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I have joined up on here to hopefully get some useful advice.

I'll start off with a small introduction; I am opening a restaurant, it is an empty premises, completely bare unit... but the electrics are a mess (in my eyes!). There is a list of niggly things to look at i.e. light switch panel - i can't figure out which switch is for what, and why there are so many switches (20). Half of the plug sockets do not seem to work. The lights in the corridor to the toilet area do not work, I need wiring put in for 15 new pendant fittings; I have too consumer boxes, and most of all I need to 3 phase installing into the kitchen area.

That is basically the job, as it is a bare shell access to all areas is quite easy and the premises spans over one floor. To any electrician reading this post, would you be able to give me some advice of what I should be looking/listening out for when the sparky comes? How much do you think it would roughly cost for this commercial job?

I am in the Cheshire Area, I am struggling to get hold of a decent electrician who is willing and patient enough to explain to me in layman terms; I have had three electricians visit the site this week and all have not had the decency to spare five mins to explain xyz, they just demand a very high price for the job. I wouldn't mind paying as it is essential to my business but I am not willing to pay over the odds and have workmen not explain their fees. I have asked them for the breakdown of costs and none of them can fulfil this requirement, all I get is a load of excuses and huffs and puffs.

I look forward to reading some replies and hopefully get some helpful tips.

Many Thanks,

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