1. Dan

    Electricians Workwear - Polo Shirts, Trousers, Zipped Hoodies, Hoodies, Etc

    We're getting some forum shirts done, Polo Shirts, found a good quality one that's longer than normal. Don't like the ones that ride up when you're bending over tiling etc. It'll have the forum name on the sleeve, but your own logo on the breast-pocket area (there's no pocket, you know that bit...
  2. Leesparkykent

    Work clothing

    What make do you go for? looking at ordering in some new T-shirts, sweaters etc but want something that's going to last.
  3. M

    Personalised workwear

    Hi Do any of you find that company name on clothing apart from looking profesional actually generates any work, difficult to judge i know but anyone had any definite results from this sort of advertising.
  4. M

    Summer suitable workwear?

    So I've been sweating like a pig in people's houses these past few days and it's made me wonder, what do other electrician's wear in this heat?? Are there any breathable polo shirts available for the stickier days?
  5. tombrooker84

    Embroided Work wear

    Hello Guys, I know this may of been mentioned before but I'm looking to get a set of work wear printed, T - shirts, jumpers, fleece and jacket with my logo embroided or printed on them. I'm just wondering who you guys use, and whether or not there is forum sponsor for this type of thing...
  6. S

    !..NICEIC - Fake Goods Warning..!

    Ay up each I was just farting about on ebay and came across NICEIC fake goods such as t-shirts, stickers for the van etc etc blah blah blah so and and so fourth, and I realised that any Tom, Dick, and Harriot can buy this stuff and pretend to the punters that they are a registered with the...
  7. BigSi

    Embroidered Workwear

    If anybody is looking for some embroidered workwear, I found this company to be quite good. 'The Site Supply Company' Hi Visibility Vests & Jackets | Workwear Clothing | Hi Vis Clothing You can submit your own design on-line (as long as your design has the same...
  8. H

    Printed work t-shirts

    Hi, I am after some printed work polo t-shirts to advertise my company, don't need more than 5, just wondered were you all get yours from? Were do you recommend? Thanks!
  9. R

    **CHARITY AUCTION** Printed Work Shirts!

    Up for grabs is a pack of three white T shirts with your company name/phone number/logos/whatever you want on them! Will I do swear words? YES I'll do swear words, it's for charity! The shirts are basic white cotton tees, the prints look well tidy when they're new, but can get that 'cracked...
  10. D

    Printed/Embroided Work Shirts

    Hi I dont know if anyone can help. Im looking to get a few polo shirts and jumpers with our company name etc on them. Just wondered if anyone knew of a decent website / store where I could get them at a reasonable price. Thanks
  11. Amp David

    Company work clothing

    Looking to get some polo shirts with my company name etc stiched on them. Can anyone around the south manchester area recommend anywhere good?
  12. C

    Personalised workwear

    I am looking to have half a dozen polo shirts and a couple of fleeces printed up but don't know where to go. Some places charge silly amounts to set - up the artwork so I am not interested. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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