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  1. W

    New Zealand should i earth my steel garage work bench to the power point next to the bench.The bench is constructed of timber but has a solid steel top,cheers

    Should i earth my garage steel bench top,it is constructed of timber but has a 3mm steel top,
  2. Y

    Changing original 32Amp contactors for solid state relays?

    Hi Guys, My underfloor heating has 3 x 32amp contactors. They make a hell of a thump when opening and closing. Bit of a hum also. I'm looking at the idea of changing them for solid state relays like this one Solid State Relay - 40A (3-32V DC Input) - COM-13015 - SparkFun Electronics -...
  3. H

    Armeg Solid Board Cutter vs Super Rod Cavity Master

    Hi everyone, I need to purchase a solid board cutter and stuck deciding between the two. I prefer using a solid board cutter with the caps rather than using battens on the cut-out. I remember reading somewhere that the Super Road version would cut very deep whereas the Armeg wouldn't go past a...
  4. davesparks

    How old are solid core singles?

    I'm carrying out an EICR at the moment and have encountered quite a lot of solid core singles. Is there a particular time period when these were commonly in use? I'm trying to work out a rough date for this part of installation.
  5. driverman

    CCTV > Router Cat 5/6 solid copper cores

    Hi Guys, I have asked this question before in another thread that I was following, but can't find it. I've installed a CCTV system. What I'm after is a 10m x suitable Cat 5 or 6 cable complete with plug ends fitted. I believe it was suggested that copper solid 8 core cables are better. The cable...
  6. D

    AV cables in solid wall - what the regs say?

    Hi all, Just being cheeky and asking for some advice really.. In my new house, we have solid walls throughout - great, but not so great for my home cinema kit. My issue is that whilst I would can chase the AV cables to wherever they need to be, I would prefer to do it in such a way that leaves...
  7. M

    What are Proteus MCB's made of, solid gold......

    Im not a big user of CEF, so I don't expect the best pricing, however this is surely taking the mick............ Its just a bog standard Proteus 6A MCB. Imagine the cost if I needed a full board of these......
  8. B

    Replacing a 6kw solid hob with a 7.2kw induction hob

    Hi, I am a keen DIYer and eager to learn. I have just moved into a house that has a solid ring 6 kw electric hob and built in single oven. I want to replace both and I have bought a Beko Single Oven and a Induction hob. Currently the old hob is connected to a 13A plug plugged into a socket...
  9. S

    Solid plaster partition walls with straw inside:fixing boxes?

    Came across these yesterday and wondered if anyone on here has seen them.Solid plaster with horizontal strands of straw inside.I finished up cutting the holes with a multisaw then driving 75mm screws thro the sides of the twin metal boxes,since plastic plugs were useless.Never seen these walls...
  10. vxwestie

    Tri-flex instead of solid tails

    I've used 150, 185 and 240mm trip flex on large installs before contained in metal trunking. Is there any reason I can't use 35mm for a 100amp 3phase install contained in plastic trunking? Bend radius and access is going to be tricky and a pain with solid core.
  11. S

    To Crimp or not to Crimp???

    Hi. I'm just starting out on my own and really appreciate the advice given here. I'm installing my C/U (eventually to be used for my NICEIC assessment) and I need to extend all cables 30cms max. I've done lots or research and decided to crimp them and locate within an adaptable box. I don't...
  12. C

    Recommendations for Weatherproof Socket Makes?

    Got a 2 gang weatherproof socket to fit soon. Wondering what makes people would suggest? The house is quarter of mile from the sea so gets wind rain and everything else thrown at it! Was looking at the MK masterseal- anybody use them much? worth the pennies?! thanks.
  13. ses

    For sale superkingsize oak frame bed and mattress

    Only selling as moving to a smaller flat Bed is oak framed sturdy and solid and with solid wooden slats Mattress is pocket sprung 1000 only bought in January Extremely comfortable Offers around £550 Chiswick area W4 london [email protected]
  14. driverman

    Phone wiring using cat 5 cable

    Hi Guys, I'm going to install possibly a couple of phone points and burglar alarm system in new build. Just wondering though, can Cat 5 (3 pairs) cable be used? From memory phone cable cores are solid drawn. alarm cable stranded. I've never seen or used Cat 5 cable before. Plumber on site has...
  15. S

    Generation meter fault or

    We recently installed a 4KWp system with a landis+gyr e110 meter that fails to show a red light at night according to the customer. I have been out to it three times in the last week and it shows the flashing red light and generation figures. I turn the inverter off and get the solid red light...
  16. F

    Solid state relay motion sensor?

    Hi all, Have a question for you all...Does anyone know of an occupancy switch that uses a solid state relay? Cant be the standard, electronic ones (ie the ones that you hear a click on switching), as the pulse from these is reducing the longevity of the cfl ballast's installed. Cheers, ffm
  17. M

    Extending CT sensor for SolarImmersion

    Hi, I am planning to fit a SolarImmersion to make use of my excess generation and need to extend the CT clip-on sensor by about 7m. Their website states that this can be done using a twisted pair data cable, but no specifications. Has anyone needed to do this or can suggest a suitable cable...
  18. B

    Distribution board tails

    Hi all just a quick one may sound really stupid what is the name of the flexible meter tails inside a distribution board used to link busbar and main switch etc I need to purchase some in 6mm but can only find normal double insulated meter tails and was wondering what this cable is actually called?
  19. M

    heating problems

    Im currently ready to second fix my bro's heating. Its going to consist of an oil burner and a solid fuel burner and I want the oil to heat the house until the fire reaches the correct temperature and then I want the oil to switch off and the fire to take over heating the house. Please could...
  20. D

    Light switch backbox

    Does anyone know of a cavity wall light switch backbox, that houses possibly or hopefully at least 6 loop in terminals.
  21. B

    PIR query

    Hi, doing a PIR on a property next week. Went yesterday to have a quick look for pricing. This is the suppliers head. Not seen one like this before. The original TNCS earth is solid connection from the sheath to the side of the box - can be seen in the photo. Someone has used a cable clamp to...
  22. N

    Any tips on pulling single core cable into conduit

    We have today been pulling some single core cable into conduit and ran into a number of snags. Mainly the ball of knitting wool left after the majority of the cable had been pulled. We overcame this by adjusting the length of all cables to be the same when there was still only about three of...
  23. G

    Domestic Lighting circuit earth singles ?

    Priced a job today to fit some lights in a house, which looked about 20-30 yrs old. Noticed on the landing fitting when I pulled the existing fitting down, that there appeared to be 4 solid green coloured conductors terminated at the fitting. One was "twinned" with the switched live, the others...
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