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  1. N

    Ok to use concentric cable as meter tails??

    Been asked to do an eicr on a flat above a shop. Tails are run in concentric cable from isolator switch by the meter, to the main switch in fuseboard. Never run into this before so not if this is still deemed acceptable or not? Any advice, reg numbers? Thanks in advance.
  2. C

    Split Concentric Termination

    I'm no expert on split concentric (assuming that's what this is)......But an earth clamp doesn't seem the best solution to this (also as the earth cores appear to be insulated! This is for an eicr on a sub main but I'll have to do the remedial work at some stage. Any advice on how to...
  3. happyhippydad

    Cut out questions?

    Hello all.. I have 2 questions about the picture below. I carried out an EICR and you can see that part of the cover is missing near where the CPC enters the cut out enclosure. I realise that this is not in my remit to code, is it simply a matter of informing the DNO? Also, usually I see a...
  4. A

    6mm split concentric

    Hi, can anyone tell me the maximum current carrying capacity for 6mm split concentric? Beried underground in a duct Thanks
  5. O

    Strange SWA cable

    I've just moved into a 1960's house and when checking the supply to the detatched garage I came across a strange cable type that I at first thought was SWA. It's 10mm diameter with a black plastic sheath. There is one core of 7 strands with red pvc insulation, 7 strands individually insulated...
  6. bigspark17

    Concentric cable used as submain?

    Situation DNO supply into garage outside meter box, submain into house approx 10M in concentric cable. Fused down by 80 swfcu . I dont know the size but it has 7 neutral strands and approx same cpc strands. Any thoughts on this.? Is it ok? I would have thought ok as same if not very similar to...
  7. B

    Type of DNO supply question

    I was installing a new control panel in a pumping station kiosk the other day. Sometimes I am required to `enter` the DNO supply to insert the earth cable on what is normally a TNCS system. To my surprise the supply was a single core with the armourings supplying the system earth but no neutral...
  8. P

    Single Core 230Volt Supply??

    A farmer client has a supply cable going underground from the DNO's kennel to a large barn converted to stables with power and light. The cable is fed from a 30 Amp switch fuse and a preceeding 30 mA RCD. In the barn, I noted that though the power and light were on separate 2.5mm and 1.5 mm...
  9. K

    Split concentric submains

    I am currently on a big flat development project (old high school being converted to 50 flats, plus a 3 phase landlord supply). I had planned on installing 25mm 3core SWA for all flat submains as the Flats are all Electric with no Gas. However, i am now considering installing 25mm or 35mm split...
  10. C

    Testing questions?

    I haven't done any testing for a long time so some help with a few questions muchly appreciated please! Firstly, earthing. The supply cable (from underground) appears to have several strands of the sheathing coated in black insulation and which is used as the neutral with the remaining bare...
  11. M

    I am Pricing a Block of Flats

    I have been asked to feed the Flats Consumer unit with 25mm 2 Core concentric cablefrom a Ryefield 18 way Board mounted at the Mains incomer. Does this comply with the 17th regs regarding mechanical protection. I must admit to using a 3 core swa in the past not concentric because of the...
  12. A

    15m distirbution circuit - cable choice

    I hace been asked to move a CU from next to a 3phase board in a boiler room to an office about 12 m away in the same building. It is a one story building and I am proposing taking the cable through the loft. I'm not sure if I should use 2 core 25mm SWA or 25mm meter tail cable. The total...
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