1. Dan

    Record numbers online!

    Online statistics Members online: 805 Guests online: 1,832 Total visitors: 2,637 805 logged in right now. Record broken, this is a new record. "Most visitors online was 2635 , on 10 Dec 2019" - Another record broken. And 998 users in 24 hours logged in. Another record broken. Can see this...
  2. D

    Multi function tester accuracy record template

    Has anyone got a decent pdf of the above? Cheers
  3. spud1

    Which RCD trip time to record?

    Afternoon all, As we all know the new 18th certs only have the facility to record the x1 trip time of a circuits RCD in the test results page. They've got rid of the x5 column for some reason!? NICEIC are recommending that where the RCD is being used for additional protection the x5 reading...
  4. M

    Looking For Advice - becoming An Electrician With A Criminal Record

    New to the forum and looking for advice. I am 24 and have had a pretty messed up life so far. When I was 17 I started an apprentiship but messed up and I was sacked without getting any qualifications. I joined the Army but didn't last long in there either and got discharged. I admit I was a...
  5. G

    Two pairs of tails from meter to two DB's - what do I record in Section L?

    Evening all, been a long time since I posted on here but I could use some advice if there's any going! I've been asked to provide an EICR for a small building we look after for our client under contract. We are all done physically on site, but I've hit a snag filling out the report itself, in...
  6. D

    Missing Certs Advice

    Looking for some advice. I did a C&G 2330 level 2 & 3 plus 17th ed with OLCI (yeah I know...) about 3 yrs ago, about a year or so before they went out of business. I was recently offered a job with a building maintenance company but when I showed them my certs they said one is missing, the...
  7. polo1

    Exceeding max adjusted Zs on a board change.

    Testing during a board change, a RFC on a 32A 60898, with rcd protection, you find that the max Zs is exceeded by 0.1 ohms using the no trip setting on your mf tester On the EIC do you - A) simply record the actual measured value B) record the actual measured value and note the position under...
  8. Dan

    Record online today

    .... At least a record whilst being on the new software. 966 logged in users in the last few hours.
  9. A

    RCD Test Results on Condition Report

    Hi I'm new here, Been working for a company carrying out electrical testing for the past 5 years and was governed by how they wanted there test certificates completed (They had there own version for a large water company) I've recently changed jobs to a newish company that are not experianced...
  10. H

    WANTED: Meter Calibration NE

    Best place to get meter calibrated NE (Durham/Newcastle) - any thoughts? It's Metrel if that makes any difference.
  11. F

    ring testing

    whlist testing a ring final socket circuit r1, rn and r2 end to9 end had all the same readings found a spur taken from the ring for an electric towel radiator remove the cpc from towel radiator and end to end test were spot on reconnect towel radiater and r2 end to end was reduced to virtulally...
  12. V

    two circuits in one mcb.

    Hello Just opened up a consumer unit, to find two circuits (lights and extractors) coming out of one 10 amp mcb. This isn't right is it? What should I do come the time to test and record results? Where would I write them down? I've always thought its 1 fuse/breaker per circuit? head...
  13. B

    testing new and old db

    Hi Again Guys, I've just wired a garage unit and have fed It from a 32A MCB from the main cu in the house, so its a new circuit. I have tested the new unit and all is fine. The question I have is.. Do I have to test all circuits in the original cu as well and record results on the same test...
  14. driverman

    Pfc - pscc on 3 phase supplies

    Hi, Guys,when measuring PFC-PSCC on 3 phase supplies,I know that you test between live conductors L1-L2, L1-L3, L2-L3 and then all 3 to Neutral and note lowest reading obtained. Then all 3 phases ( is that right term for C&G? ) to earth. Then neutral to earth and lowest reading obtained recorded...
  15. C

    sub mains help newbie

    Hi guys please bear with me as I am new to the electrical game I have done a private job and run a garage board to a shed with a six mm amoured fone all relevant test on the curcuits And done a zs at db but do I have to r1 r2 the sub mains to put on the test results or is tbis not needed and...
  16. R

    down sizing long lighting circuit

    I'm testing a car park lighting circuit at 200m long. 4mm singles to first point at about 100m and then reduces down to 2.5mm. Trunking used as additional CPC to reduce Zs values. How would you record that on a test sheet? And is there a regulation about downsizing?
  17. Gazthesparky

    Global Insulation resistance testing

    I was doing a fuse board update the other day and normally I use duel RCD boards with mcb s but instead I used separate Rcbos due to the customer specifying these. I prefer fitting Rcbos due to just that one circuit is disrupted when there is a fault. when quoting for the job I carry out a...
  18. W

    testing 2 radials in one mcb

    When testing a Consumer Unit with two radials feeding one socket on each circuit, wich results would you record on the condition report?
  19. P

    Filling in test resullts for 3 Phase/which Zs?

