1. G

    UK 16 to 18 edition update

    Hi guys,I have 2 questions,I have 16th edition and would like to get 18th(been abroad for last 10yrs),do I need to do full edition or is there a bridging course? I did 3 years night classes while working for an electrician and achieved a c&g level 3 certificate in the knowledge of electrical...
  2. newfutile

    Best practice guide 4 update

    I have emailed electrical safety first regarding the BPG4 update : i have just received the reply Hi, It should be published in the next couple of weeks – it is in artwork and out for comment with the signatories. Regards, Enquiries
  3. nicmo_diy77

    Update to 3 or 4 gang

    Hello to all, I have property with av2 gang meter socket, the lower unit was connected to the attic but is is now disconnected. What would be best approach to change from 2 gang to 3 or 4 gang meter socket? Thanks
  4. Trickyhicky

    Parisien Walk Don't Walk Sign UPDATE

    I visited here a while back, well over a year ago actually and I can't seem to get back at that post about a "Walk Don't Walk sign I bought 8 years ago in Paris" to update it so I have had to create this new one. I would like to thank all those on this forum that gave me advice on how to...
  5. Y

    Need to update main line through house.

    I have a new combo meter box and 200A main shut off installed outside professionally. It has 4/0 service line coming into it and I have confirmation from the electric company that I am good for 200A service supplied to the house. Previously, there had been no main shut off. The new...
  6. Bubatronic

    18th edition update online exam

    Has anyone done the niceic 18th edition update online with the online exam? How long did you wait for the result to be emailed to you?
  7. K

    Dimplex Heater Themostat Cutout update

    Hi All, hope you can help I’m a competent DIYer and have Dimplex Storage Heaters (XL24N) the advice I need is that I ordered a new Thermostat Cutout assembly a while ago and fitted it fine to one Heater, the other one got a problem not restricting the input ie. full heat all the time, I ordered...
  8. freddo

    Win 10 Update Woes

    Hello all, I'm currently having issues with W10 update, specifically update KB4560960. This update wrecked my PC and a relatives PC, resulting in endless restarts. After spending 2 evenings attempting to repair the damaged MBR amongst other things I had to throw in the towel and fully reinstall...
  9. Dan

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO.

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO. I'm trying to find the video and or article where PM questions were extended. Kids who live with parents at two seperate homes can still go to both homes...
  10. D

    update my light switch to a Smart Switch

    Hi everyone, Basically, I am planning to replace the light switches in my new build house with smart switches and as the switch has WiFi built-in it needs constant power to work so will require a neutral wire I've pulled the back of the existing lightswitch and have a "Common" and "L1" 2 x...
  11. G

    18th edition wiring regulations update exam in Worcestershire wanted

    Does anyone know where I can book the 18th edition wiring regulations update exam. I live in Worcestershire, I want to just sit the exam, I do not need a course as I only passed the 17th edition last year.
  12. S

    Electrician Looking for an electrician in East London to update Helvar system

    Looking for someone to update Helvar system in East London.
  13. W

    PV training update/refresher course

    Hello, does anyone know of a PV training or refresher course please? There are 'starter' (3/4 day) courses but we need our Electrician with 6 years of PV installations behind him, to be 'jump-started'! We are certified with NICEIC & they do not have any scheduled! Midlands/South West based Thanks
  14. The Sword

    For Sale Allen Bradley kit if anyone is looking for some. (UPDATE)

    I have : 2x Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200 1762L24BWA Used once, Excellent cond. 2x Allen Bradley AIC+ 1761-NET-AIC Used once, Excellent cond. 1x Allen Bradley Panelview C600 (t6t) colour touchscreen HMI Used once, Excellent cond. 2x Allen Bradley 1761-CBL-AP00 Connecting Cable Used once...
  15. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Another JIB/ECS card update

    Seems you are now required to get your photo verified when applying for or renewing a card. Supposed to be a form you can download to get it filled in by someone. Section 2 Identification Photograph All applicants must complete this section and supply a new photograph. (Unless you had your...
  16. T

    Update on fake leather sofa and developments

    So just to say I got a full refund which is good of them. They were concerned as they believed they were selling quality leather. So they are getting a refund from their supplier so fair enough to them for doing the right thing. But it does go to show you can do things which seem very unlikely...
  17. Nick Palmer

    EasyCert Issue since software update

    Hi all, wondered whether any other EasyCert users had encountered a problem when they saved a certificate as a pdf. Since the recent software update I found that the pdf showed a misalignment for the test equipment serial numbers - inserting a zero below them. I have contacted EasyCert and they...
  18. M

    Mid-Position, Fully Pumped update

    Hi, Mid-Position, Fully Pumped update Firstly I would like to say thank you to mhar and tlangdon12 for their advice on my previous post, on what they said about building regulations, which I have taken on board. I do understand about building regs as I ran a sub-contract carpentry company for...
  19. R

    Want to get back into the trade after 25 yrs out

    Hi all. I completed an apprenticeship via the CITB way back in 1992 (C&G 236 part 1&2 + JIB AM1), I think it was the 16th writing regs at the time. My employer at the time apparently “liked” me a lot and decided to have me managing/supervise the contracts/jobs instead of being on the tools...
  20. diyterry

    Not looking good for planet earth update

    Co2 levels at their highest for 300 million years....,
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