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We want to buy a Powervault Battery/Inverter/charger storage system.

The Powervault must be able to read a current transformer, clipped on to the incoming mains line next to the consumer unit. This current transformer module has an ethernet connection.

The following Powervault datasheet says that the current transformer should be no further than 25m away from the Powervault (at least that's what i think it means?)......
Supposing the Powervault is indeed 25m away from the current clamp at the consumer unit. How would you then wire the current transformer back to the Powervault?...
1...Use a long ethernet cable and somehow weave it through the house?
2....Use "TP links" so that the household mains wiring could be used to carry the current measurement signal back to the powervault?
The following video shows the Powervault, and at 13 seconds, you can see the current clamp ethernet cable going into the powervault, its marked "GRID". At 39 seconds, you can see the current transformer module......
Lucien Nunes

Lucien Nunes

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Do you know for certain that the CT connection is ethernet? Many devices use Cat5/6 twisted pair cable with RJ45 modular plugs for applications otber than ethernet. If it is indeed ethernet it will require PoE to.power the electronics in the clamp module, and if the PoE is injected midspan the 25m limit would probably be removed.

I would not use a powerline data link because they are prone to dropouts and the unit probably isn't.designed to tolerate them. Talk to the manufacturers; my hunch is that it will be a proprietary interconnect.
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OK thanks, regarding the connection to the internet...its a different cable, but i know that a lot of people use powerline data links for that......to get internet from powervault back to the household router....but as you say, powerline data links can be a pain, dropping out etc.
I am not too sure if its ethernet for the current clamp connection to be honest, i just assumed it would be ethernet.

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