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  1. mattg4321

    Lead sheathed telephone cable

    Just found this on a job today. Lead sheathed. Telephone cable? Never seen this before. Anyone?
  2. M

    House Rewiring - Telephone Line

    Hi All, I need some advice please. I am getting the whole house rewired/plastered and at the same time, i would like to put in a telephone cable in certain room in the house. I am bit confused on what i should buy and install. I reviewed forums and they seem a bit old, so could be...
  3. M

    Telephone point extension

    Hi all i am not sure if this is the correct place for this question. I am to install a phone point down the hall in a mates house but he has virgin media and the phone line comes off the router. i was thinking of taking a basic 5 meter extension lead and pluging the male end into the router...
  4. S

    UK BT Telephone and Broadband

    Hi. Since the bad weather yesterday evening, we lost both telephone (i.e. no dial tone), and broadband. The cable comes up the wall outside, into a plastic box which serves both ourselves and our neighbour. 2 wires are connected inside the box, which goes through the wall to our BT Openreach...
  5. B

    Commercial Cut Telephone cable: need to rewire

    So far I'm struggling to identify the cable in use here. I've attached a photo, could someone point me in the right direction of a wiring reference guide so I can attach a standard telephone socket for broadband?
  6. pirate

    Telephone wiring connection help, please!

    Hello all, probably not the right forum but here goes anyway. My house phone wiring has become scrambled. I have the usual incomer with the screw-on plug - in faceplate, and 3 other sockets in the house, which have been unused for ages. Some months ago I had problems with my internet, so...
  7. D

    Ring doorbell pro and telephone twisted pair

    Hello I'm in the process of installing a new ring doorbell pro. Currently we have an existing doorbell chime which is hardwired with a internal transformer and consumes 4v which is not enough to run the ring doorbell. I'm going to either use a plug in transformer and use the transformer that...
  8. S

    Telephone line connecting

    Hi guys. I need some advice on how to wire up a master socket to the outside junction box. The wire I have bought to replace the old one is of different colour so I'm a bit confused. I've opened the master and the colours are Orange A and White B. Outside on the wall main socket coming into the...
  9. B

    Wiring domestic telephone sockets

    Hi everyone, Im in the process of renovating my and need to wire up the 3 pair telephone cable to the sockets however im not sure which colour relates to which pin. Ive uploaded images of the wire and the back of the sockets but if you need more info let me know. Any help would be...
  10. S

    telephone point - re connecting issue

    hello i need to sort out damp causing problems for a phone point my question is ... is how do i disconnect the telephone wires as they are punched in .. i need to disconnect so i can add a pattress box and then re connect ... do i just cut the wires and the punch them back in afterwards ...
  11. P

    Telephone REN Booster

    Anyone know where I can get a Telephone REN Booster new or secondhand please? My client has 6 items (including 4 corded phones) on the line which may explain why the ring is sometimes just a single ding. I am loath to suggest replacing them with a base plus 4 hands free units as he is nearly...
  12. B

    Advice on Telephone and Ethernet points please!

    Hi all Personally not had much experience in telephone and ethernet points so was hoping for some advice please. Running a supply for a garage which is being converted into an office. The fella would like a BT and Internet point in there as it is too far from his house for wireless (approx 20...
  13. A

    accidentally cut telephone wire!

    I'm no electrician, just an ordinary housewife so I seek advice from the those that know.... In a moment of thoughtlessness I cut a wire coming from a telephone junction box in the window going to the telephone box (which is connected to a fiber optic router and telephone). I snipped it with...
  14. N

    Domestic Wiring Telephone Points

    Hi all, Looking to wire several telephone points. One master telephone and two for sky boxes. Would it be best to take a cable from the master telephone socket to a junction box then split it 2 ways? Looking to use cat5e instead of telephone cable. Cheers
  15. C

    British gas telephone interview

    Hi, wondering if anyone can give me someinformation, I have a telephone interview for british gas I just wondering ifanyone has done this and the kind of questions ask.
  16. 0

    Intruder alarm auto dialler problem

    Hi there, I have fitted a GJD autodialler into an Optima G4 panel. All seems ok but when alarm is triggered the AD dials the programmed number but my telephone does not ring out? Although when I do 'answer' the phone I can hear the programmed message? Telephone is not on mute BTW. Any help would...
  17. N

