1. M

    Galaxy 16 plus burglar alarm stuck in walk test mode?

    Hello Any thoughts appreciated on my problem with my Galaxy 16 plus burglar alarm. I recently powered it down, mains and battery, to do some decorating, as part of which I unscrewed 2 pirs, the control panel and the internal alarm box (not sure if this is the right term) to paint behind them...
  2. C

    accentra alarm - no beeps on entry , mag contacts ok tho

    hi accentra / g3 on entering an armed system via front door, no beeps. if seen by pir alarm sounds mag contact on exit door works every time in chime mode ideas? chas
  3. happyhippydad

    adding additional chimes to a wired door bell system?

    Evening all :) I have recently fitted a door bell for a customer. He would now like additional chimes in the kitchen and upstairs. It is a wired system as he specifically said he did not want anything with batteries. At present it just has the normal (8v) bell transformer right next to the...
  4. S

    two chimes on one doorbell pushbutton

    hi, a customer wants to replace his wireless doorbell with a wired system. now the thing is, he wants a chime in the house and a chime in his garage on the same button. what is the best possible way to do this??? would i need a bigger transformer to power both chimes??? cheers
  5. P

    Domestic door bell issues

    Hi all, installed a door bell, transformer and chime. Door bell on front door, ran door bell cable on outside of house (7m), underground in conduit (2m), through garage (7m (near power cable)), through conduit with power cable (4m), into summer house (4m), connectectd to chime and then...
  6. L

    bloody door bell

    hi every one new build we done about 6 months ago, had a call to say that the door bell does ding but doesnt dong.... called in today, the chime is 8 - 16v got a 8v tranny which actually gives 10.5v. when push button is pressed the voltage drops to 7.9v but the ding just doesnt sound right...
  7. J

    doorbell tranny

    hello all i am new on here, today i went to install an extra chime on an existing doorbell in a b&b, with the new chime connected the 2 chimes wasnt working properly, so assuming it must be the transformer wasnt up to it, i rang 2 suppliers to see if there was a higher rated tranny and both told...
  8. H

    Wiring of bell transformer

    Hello. Could anyone enlighten me as to how these bell transformers are wired into a CU? Many thanks
  9. K

    door bell

    been asked to wire in a mains door bell, would I take 1 mm from fuse box to transformer, then wire in bell wire from there to switch then back to door chime.
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