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  1. AndyL

    Pretty sure my cps assessor was wrong

    So I had my yearly assessment today with my friendly local engineer. He was fair enough but there was 2 points he pulled me on that have niggled me because I am sure I was right. Would like some other opinions please. Firstly a 60 Amp TN-S supply to a domestic property. ... what is the minimum...
  2. Murdoch

    Dash Cams

    Anyone got a dash cam and found them useful? Just wondering... Thanks
  3. Dave the spark

    Best Screwdrivers available?

    Time to renew some of my Screwdrivers again. The set I'm currently using are Wera which for comfort of use I quite like, problem is 2 of the Pz head drivers have shattered now whilst I've been using them. Looking for recommendations for the best make out there. Begin.:thumbsup:
  4. L

    Lighting PIR's

    Can anyone recommend any decent quality, external stand alone lighting PIR's to Switch LED floods, ive used a Hispec one and it's pretty awful, about a 2 metre range at best. Cheers
  5. V

    Best Cordless Drill Screw Driver Bits

    I use my Bosch Professional Cordless Drill a lot, it's the 18v one and I love it. I used it today on some Pozi drive screws in a fence post that must have been put in by Guy the Gorilla a few years back and were about 4 inches long and it totally mashed some bits trying to get them out, I got...
  6. T

    HELP: City & Guild 2394/5

    Hi Guys, I've recently enrolled onto the City & Guilds 2394/5 which i am due to start in April. Just looking for pointers really from anybody who has done this. I've heard the exam its pretty difficult.:uhoh2: A brief heads up on what's to expect or any tips you could provide would be greatly...
  7. A

    Diversity and Showers

    Hi, please be kind to this 5WW fresh out of the forces. This is my first question on the forum. One thing that was not discussed in depth on my course was diversity, and reading up there seems a fair bit of subjectivity and difference of opinions on it. Now that I have my shiny new quals...
  8. C

    Newbie - AM2 revision?

    Hi All, I have just joined, I have been browsing online for revision material for my AM2 (which is booked for the beginning of December) and came across this site. I'm so nervous, and as I'm paying for it myself, I want to make sure that I pass first time. I am pretty confident with the...
  9. B

    Ring Main Breaker Size

    Hi Guys, Recently I had an issue with a ring main in my flat either the circuit was over loaded or the connection at the breaker was poor. Either way it ended up with a burnt out breaker with black scorch marks on the top and melted cables by the breaker. As the flat is rented i'm...
  10. B

    Domestic wide dual-sockets

    Hi guys, Total DIY newbie here. I've just tiled my kitchen and had to make a series of cuts around double plug sockets. I've screwed the sockets back in place and have found that there is a gap of about 2 mm at one edge. Yes I know - I'm a pillock! It is a bit of an eyesore - and I...
  11. G

    Old original period light switches , condition report.

    Doing an CR on a very old period property with some very expensive original features. It has been rewired around 10 years ago but they have reused the old original switches, some of which I believe to me 70-80 years old! A few of the switches are clearly arcing when moved so C1 noted. What...
  12. S

    Socket ring readings. R1+R2 approx half r1, r2

    I havent come across this before, wondered if its common and what it signifies in the ring. Remeasured 3 times and got within 20mohms or so each time so pretty sure its not a zeroing the meter thing. 2.5:1.5 TW/E ring. I went around all of downstairs rooms, did min of few sockets in each room...
  13. D

    Review your van! (and help me choose!)

    As above really! I'm in the market for my own van and need help deciding what to go with. I currently drive Transits and Sprinters quite often for another job, but I think the fuel burn would be unreasonably high for me to have something that large myself. Bit of a **** up between the smaller...
  14. C

    2394 Pass

    Just found out yesterday that I passed the 2394!!Only took the city and guilds 3 and a bit months to let me know tho loll!!!! Well happy considering the first 5 ???s were pretty vague!!the practical and online test were pretty easy and if any 1 sitting the exam i wouldn't really worry 2 much...
  15. P

    views on working for british gas

    hi all, have been offered a job at british gas as a sparky, anyone have any experience working for them? it is working on their breakdown insurance side? any views? ta Peanutty
  16. M

    PASS Training & Development???

    Has anyone used the aforementioned company, particularly the one based in Stockton?
  17. C

    Hand dryer

    Hi guys, wondered if anyone could be so kind as to recommend a decent hand dryer suitable for domestic use? Customer currently has 3 small ones fitted in his property but they are pretty useless, ie insufficient drying time making them pointless. Looking for something reasonably fast without...
  18. C

    Help with wiring standalone PIR

    Hello, new ish to the forums. You were very helpful last time i needed some advice I have a 360deg PIR that needs to control a floodlight approx a meter away from the sensor itself. And a switch to isolate it. (not an override) Can someone explain in Lehman terms how to wire this practically...
  19. N

    Square D Load Centre RCBO ????

    Could somebody confirm that the RCBO that fit a Square D Load Centre is the QOE? Thank you all!
  20. S

    poole dorset install jobs start asap start asap

    £500 per day 2 man teams required imediate start tel 07866 777 474 Mark
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