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    phase rotation incorrect at origin of install .

    Hi all, What are your views on phase rotation. Whilst doing an eicr for a customer's premises I found that the phase rotation at the origin was anti clockwise . the eicr form is asking for verification of phase sequences , which there is although anticlockwise . What would you do there in the...
  2. W

    Single phase motor reverse rotation

    Brook Crompton Parkinson single phase PD90S (from the 70s) 240v 11A 2850rpm 50hz I'm using it for polishing metal with a tapered spindle adapter and buffing wheels. I've got 2 questions. 1. (This photo was taken with all the wiring in its original position.) I've managed to...
  3. R

    Help with phase rotation fault question please

    Hi, When proving supply and polarity at a three phase cut out on a new supply with test lamps L1 - N is 230V L2 - N is 230V L3 - N is 230V L1 - L2 is 400V L1 - L3 is 400V So far so good. But here's the problem: L2 - L3 is NO LIGHT!!! The only thing I can think of is that L2 is fed...
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    Phase rotation advice

    Hello all, I'm after some advice on my current situation as I've never came across this before and trying to find answers online are not producing any results. Basically I've got a 3 Phase motor, checked voltages across the 3 lines and neutral, everything is as it should be. Checked rotation...
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    Voltage Optimisers.

    Has anyone come across a phase sequence fault when switching on a voltage optimiser for the first time. The system is a cheap chinese one I think with terrible instructions. Can a voltage optimiser know if your input wiring is black, grey, brown instead of Br, Bl, Gr? I ask because we don't...
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    3 phase motors

    Why do theese motors require a start up circuit? What is the function of the phase monitor?
  7. L

    Cheap voltage tester

    Hi, Looking at ordering a cheapo voltage for odd jobs around the house, what are single pole voltage indication and phase rotation test used for?:D Thanks
  8. C

    Fluke users: Advise on best model please...

    I have been using the Fluke 1651b in the training centre and am now looking at buying my own, but don't know whether to go for the 1651, 1652 or 1653. What does the phase rotation function actually do? And how important is it? :confused: Please bear in mind that I am only studying towards...
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    3 phase rotation tester

    Anyone got 1 for sale or know any websites?
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    If i buy a megger mft1553 on-site what other tester will i need to buy?

    just wondering what tester i will need to buy if i get the megger mft1553??
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    3 phase meter

    Hi All, just registerd and my first post, so be gentle.. Question Regarding a Secondary 3 phase meter i installed on Friday. On Power up noticed that dial was running backwards. i tried changing 2 phases over and still running backwards, tried swapping other 2 phase over and you guessed it...
  12. W

    Amtech software

    Hi when using Amtech.on the tick sheet page tests done, volt drop and phase sequence now appears is this supposed to be tested in all instances and is it an NICEIC requirement or just on Amtech
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