1. Jimnibob

    Which bathroom downlighters?

    Hi I have a 2m x 2m bathroom with a shower over the bath. Can anyone recommend some good downlighters that are suitable for fitting above the bath? I am guessing that two should be sufficient. Thanks James
  2. B

    Which fire rated downlighters?

    Evening, Feeling really confused about fire rated downlighters. We need 26 for our extension which is part flat ceiling and part vaulted ceiling. It's a kitchen/diner/family room. Have received opposing advice. Builder says just use Screwfix LAP fixed integral LED downlights. One electrician...
  3. C

    Installing IP downlighters

    installing ip 65 gu10 downlighters within 2.25 meter height of zone one. What are the hard and fast rules because my reading of section 701 does not permit 230v ip 65 downlighters yet I see it everywhere?
  4. M

    Domestic Changing single light in hall to 4 downlighters

    A friend is currently having the hallway light changed to 4 downlighters and then having the ceiling plastered. (1) First question does this need to be done by a qualified electrician and does it need a Part P certificate? It is not possible to install from the floor above so the builder has...
  5. E

    How can I make downlighters ‘warmer’

    We had integrated downlighters installed throughout. The lights are great.... and not cheap.... but it turns out we got the colour choice wrong After research we though that neutral downlighters complimented by warmer lamps would be be a good combo but they are too harsh for me and no that...
  6. D

    Plasterboard Liner for Downlighters

    Does anyone know of any alternatives to this product? I'm after a couple of hundred units and the company that import them aren't receptive to giving a decent bulk discount, aren't VAT registered and their Companies House details don't make great reading, so I would prefer to source elsewhere...
  7. K

    Downlighters Fire Retadent

    Hi About 8 years ago we had 5 G9 LED recessed down lighters fitted on the hall and stairs. I don't think in those days that they were fire retardant as I don't think that they needed to be. However, we are about to have a electrical safety test as we have put our house up for sale. My question...
  8. P

    shower room and led downlighters

    Hello, I am installing an ensuite with just a shower and sink unit in it. Can I have installed, LED downlighters using a wall-mounted dimmer switch? (the switch will not be within touching distance of the sink or shower)
  9. Spike1947

    Kitchen Cabinet Downlighters info

    Hi I have just changed my ELV Cabinet Down lighters from ELV to 240v because the transformer kept blowing the fuse (5A), I put these in over 20 years ago, so they have had a good go, as you can see from the pics, they are not located inside the cabinets, there is a pelmet and flat board joining...
  10. S

    Looking for 'Warm Glow' dimmable ceiling downlighters.

    Hello. Bro currently has a half-dozen old R80 ceiling downlighters in his even older flat. He's having the ceiling reboarded and is also looking to advance at least one part of his life to the 21st century, so would like LEDs there as a replacement. A must is that these new lamps are...
  11. W

    Halogen to led downlighters

    Hello first floor has halogen recessed downlighters run off a 12v transformer. I’m sure you can’t just swap the lamps to led but why is that if they both are low voltage and also If it’s the first floor it needs to be fire rated right? Many thanks
  12. B

    Down lights and transformers

    Hi , just looking for some advice on some downlighting and where I stand , a client has provided me with 4 transformers with thermal cut out for there 4 down lighters which are not working , upon inspection of the 4 the down lighters themselves are not fire rated (ground floor flat) (2 story...
  13. W

    Trailing edge dimmer interference

    Have installed 11 led downlighters to be controlled by a trailing edge dimmer switch , Inbetween the downlighters are some 0.5 watt led lights which are separately switched , when the smaller led lights are switched off the led downlighters turn dim for around a second then go back to full...
  14. J

    LED fire rated downlighters - 12v or 230v?

    I apologise if this is a stupid question! What are the benefits of using 12v LED fire rated downlighters, over 230v LED fire rated downlighters? I assumed that this is more cost effective using 12v as although they are more expensive they last longer and use less power, correct? Can anyone...
  15. R

    extending a ring circuit with old and new cable

    hi just a couple of questions really, i am looking to put a socket on the wall for my tv and need to extend the ring circuit but is it ok to use new cable for a couple of legs of the ring circuit with the rest of the circuit being old existing cable or does the whole circuit need to be replaced...
  16. La Poste

    Quick Halogen question.

    Halogen bulbs are electrical products so I thought I would ask here. People say that 12V Halogen downlighters give off a better light but the hassles of replacing faulty transformers gives 230V Halogen downlighters the edge. I have just read the Wiki page on Halogen bulbs and found this: "A...
  17. S

    domestic bathroom

    I dont really work in the domestic field so was just wanting to know a few things before starting a job, bathroom downlighters, can these be mains voltage as long as RCD protected is that correct and also a fan isolator can this be situated up the the loft space, or does it have to be...
  18. S

    downlighters 240v or 12v?

    Hi guys, i touched on this last night but still can't make my mind up. I am installing 27 downlighters in a house, half up, half down on existing lighting circuits. What are the arguements for using 240v or 12v downlighters. Surely 240 is easier and cheaper? They will be fire rated and I will...
  19. azzb

    Low Voltage Downlighters

    Hi, i am looking downlighters for one of my bedrooms. I was told by a friend some downlighters the low voltage ones use 1 tranformer and all the downlighters plug into it. Could you point me in the right direction? Many Thanks Aaron Apprentice
  20. R

    Downlighters & Building Control

    Is anyone actively installing fire protection of any form on downlighters for building control? Because the fire rated stuff is so expensive I will lose a job to sparks who don't bother using it. The customer doesn't care, it's cheaper without it. Are building control actually checking jobs...
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