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  1. J

    cat6 network cabinet

    quote for a job that they want 4x tv positions and 4x wifi spots then a central cupboard to house a network cabinet + switch for tv aerials they want 1x twin coaxial+ 2x cat6(1 for internet, 1x for hdmi) from tv to cabinet cupboard and 1x cat6 from wifi spots to cabinet cupboard so in total...
  2. D

    Best Way To Ground Rf Energy From Ethernet Network

    I'm not an electrician, but I am looking for some advise on the best way to drain a shielded CAT6A ethernet network in a UK house built in 1989. I need to drain the RF energy at one end. I have finished installing in excess of 500m of CAT6A and every cable save for one goes to two CAT6A patch...
  3. M

    Data sockets help

    I have 20 double data points so 40 cat 6 in total. What connects on the other side. A data switch?? Seen them in 24 ways so i would need 2 x 24 ways correct??
  4. G

    Network points

    Hello, Can I ask people how they price for networking cabling(CAT6utp) in a domestic property? Does anyone price per point or per meter of cable? It's for a new build. They'll be a couple of network cables and a couple of sky cables going to the living room, dining room and each of the 4...
  5. G

    Data circuit advice

    Hi all I've been asked to install a number of data points In a new office conversion, 10 in all but have never done data before. Anyone care to give me some pointers please. Mark
  6. S

    home network requirements

    hi can any one give me a rough list on what i would need to run a home network in a 3 bed house which im currently about to move into so need to future proof it ie for good signal for smart tvs , wifi , xbox ,etc , the area i am moving to is not a fibre optic area and prob wont be for years...
  7. T

    80 RJ45's installation question...

    Hello! I have been asked to put some cavity floor power sockets in to an office which is being refurbished. Right at the last minute they said they would like two RJ45 sockets to every desk which comes to a total of 80 RJ45 sockets. Is it the same principle as a home network? One cable...
  8. K

    Home networking a few questions

    Hi everyone, I am in the middle of a rewire on a 4 storey terraced house and the customer has asked about installing a network at the same time, having never done this before i have a few questions. Is it posible to run internet, telephone and tv down this sytem or will the tv need to be in coax...
  9. K

    wiring Data and how it works?

    Hello, this a field of work i havent really touched or done much with and just wanted to get my head round it.., In a commercial building i know that you wire single runs from the patch panel to the outlets within the building, How does it all work, when its all connected up at the patch...
  10. D

    how to build a hard wired network??

    any ideas.. where do i start and finish!? help needed!!! going to be in Cat5
  11. M

    Data Installation Wiring and Terminating

    I have just installed power and lighting to a small office building and the client would like me to install data also. If Im honest, I have only ever pulled cat 5 data cabling into positions from where the hub would be to the data outlet points. I have never terminated any cabling though...
  12. D

    phone and data

    Hi all, looking for a little bit of info if you would be so kind. I would like to have a phone point in all of my rooms at home so i have ran two cat 5e from each room back to a location under my stairs. One for phone and one for data. In the past i just daisy chained them but read various...
  13. G

    Phone systems for a Supermarket

    Hi, Can anyone explain the ins and outs of supplying a phone system in a building like a supermarket? The phone comes in from the provider and what next??? There will be a number of internal phones for the offices. Also there will be 12 checkouts, each requiring it's own data point. As I'm...
  14. S

    Cat 5/5e/6 installation and termination

    Hi, brand new to this forum, in the process of starting up my own business. Has anyone any experience with cat5 (low voltage) installation? Never done it before with previous company, would like to know more info about it or if someone could tell me where i can find info about it, such as...
  15. Mr Mark Sparks


    tomorrow i have a 10 pair phone cable to terminate 1 end in the dp 1 end onto an rj45 patch panel 10 lines to 10 rj45 my question being i only have 1 pair per rj45 so which colour do they go on :confused: cheers mark if not ill work it out by process of elimination:eek:
  16. I

    rcd test button

    iv just noticed a problem on me rcds where the red patch is when the rcd is on its showin white thn when i press the test putton to turn the rcd off the red patch comes up its the wrong way round will me asseser fail me on this?
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