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I Need Work mate/labourer looking for experience, Coventry

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This person requires some work. They've hopefully explained their skills and qualifications and what area they're in. Otherwise, what's the bloody point?
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Hello everyone,

After years of working as an injection moulding operator, I decided to quit and go back to my passion. Currently studying Advanced diploma in electrical installation level 3 which I enjoy a great deal and so far scoring +80% on exams, alongside I've also enrolled to BS7671 when it became available.
I would say that I'm naturally handy with power and hand tools, throughout my childhood I've been playing around my grandfather workshop, he was a senior industrial maintenance electrician and taught me things I could learn at the time due to safety reasons.
I'm 27 living in Coventry, have a personal car and some tools, also have ECS, CSCS, Ipaf and Pasma tickets. Currently working as shop assistant due to studying, but wanting to gain more experience in the industry as I've only done very little in field, 2nd fix and minor industrial experience. Wishing to go into the industrial setting in the future.
Willing to travel reasonable distances, available most wednesdays, thursdays and until noon on friday.

Thanks for your time.
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