    Domestic Extending Telephone Cable

    Hi all, Looking at extending a telephone cable but the joint will be outside due to the long run up the side of house. Is it best to just use one of the IDC junction boxes? Does it need to be IP rated? Thanks
  18. R

    telephone problem

    ok if this is in the wrong place please move. trying to get 2 phones to work in tandem .but only 1 will.only have 1 socket in the house and running 2 lines out.1 is just for a telephone and the other has the internet out of it as well. now i presume it is something to do with the filters but if...
  19. I

    telephone extension

    need to put 2 extra phone sockets for sky boxes am i right in saying you only use 2-5 , is 3 needed or not , cheers
  20. 7

    please help telephone and broadband new build annix wiring

    Hello there Currently first fixing a small annix building basically customer is having this annix built in the garden and is requiring 2 BT telephone points and would like to be able to use internet broadband from both points. My question is do I run a telephone cable from existing house to new...
  21. B

    Ripped out phone point

    Doing a rewire at the moment and the builder has ripped the main phone point right out wall leaving just the cable sticking out wall In sure it is the main phone cable into the house as it is a thick black 4pair round flex like Not had much to do with telephone points in the past apart from...
  22. C

    Phone line hit by lightning

    Customer phoned on Friday looking for a few jobs done, he says his BT line has been struck by lightning twice this year wiping out phones and routers etc. Is there anything can be done to protect his gear other than maybe one of those surge protection extension thingys??
  23. S

    telephone wiring

    Hello all, As part of a large rewire I have to wire in 6 telephone slaves. I have neve installed this many points before. Am I ok just wiring from the master socket out to the first slave then onto next in parallel, then next etc etc. Or would it be better to wire 3 from master, and the other 3...
  24. keniff

    Phone number

    Ha anyone got a landline number that goes straight to your mobile? How do I got about setting one up?
  25. keniff


    Went to install a speech dialer to an existing alarm today and found the whole thing was wired in telephone cable! I know this isn't good practise but is it ok?
  26. RogertheBodger

    Phone Query.

    Hi All. I have a customer who wants to move his office to his home. Consequently he wants to take his business phone number with him, he also wants to keep his existing home telephone number, he wants an ADSL line too, which shouldn't be a problem. What may be a problem is that there is only a...
  27. timo1

    Spurring phone point...

    Hello, Just after a bit of advice. A customer has asked if I would be able to put what they have described as a phone point from the hall into the lounge. They have sky tv in the lounge and want the new phone point to connect sky box so they can pay for movies etc.. So basically can I run a...
  28. N

    TV/Phone Wiring

    Hey Folks I am just about complete with first fixing a 4 bedroom house, only thing left is the TV and Phone points. Am I correct in thinking that all I am required to do is wire a coax cable from each desired TV point to a central point ie the attic, and for the phone outlets I just have to run...
  29. G

    data and phone cable lengths?

    Hi There, data and tele cable are something I have little knowledge of, but I have a shed office job that wants cables extending to it from the existing office in the house. I expect the data cable from the modem/network box to the shed office to be about 40 meters and the telephone cable will...
  30. K

    Telephone Points for a flat in a block of apartments

    Hi everyone! I've had a browse on the net and on this forum but can't find any information on the photo attached Young ladys flat in a block of apartments, this is the only telephone point that's wired up and it works perfectly with telephone and router plugged in. Problem is, I've never...
  31. T

    No Earth in Red Telephone Box

    I've recently been asked to fit a piece of electrical equipment in a red telephone box which has been purchased from BT. The new electrical equipment must be earthed but the existing electrical installation from the cut out in the telephone box is double insulated with no earth provision. I...
  32. D

    Phone Home!

    Hi guys, not been on here for long time, Why “phone home”? I recently found out about this con, it applies to a business with Caller forwarding to another phone on the same number, This can apply to any trades, etc, So, if you are away from your home phone, The incoming call is forwarded to...
  33. D

    phone and data

    Hi all, looking for a little bit of info if you would be so kind. I would like to have a phone point in all of my rooms at home so i have ran two cat 5e from each room back to a location under my stairs. One for phone and one for data. In the past i just daisy chained them but read various...
  34. S

    Phone wiring

    I'm rewiring my house but doing it in stages as I'm loving in it with 8 month old baby. On phone wiring is it ok to have two radials from the master socket. Eg one cable from the master socket linking all the ground floor rooms and one linking all the first floor rooms ?
  35. G

    Domestic telephone connection..

    Had to swop out an old BT master box today.. but found that the colour coding of the incoming cores differs to modern cable.. the master plate appeared to have 3 connectors marked A,B, and C. Only the the A & B connectors had cores to them.. A=orange (solid colour) B=white (solid colour)...
  36. S


    Hi guys me again, I'v made a few changes to my website as suggested can you take a quick look and tell what you think now cheers. Ho and yes I'm not part p reg yet fingers cross I will be in 4 week time:D. S.H. Electrical
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