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  1. H

    Downstairs sockets keep tripping

    Hiya, I am wondering if I could get some advice please? I know nothing electrical speak so I apologise lol For the past 2 days the downstairs sockets keep tripping. Lights all on everywhere and upstairs not effected. Only thing that goes is the sockets. Nothing new been plugged in, nothing...
  2. E

    Upstairs and downstairs MCBs connected?

    Hi all new here and wondering if you have seen heard of this situation/problem? I wanted to remove surface mount sockets from the living room wall to decorate. In my old house I would just flick the mcb off for the downstairs ring and then made sure the sockets were dead before proceeding...
  3. Thomas Connolly

    Extractor Fan in Downstairs Loo

    Hi Folks, I've been asked to install an extractor fan in a downstairs toilet . One that sits in the glass of the window. (That part has been done already) I'm going to look at the job tomorrow so I'm assuming the window is just the glass and doesn't actually open hence the need for the...
  4. A

    Downstairs lighting issue

    A customers downstairs lights keep tripping (they have advised me that this has been happening for the last 7 years that they have been living there). All lights are standard type lamps and there are no low voltage transformers used on these lights. The lighting circuit has 2 x wall lights, 4...
  5. C

    Domestic How should I relocate the downstairs hall/landing light switch box?

    Hi all, apologies if my description & terminology is 'novice'! I need to relocate the light switch box (with x2 switches) which currently is in a Cupboard in the downstairs entrance hall; initially this box was in the Hall but part of the Hall was subsequently blocked into a Cupboard, trapping...
  6. D

    Help with two-way two-gang light switch, upstairs and downstairs

    Hi All, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I have just removed two smart switches, and I have lost the picture I took of how the two-way two-gang light switches operated for my downstairs/upstairs lights. None of the online diagrams, instructions etc.. match to how mine is done. Any help...
  7. S

    downstairs lights looking for advice

    hi all job this morning downstairs /landing lights not working ...lights flickered and went off last night ( trip stayed on)..mcb working (another circuit connected to it works fine) tested this morning (no cpc ) joined line and neutral at board tested at ceiling rose continuity ok .. but no...
  8. C

    Cut-out and Meter for flat in downstairs shop

    Just wondering if anyone has anyone information on this: Been asked to quote on a rewire for a 1 bed flat. The cutout and prepayment meter is in the shop below. (1 cut-out - henley blocked into 2 supplies) The flat and shop are owned by different people - but the shop owner allows the folks...
  9. gazdkw82

    damp - downstairs toilet resolution

    Iv decided its time to sort my downstairs toilet out. Its wall pappered and it has damp all around the back wall under/around the sink and toilet. our house is 1930's so its not cavity wall. the toilet is situated at the front corner of the house next to the front door which is north facing...
  10. S

    Elec towel rail in downstairs washroom.

    Heyo, having a new downstairs washroom, sink, basin, boiler and elec towel rail. The electrician tells me that under the latest IEE 17th ed regs its OK to have the switch for the towel rail inside the washroom in the zone 2 area, as there's no steam from a bath or shower - is this correct ? I...
  11. J

    Downstairs socket from upstairs ring main cable drop in cavity wall

    Hi everybody, I'm having a hard time trying to find the best way to install cables from the upstairs ring main to a downstairs socket which is already in place, I just need to change the cables for new as adding sockets upstairs. The wall structure is plasterboard then space then insulation then...
  12. M

    Advice 1 Wireless Thermostat To Control 2 Receivers

    Having to pick up from where a previous electrician has done a runner on a new build. Underfloor heating system installed with 2 manifolds 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs. Previous electrician has put in a cable from the upstairs manifold and pump back to boiler, but has not put one in for the...
  13. O

    Intro - and immediate questions / thoughts

    Hi gang, Sorry for the massive 1st post. And hello! I am just about to take possession of a house. I have a blank canvas for all work - the house was a council built old folks home but is now a "Change of use" category. I have no electric supply (Or water) but that is in hand. 4 bedrooms. I...
  14. D

