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  1. S


    Installed a new radial circuit in a garage from an existing CHINT garage unit. All functioning well (tests fine) until after the RCD test. Then everything, lights etc stops working. On investigation, while I've got 244V at the incoming side of the main switch I'm getting a reading of...
  2. B

    Inverters for 150 kWp Photovoltaic

    Hi there! I'm new in the forum. This time I bring a question about inverters. I was hired to oversee the Electrical Installation of a public building in East-Timor (South East Asia). As you can imagine, this location is wonderful for a PV installation, with 340 sunny days a year. I have...
  3. JK-Electrical

    Chint Consumer Units

    I'm wondering if any of you guys have installed any of the Chint range of consumer units that Screwfix have recently began selling. If so, how was your experience? Any good, or best avoided?
  4. astormatt

    MCB or MCCB?

    Afternoon all Hopefully someone can throw some light on a small problem i have. I am currently on a job, carrying out an eicr on a building and i am confused by the ocpd feeding it...... The set up is, main cut out in the sports hall building, then there are 5 circuits fed from the 200a main...
  5. T

    mcbs and rcds

    have a selection of used rcds, mcbs and main switches (2pole + 4pole) for sale rcds are mainly chint but there are some other brands in there mcbs are a mixtureof chint lewden and mk main switches are all lewden pm me if your interested
  6. C

    Chint boards

    Has anybody used a chint 3 ph board? For the size I need it comes in about £50 cheaper than a Hager. I've used the single phase ones years ago and they were gash!! This is the first job for a new customer so I don't want to be fitting rubbish and I'm a bit of a brand snob but if the chint is any...
  7. M

    Chint RCDs

    Has anyone used CHINT products are they any good I have been looking at their RCDs priced at £15.00 for S type 100Ma 80A RCBOs From £5.00
  8. R

    Nexus boards?

    Anyone used Nexus consumer units? What are they like to work with? Ta!
  9. marksparky

    domestic cu's

    hi folks was wonderin wat kind of consumer units u's are using at the min? im not long started out myself and still chopping and changing, have been usin control gear this past few weeks
  10. S

    Chint rcbo

    Hi everyone . Has anyone heard of the Chint consumer unit and rcbo ? the consumer price is £56-23 inc vat and they sell rcbo at £ 16-87 each , cheap ? what do you thin .:)
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