1. A

    No CPC in lighting circuits / Fire damage

    Good evening following a visual inspection in a property that had an electrical fire in the fuse board area obviously i could not actually test anything, but visually identified that the lighting circuits had no earth (not even cut back) now the insurance company ideally want a new...
  2. A

    UFH T&E Cable Melting / Heat Damage

    I was tracing some electrical cabling last night and noticed a ~6" section of 2.5 T&E cable that appears to have been subject to heat damage and the plastic has started to melt. It's about 1m away from the CU in the garage and connected to a 32amp MCB. It's a radial circuit that powers a small...
  3. F

    Domestic What has happened here?

    So our oven stopped heating up. It's done it before and we had the element replaced. This time I took the back off to have a look and found what, to my untrained eye, looks a little concerning. The wire insulation had turned white around the spade connector and crumbled away when touched...
  4. M

    Massive damage. Neutral fault

    I work for an FM company, we’ve just taken on a brand new refitted and rewired premises. There is a 3phase DB supplying sockets into which there were loads of electronic equipment which has suffered multiple failures. The DB is supplied via 4pole contactor which is switching the Neutral. It’s a...
  5. A

    Short circuit after water damage- advice please ?

    Hi all. Advice please. Had a flood 36 ish hours ago where several tens of gallons of water came through kitchen ceiling passing over the kitchen lighting circuit. The lights (6) are ceiling inset 240 downlights, no transformers. The lights are connected in the circuit with connection blocks and...
  6. D

    Cell damage

    Hi during some recent work at a customer's place we noticed one of their solar panels cells was damaged, pictures below. The array is about 5 years old. The Voc of that panel was ~26v, whereas all the others were at ~35V. As with shadows etc, could this one panel affect the output of the whole...
  7. M

    Running a cable along railing

    Moving office onto portacabin on the other side of yard . Told my boss could do a straight run across underground across yard ("that fine ") ,told him it needs to be 600mm depth as we have wagon run over the area (not fine) . Now he's talking about going the longer way round and could i attach...
  8. Lou

    iPad Air 2

    I've broken my iPad Air 2 screen. I can still use it but there's loads of spider cracks radiating from the smashed bit. It's making work hard lol. Does anyone know the best place to get a repair done or get a screen from? Thanks :iphone::mobilecalling:
  9. T

    Underfloor heating fault

    Hello, I have electric underfloor heating in our bedroom under ceramic tile. there are two systems wired to one touch screen stat, (1x15m & 1x5m) they were installed about 2 years ago and worked great for about 8 month. now the larger one does not heat up? i have tried wiring it direct to the...
  10. N

    Clipping cable/conduit on a fence?

    Years ago this issue was a bit vague whether swa or conduit could be clipped along a fence rather than running it underground which is often a pain to do with certain garden layouts, as well as more hassle and expense people don't want. So would clipping swa or conduit along a fence be...
  11. J

    Insurance Or Client Who Pays?

    I was called to a property where they had a water leak causing a fair bit damage and I have repaired or replaced what is needed but the consumer unit is old who do I charge customer or the insurance who is paying for everything else?
  12. P

    What to issue, a visual inspection?

    I was called to a job that had a dryer blow up and cause smoke damage to a launderette. Machie. Had failed due to age etc. To Keep it brief there was no visual damage whatsoever apart from the machine that has been scrapped anyway and taken before id even seen it. i did usual tests on switch...
  13. P

    Tightening Positive Battery Terminal, Hit Chassis and Shorted Out?

    Hey everyone. Bit of a silly noob question. On my dirt bike, as I was tightening the positive battery terminal lead(it was loose), the allen key slipped and hit against the subframe causing a short and sparks everywhere, and causing the allen key to be extremely hot to touch. It was only for a...
  14. Dan Brown

    cracked socket outlets and fcu

    Hi all I've come across a double gang socket outlet with a crack running from the earth upwards and one from the live downwards What could have caused this would excess amperage cause this Same goes for the switched FCU, it has a crack on the face where the fuse input is situated
  15. M

    Eicr codeing

    Hi, What code would people put for a lighting cable going along skirting board with no trunking ect, its in a really old building so not sure weather this complied then or not as its in an exposed position, i want to put c2 But is it c3 Would be thankful for your input Regards Kurtis Randle
  16. B

    fire damage job

    Hi Chaps, I have been asked to price up a fire damaged flat and was after some advice... I was thinking to carry our a EICR firstly to highlight any non compliances and obviously to assess the fire damage etc. The fire in question apparently was only in the front room but almost every ceiling...
  17. dnjr

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC conflicting advice

    Dear All Im quoting on changing a fuse board and the earth bonding to the gas is 6mm. TNCS system 100A main fuse at cutout (sealed so not confirmed) The flat has concrete ceilings and floors and the bonding cable is deep in the structure of the building. No obvious route to run in a 10mm. I rang...
  18. R

    Stuck on a underpinning knowledge question!

    Hello Folks. Situation is I'm doing the online 2356 and have to do some underpinning knowledge questions, but I feel I may be over thinking this one.... "Why would an induced overvoltage occur and what damage may occur if this happened while working on an un protected computer?" Now is it as...
  19. E

    Would this work...?!

