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  1. Czar

    Mouse been in a wiring loom.

    Gents (and any ladies) I have a B8 3.0ltr avant se. It's a lovely motor. Just purchased, sold as seen. The cars been ace for 3 weeks then I adjusted the passenger wing mirror and got a dynamic steering fault light come up. 10 seconds later a EPS light. Now they won't go. Looking at the car...
  2. M

    Don't shoot me, I need some clarification.

    I'm not an electrician, I'm a chemist, and although I think I know the answer I need a clarified clear answer from someone who knows what they are on about. Its not strictly electrical but my MS (multiple Sclerosis) nurse told me what MS was using this analogy. Imagine you have a lamp... and a...
  3. B

    Testing course

    What does everyone think to this course a mate of mine has just text me asking what I think, personally toy town springs to mind...
  4. B

    Powered conduit draw/feeder

    just wondering does anyone know the name of powered conduit mole heard some people talking about some guy they saw using one to take a draw through existing flexible conduit due to not being able to push draw through and was wondering what they are called. cheers
  5. amlu

    burned mice and 3 phases dead

    had a last minute call out to a shop today. all electrics dead, checked db first, found a fried mouse between bus bars. no power coming into the db, checked on the meter, nothing, checked incomer fuses (100a) they good, no power going to the fuses. advised them to call to DNO. they said...
  6. E

    Student House PIR

    Here's a few snaps from a PIR I did last week. You might be surprised to know that I concluded that it was "unsatisfactory" and recommended a complete re wire. I could have put another 20 photos on here as it was one of the worst installations I have ever seen. There were mouse droppings all...
  7. R

    Spur from lighting circuit?

    Round at a mates house last night and he has asked for a socket to be installed in his loft. He has an electric mouse trap that he wants to put up there. Now he's asked me to install it for him, which is fine, no probs there but he is under the impression that spur can come off the lighting...
  8. M

    RCD Nuisance tripping. HELP!

    Help!. I changed the CU in my house to dual RCD split board, as many of you know. All tests were fine and everything has been working perfectly in the 2 or 3 weeks since the installation. Now for the last 2 nights the RCD on one side of the board is tripping in the dead of the night. It...
  9. D

    Domestic Battery Type

    What kind of battery is this ? , and are they easily available on the net ? High ress Image: Edit : Is there anything similar that would do the job ?
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