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Ian Morgan

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I have decided to make a career change and feel that an becoming an electrician will enhance my future life, I understand that I must start as an electrician mate and work my way up however with my motivation, common sense, creativity and confidence I feel that the progress will be swift.
I work well in both a team environment and as an individual. Punctuality and smartness are high priorities and I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years acquiring impeccable customer services.
I aspire to challenges of all levels and am always looking to expand my personal horizons. As of November 2008 I started my City & Guilds 2330 this is a self teach course with periodic college training. working towards my NVQ3 (some way down the line)
If anyone has any advice on where to look for work or the best way of getting my foot on the ladder it would be appreciated. If you would like my CV I can email to you.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Best thing to do is to register with agencies who might be able to find site work for you as a mate. However, you will at least need your ECS card to get on site which is basically a health and safety assessment and costs £35.

BUT, because you lack experience, you might find it difficult to get paid work. I know of blokes who have worked for free for local firms just to get experience. Times are hard at the minute and there isn't a lot of work about through the agencies, blokes I have worked with in the past, mates and sparks, have been out of work since xmas.

Ian Morgan

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Thanks for the advice bcm spark. It has given me a few ideas. Will get onto getting all relevant paperwork.



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Hi Ian
i am also retraining hoping to become an experienced electrician one day just not holding my breath sounds really negative but the reality is there isn't much out there for us new fired up won to be sparks keep you're spirits up who knows good luck there is a load of us out there
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