    Hi Guys I've just completed my first 3 phase installation. A 3 phase CU (Proteus) in a church extension. There are 12 x 230V circuits feeding sockets , lights, heaters, etc. 1. Do you record all circuit test results on the same page or use one page for each phase? 2. Do you record Zs at DB...
  20. K

    RFC using conduit as cpc

    What is the best way to confirm r2 and R1+R2 when the circuit is routed in conduit and this is used as the cpc? I have used wander lead and got continuity at all points on the circuit for the cpc. rn and r1 are within 0.03 of each other so no problem there. just how to confirm that the...
  21. R

    Domestic Installation Certs

    I am used to niceic forms so please bear with me! In the insulation resistance section it only has two fields for recording details which are live -live and live to earth, surly I have to record more than a live to earth for a radial what about neutral values!!
  22. H


    Hi could someone help me as i have just completed my first installation on a two storey extension and i added a extraction fan a shaver socket and 1 additional light to an existing lighting circuit in a bathroom and then added two lights for the additional rooms of the extension to the same 6...
  23. VoltzElectrical

    testing R1 + R2

    When testing R1 + R2 on a three phase circuit, do you connect each phase in turn to earth and test at other end? Record the highest value? Similar to what you test Zs on 3 phase but without the connecting? Cheers all.
  24. S

    Periodic Inspections

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all enjoying the last Bank Holiday befor the Christmas rush starts !!! Anyway, just a quick question to clarify if possible. So, there are 5 flats converted in a big house. 3 phase supply, then into a meter for each flat, then out from each meter into an isolator for...
  25. T

    Earth fault loop impedance readings through a UPS supply

    Does anyone have any experience in recording values of EFLI on circuits fed through a DB supplied via a UPS please? The meter shows the above scale arrow. I understand that there will be no reference to the external earth due to the inverter inside the UPS but what will happen to the UPS...
  26. J

    Q about temporary installation ?

    Hello All , I have finally completed a weekend project (it is a catering trailer therefore hooked up to different temporary supplies) and have come to testing and have wondered this , how can I get a Ze that will be relevant and how shall I record this fact ?I have done R1 + R2 for all...
  27. carl9254

    Zs on Minor Works

    If you are adding something on a circuit, ie another light, fan etc, when doing the r1+r2 do you get that from the part of circuit you have added or from the last in line point on that circuit?? Thanks.
  28. J

    Query regarding insulation resistance testing

    Everything I have read so far about 'Insulation Resistance' testing only ever mentions 3 procedures: Line - Neutral Line - CPC CPC - Neutral But on the 'Minor Works' cert the first test it specifies, in the part pertaining to insulation resistance testing, is: Line - Line I've got the...
  29. P

    RCD Times on EIC

    Hi All, Getting a bit confused here, do you record the 5*I or I disconnection time on the EIC cert? Cheers
  30. telectrix

    1 circuit?

    hi, guys, slight confusion here, installing a lighting circuit in a barn. job is likely to be used for assessment so it's got to be spot on. Coming from 10A MCB in 1.5mm to 2 gang switch, one switch for each of a bay of 4 x 6' twin fluorescents ( both runs in 1.5mm ). Done the cable calcs no...
  31. C

    Trying to get an earthing arrangement from the DNO

    Just called EON to find out the earthing arrangement of a commercial premises (not obvious whether TNS or TNCS). The lady didn't have a clue what I was talking about and said they could put a PME in if I wanted. I've not had to call before so am I being daft here? It is EON who should know this...
  32. M

    Schedule of test results - RCD results

    Hey guys, Just a quick one..... on the schedule of test results, which RCD reading is recorded; the highest 1x or the highest 5x? :rolleyes: Thanks in advance. Matt
  33. J

    rcd times at x1 and times x5

    this is confusing me. now i know that the rcd times are .... bsen 61008 and 9 should be less then 300ms bs 4239 should be less than 200ms rcd sokets at 200ms but say i have tested a rcd at x1 180 degree = 35.2 and x5 at 180degree at = 12.6 if i remeber correctly is it x1= max 50ms...
  34. zone77

    confused about IR reading

    when doing a IR test, sometimes a reading starts climbing up and doesnt stop. Is there something on a circuit that causes this or is my tester playing up? if this is normal what reading do i record?:confused:
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