now want another electric shower fitted to the ensuite but does not want the house torn apart to run a new cable and doesnt want...
  17. B

    Engraved Fuse Spurs

    I have a last minute council rewire to do starting Friday, I need marked engraved fuse spurs (Washer, Boiler, Fridge, Freezer, Etc..) My usual wholesaler can get hager ones at a cost of £9 + Vat. Where do you guys get them from and at what cost ?
  18. tombrooker84

    Jcc led 7

    Hello guys, I've got a rewire to do in a couple of weeks and the customer has specified JCC LED 7 fittings, where is the best place to buy them? Cheers Tom
  19. B

    100ma S type Rcd (Time delayed)

    Anyone give me a rough price for the above, Never needed one for a while. Wholesaler doesnt keep it as a stock item so waiting a call..
  20. D

    storage heating alternative

    Hi folks, looking for a bit of advice. A client is wanting to get rid of his panel heaters in some of his letting cottages which are currently running off the 24hour supply and change them to storage heaters as he thinks this will be a cheaper option. There are already storage heaters in the...
  21. B

    Radio teleswitch info?

    hello just wondered how radio teleswitches worked? is the signal supposed to come out at exactly the same time every night? the reason i ask is because last night i never heard the usual clunk, so i tested the storage heaters and there was nothing and the night meter wasn't on but the daytime...
  22. R

    Domestic advice wanted

    Hi guys im not an electrician but just want some advice before i get ripped off please... i want three instantaneous water heaters putting one in the kitchen,one in the bathroom and one in an outside utility all 9.6kw units along side my oil fired central heating but unsure how they will all...
  23. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Renewal Tomorrow!!

    Got that Lovely assessment again tomorrow!! any body have any burning questions you would like me to ask the assessor while i distract him from my work..! :)
  24. E

    where to buy mem rcbo's ?

    my wholesaler's dont stock mem but said will get mem rcbo's in for me at £59 each :shocked::shocked: no thanks i need 9 of them so it would cost a fortune.... anyway i know most rcbo's are around £30 just need to know a good source for MEM rcbo's or if you know of a different brand that will...
  25. S

    Black Panels - Landscape

    I need some black panels to install portrait and landscape - that are cheap and reasonable quality. I know about Bisol and REC, REC are a little tight on the size but has anyone come across a slightly cheaper option than Bisol? 1580 x 809's are fine too as long as they can be fitted landscape...
  26. S

    Cheap Aico Smoke alarm alternative

    Hi guys hope any of you can help me here. Im gona fit 30 smoke and heat alarms in a block of flats. I normally use aico as they are very good and easy to fit. But because theres so many i need im looking for a decent cheaper alternative. Is there any other good makes but cheaper then aico...
  27. A

    Mem/eaton rcbo

    Had a call to see a customer, fault was the MCB would not reset. Turns out it was an RCBO and faulty. Went to my local supplier, £92.50 for a replacement. As many of you will know this is a two part kit with a standard MCB and then an RCD unit piggy backed onto it. They did say they didn't...
  28. B

    Cutting floorboards

    What do you use to cut up floorboards? Jigsaw/ circular saw or any other. I use a jigsaw but it is on its last legs and I have been usuing a reciprocating saw lately which is only going to lead to trouble when my luck runs out.
  29. B

    alternative heating to night storage heating

    I have been asked what alternative I can come up with for heating a house that is currently heated by night storage heating. The owner would like to avoid underfloor heating or installing pipes. The house has no gas either and is on off/on peak tarriff, which they would like to chane to a normal...
  30. P

    Klauke battery crimper

    Anyone got any experience with them and the cheapest place to root one out :D Klauke - Generation Safety Plus
  31. R

    NICEIC or other?

    Hi, im just starting out, Which is the best value company to register with? I want to start out small and keep the overheads down, as far as i know there are two ways to go about it, either pay a lot of money and get them to check out 2 of your jobs then you can sign them off yourself, or you...
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