    I am planning to have an external PIR powering 3 soffit LED light fittings. Here's where it gets (mildly) interesting, client wants there to be two options, to have them permanently on or to have them just on the sensor. The way I have first fixed this is... (CPC omitted for clarity) Perm L...
  20. grimysparks80

    charge for using company van at work

    Hi all.just looking for a bit of advice. I have been with my current company for just over a year. They are asking us to sign a piece of paper authorising them to deduct £40 a month from our wages to cover any potential damage to our work vans. apparently if our vans are undamaged at the end of...
  21. A

    What makes a good drill

    I need to buy a drill does not know what is good. Last year bought a useless seriously damaged a few months.
  22. J

    Major fault fire damage , any ideas ?

    Wondering if I could put this incident to you and anyone could determine a fault scenario which would cause such damage . A colleague was rewiring one half of a semi detached house. 3 phase cable head comes into the house which he is working , the neighbours mains come from the top of the fused...
  23. Strima

    PVC Ceiling Cladding and GU10 Halogens

    Evening all, Has anybody come across problems with GU10 halogens causing damage to PVC ceiling cladding? i.e. Yellowing of the finish, melting of the cladding etc? I know this stuff is fire rated but can't seem to find much information on heat damage from lighting. Was asked the question...
  24. G

    Domestic EICR Sampling AND breaking dilema

    Hi Guys first time poster long time reader I have been testing and inspecting existing installations for about 10 months now, all for the council, I have agreed to sample 10% of accessories, and as I regularly read over Guidance note 3 to keep me refreshed off the top of my head it says...
  25. swparksey

    EICR Code what do you think

    Industrial workshop, 40amp mcb in DB, non armoured rubber cable connected in comes out of steel tray and runs across the floor against wall, then behind some fork truck racking and has a 32a RCD outlet box laying on floor loose to connect the welder to. Which code?
  26. Richard Burns

    Drilling down stud wall

    Totally fed up with this one. Any thoughts on hole drilling to run cable down a stud wall, I cannot get a straight line through. I am trying to run cable from the loft down to the CU in the hall. I have drilled down 1.7m and can take the drill bit up 1.7m and the total height is about 3m. I have...
  27. darkwood

    sometimes the customers intellect needs questioning

    took this in back of a sarnie shop, only reason im been called in is because the stainless splash back is been replaced by a full height one and she asked me to re-route the plastic conduit they were unaware it was doing any damage to the conduit DOH!
  28. T

    IR Testing

    When doing an IR test I appreciate that there should be nothing connected - all bulbs removed etc - but what about fluorescent lights - I remove the tube will the IR test damage the starter \ other controls - should I actually be disconnecting the fitting? Would also appreciate an answer to ...
  29. telectrix

    interesting fault

    came across this yesterday. called out to a park home to reported fault, RCD tripping with RFC fuse inserted. client was using socket outlet on cooker point to power fridge/freezer since night before. opened CU ( 6way wylex with 4 HRCs and 2 MCBs, 30mA standalone RCD front end). got out the...
  30. F

    IR Testing lighting cct with fixed bathroom extractor load

    Domestic CU change, TN-C-S. Lighting circuit has an Extractor Fan with Electronic timer installed. When performing IR test on the lighting, should i just test the whole lighting cct between L & N (connected together) and the CPC - I do not want to remove the cover of the extractor to disconnect...
  31. J

    Fused Spur and 1G 13A for double back-box?

    I have a project where I need to take a (fused) mains supply for an HVAC control box (in a village hall) without disturbing decor. The obvious answer would be to replace a 2G 13A socket (double backbox) with a combined double unit (or modular units fitting into a double faceplate) that provided...
  32. H

    Breaker tripping

    Lads odd fault. Breaker trips 20 mins-1 hour after being switched back on. 32 amp ring, old wylex board with push fit circuit breaker. Wiring is a mess. Ring is for sockets. It has exterior lights, alarm, boiler , attic lights, pond pump and fountain - all from jb's in attic - thoughts...
  33. Dean Williams

    Pulling the main fuse?

    Hi following on from another thread is it Illegal to pull the DNO fuse, i always do, after all i am an electrician. ta
  34. T

    fuse rating

    i've had two questions on a similator, An 800w electric iron should have a fuse rated at... I said 5 amp as 800/230 = 3.47a it said i was wrong and said the correct answer was 13a another question asked basically the same just it was a 1.5kw heater, i said 7a it said 13a. is this correct?
  35. C

    Accident at work, who's liable?

    Thoughts on this please chaps as have a meeting with my contractor tomorrow... Couple of weeks back was working in a department store with my Electrical Contractor. Now, I sub contract to him as an 'Improver', 'Mate' etc as not too au fait with Commercial & is reflected in my day rate...he then...
  36. A

    DNO and Applicable Earthing System

    Hi All my first post :) So I am planing to rewire the house that this incomer is servicing. I want the DNO to come out and provide a descent earth and for them not to charge for it. You can all see there is plenty that requires improvement in the photo, but the DNO earth should be the...
  37. C

    more pirs

    evening all! when doing a pir, iv got a cooker switch above a cooker, now i know this doesn't come under bs7671 but under building regs, so my question is, what and how do i go about commenting on this? does it get a code?? cheers in advanced guys!
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