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  1. gnuuser

    he thinks I have the magic touch!

    while its not a security system I recently checked out the power speaker in my chiefs siren in his vehicle. it was not working so i thought first check the fuse, fuse ok! metered output from control unit and had sound signal. amplifier working ok as well. placed my hand on the top of the speaker...
  2. P

    Magic gel in the cold?

    Not having used it before, I read magic gel doesn't set that well in the cold weather so any thoughts/advice welcome? I am hoping to slightly improve on the professional job I found (as per the picture). I should mention that in fairness to the 'home improvement' person that did this wonderful...
  3. J

    2.5mm ring ref method 100

    Afternoon men (already bored of the football!) for radials circuits that are to be installed as 100,101,102,103-table F6 is your friend! but when it comes to ring circuits wired in 2x 2.5mm on a 32amp it always confused me a little! -I know that 20amps per leg is the magic number- so the...
  4. Soulsurfer

    Collingwood ground lights

    Anyone ever put in any of their lights such as the GL016's they look like they're wired in series through the joint boxes but just trying to work out if any old adaptable IP rated boxes could be used rather than buying collingwood own made JB2's or JB4's at a higher cost. Customer had some...
  5. N

    Magic switch

    Has anyone else come across what the police called a magic switch. A friend who rented out his flat found one when he evicted tenant who was growing special plants. I won't say how they done it, but they bypassed the meter and put in a normal light switch in between meter and cu so could choose...
  6. D

    for sale magic

    i have a set of keys for sale and they are magic always in the last pocket you feel in or if your right hand is full they will be in the right pocket also same with left hand then in left pocket a screwdriver that comes out of your hand but only when your up steps or a ladder and a sat nav that...
  7. S

    MEM 20 amp. rewireable fuse

    Hi does anyone know if the above are available? I have a board that has a 2.5 radial on a 30 amp and need to drop it down. I have used Wylex In the past (rewireable and mcb plug ins) but not sure if I have seen a MEM equivalent. .
  8. J

    Domestic Magic gel compound, sealing galv conduit boxes with swa cabling.

    Hi. I have recently completed a garden lighting installation comprising of the following. i have installed a 3 core 1.5 swa from the inside of the house from a db board backed up by a 6amp rcbo 30ma the to a one gang surface mounted switch, this then runs outside to a galv tee box swa...
  9. L

    DNO Application Form Help

    Morning, I'm filling in the DNO application form (Northern Power Grid) and got to the final pages where it is asking for a site layout plan. Has anyone else provided site layout plans? If so have you used a website like ordinance survey or is there free versions out there??
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