    RCD Trip

    Just put a Split Board in my own house (a bit of a upgrade going on) and a problem with one of the RCD's. Last minute post this and stopped work for the night. I have not done any fault testing at the min, as having a relaxing Friday drink. However Fully weird every thing but with the...
  15. G

    2 X 2 way switch, one cable

    Hello all, Having a problem getting the brain going this morning, so need your help. Customer has two switch wires coming down too switch on landing (2 superset upstairs hallway lights) and one 3 core going down too a switch downstairs. Now he is convinced that before he took it apart, this...
  16. G

    best way to control heating at holiday home, appr

    Hi all, customer looking to control his heating from home he mentioned googles nest looks the dogs but he has a heating circuit for upstairs, and 3 underfloor heating circuits for down stairs, seems to me that he needs 4 nest thermostats and that will be just two expensive. if i ask him he...
  17. B

    rcd problem

    Hi any answers on why is my washing machine on upstairs ring main causing tripping of rcd,so I then ran a extension lead and run washing machine from downstairs ring and have no problems?
  18. D

    Domestic Wiring a ceiling rose

    Hello, I was changing the light fitting for the upstairs hall way, I firstly wired it up wrong and no other lights would work upstairs, when turned on it seemed to make a pop noise. I then got some advice and wired it as recommend in the picture attached, the light is still not working, all...
  19. Y

    Domestic lighting circuit

    Hi, this is quite an easy one. I'm wiring the upstairs landing light and downstairs hall light. The switch on the landing needs to control the landing and hall light and the downstairs switch needs to control the landing, hall and outside light. I've wired the upstairs lights and included the...
  20. K

    Domestic Power loss to wall sockets mystery resolutionr?

    Hi Apologies, I'm not an electrician, but wondered if someone could suggest a reason for the following: Last night, around 10:30, I put the tv on in my bedroom, and headed downstairs to make sure everything was locked up - ended up watching tv downstairs for a while, and eventually headed for...
  21. I

    2 gang 2 way switch with only one common terminal

    Hi all, new here and after some advice on a twin dimmer switch purchased from a large warehouse type diy store. It is marked as a two gang two way dimmer, so I was expecting to find six terminals; one common and two switched live on each of the two sides. Yet there is only one common. Now...
  22. Q

    Domestic TT Installation - Moving CU

    Hi all, I am in the process of re-wiring a small domestic unit in the middle of nowhere which has a overhead TT supply. The meter is outside and backs onto the bathroom, the previous installation had 16mm meter tails through the cavity upstairs to a 30ma RCD and small re-wirable fuse board...
  23. R

    Borrowed Neutral on lighting circuit

    Hi All New to this forum. Im currently doing a Electrical condition report on a domestic house that I have just fitted a dual RCD board and Equipotential bonding in The Neutral on the landing light is taken from the downstairs circuit so is a C2 on the report Its not practical to rewire this...
  24. G

    95 volts in an Earthing Conductor

    To make things worse the voltage is entering a shared Main Earthing Terminal from a separate premises with occupiers that don't seem to be that bothered about the situation. Things don't get better. In the section of the building which doesn't contribute to the voltage to the MET they've...
  25. Mark.W


    Evening Chaps I've got a switching conundrum that I was hoping one of you guys could help me with! I've been working on a heating system and the previous spark managed to run 2 pumps either together or independently with one boiler and a 2 channel programmer! I however cannot get pump 1 to...
  26. Y

    Domestic Extra two way switch

    Hi Chaps Thanx to everyone who sorted me out with the last query . on to the next. I have been asked to install a second two way switch in friends hall way. The existing switch is just inside the front door and controls the hall and landing lights as normal , what she would like is a secondary...
  27. D

    No shared nutural, But downstairs landing light on downstairs circuit

    I have just changed a DB and checked for the obiuos shared nutural.. Just to realise that the landing light is wired into the downstairs circuit Is this ok or do the regs prohibit this ?
  28. R

    help with no earth in stair lighting circuit please

    Hi all. Having moved into my house i wanted to put a nice hanging light fitting above the hall stairs. i removed the pendant thats there and tested the circuit L/N N/E L/E im not getting 240 across Live and Earth. getting 240 between L/N no probs. Basicly i have a switch upstairs which is a...
  29. H

    Wiring a heating system.

