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  1. D

    unsatisfactory condition report?

    was wondering when it comes to an unsatisfactory condition report, then once the corrections are made do you have to redo the form or just add a letter to it stating it is now satisfactory?
  2. R

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Preparing assesment piece for NAPIT

    I intend to install a ring on my son's rented property as my assesment piece, I have written confirmation off the landlord and would like to start soon, I of course have insurance but do I need to inform building contol of my intention to install a ring? (surface) I am part P regisetered...
  3. Markc

    Stolen Panels

    Hi All, One of my suppliers emailed this through today regarding theft of panels from one of their manufactures outside the UK, I thought I'd give it more of a spread by posting here as well. They wrote: I want to inform you about the following topic: Around 2 weeks ago 216 KPV PE...
  4. S

    building control

    hi i have now completed my college course my city ang guilds 2330 level 3 but just need to do my nvq3. Some close friends are doing a job through building regs its a rewire plus a big extension. i have heard that i am competent to do the work and then get building control to sign it off. Has...
  5. B

    can i do work in local shops if i am part p qualified?

    Hi all, i am wondering that if i am part p registered, can i install things in local shops? cheers
  6. C

    Do i have to pay Building control??

    Hi all, I am considering joining NICEIC (mainly because most of the general public presume you should be with these) BUT my question is regarding the assesment and the building control. For my major job which I would be assessed on: 1) Do i have to inform building control prior to any...
  7. tigerpaul

    working in houses

    Hi there, I may well be working in houses soon, not something I've done much of before. So, I need to know if I'm allowed to do it, now that Part P has come in. I'm currently qualified to 2391 testing, and 16th Edition, though I'll be doing to 17th soon and possibly 2400 design. Do I have...
  8. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic ?

    As an approved electrician I have been in touch with niceic regarding setting up on my own, they require me to inform them of two pieces of work to inspect one minor one major, I assume for the major as im not certified I will have to inform building control of the major, or will niceic cover...
  9. A

    nic or napit

    now ive seen the other thread about nic or eca but im not interested in the eca. my and friend and work mate are going on our own about april ish. im trying to sort out the nic but every time i phone them they tell something different i will need and to be quite frank im getting very ****ed...
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