    Hi, I need a bit of direction and help never really touched a heating system before and just have a few grey areas that I need clearing up. The work I have done in the forces for 12 years has never took me down the path of heating systems now I am fine with connecting up combi's simply fcu with...
  30. H

    RCD Tripping

    Hello guys had a lady on the phone who said she has upstairs and downstairs ring mains, she can plug the 1400 watt vac in upstairs and its fine but she cant plug it in downstairs as it trips the RCD protecting it I am not sure never come across this?
  31. S

    Socket Problem

    Hi guys Hope you's may be able to be help me here as i am puzzled. I have 2 sockets downstairs and two upstairs not working now, they used to work perfectly and suddenly there seems to be no power going to them. I also think one of the sockets upstairs has borrowed a neutral from the one...
  32. S

    Domestic pricing a large 3 bed re-wire.

    Evening lads. Most of my work in new build installation but i have been asked to price for the above job. Its a large 3 bed detatched house. its going to have an up and down stairs ring circuit (3/4 sockets in each bed, 1 socket in hall and another on landing, 6 twins in lounge). it will also...
  33. J

    Domestic RCD keeps tripping

    Hi, I'm new the forum seeking some advice :) My parents have just had their rewireable fuse board updated and some spotlights installed on the landing. The problem is the RCD keeps tripping out (only sometimes) when the landing lights are switched on. Now I know you will be thinking borrowed...
  34. D

    RCD trip

    Hello All, New the game and this forum so please bear with me. I have just changed a customers old consumer units for one compliant with 17th edition. The circuits were all muddled up and it took a while to figure out all 18 wires and what they did. However the last "circuit" which due to the...
  35. J

    Domestic HELP!! Upstairs sockets on downstairs ring!!

    Need a little advice. A customer has asked for two additional sockets in a bedroom. Upon quick inspection I have found the only available sockets to work off on the first floor are actually on the downstairs sockets circuit. I have explained to the customer that this is the case. Butt getting...
  36. G

    Whats going on with this lighting circuit

    Downstairs ceiling rose Upstairs ceiling rose upstairs lightswitch wiring downstairs lightswitch left side work the downstairs light fine. Rightside should switch on upstairs light. Red common on left side was bridge across to the right . I have now ran 3 core and earth to upstairs and...
  37. G

    Lighting circuit help

    Came across a lighting circuit wiring which i had not seen before. And having trouble getting two lights to switch on. The layout is 2 lights in downstairs hall one light is on its own switch other light i am having trouble with one light in downstairs livingroom on a dimmer. Upstairs one light...
  38. E

    Fluke problems

    Went to look at a job this morning and left all my main tools at home as the lady said it was just to price changing some lights. However when i got there it was a little old lady who had just recently had a flood and concequently all the plasterboard ceilings had collapsed in the downstairs...
  39. L

    Best way to run a single neutral in a domestic property?

    Guys I've come accross A borrowed neutral in the upstairs/downstairs lighting circuits in a property where I'm fitting a nw dual rcd board. It's the usual landing light job, feed from downstairs circuit, Neutral borrowed from upstairs circuit, I need to run a seperate neutral from the...
  40. mattyevz

    Best way sub board supply

    Hi peeps, I usually stick to domestics but have been asked to do abit of commercial so bear with me.Just woundering what would be the best way to do this. Its a shop im working on .upstairs is going to be a new consumer unit 17th rcd 2x20 radials skts and 1x 6 lighting circuit all trunking.i...
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