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Hi Guys,
We are working with a client who has for a number of years used a 10Kw Bergy wind turbine for household power...with lead-acid batteries( which did extremely well) plus a 10Kw generator as a auto backup service.
The new power system will see a proper micro grid in place with a new lithium storage battery. Our current ideas are to use 2 x Sunny Islands in a cluster...one which will handle the 230vac from the turbine inverter and the other Island handling the 230vac from the PV inverter. The intentions being that the SMA Island units will manage the phasing of the 2 sources of 230vac, throttle back the PV inverter as required using phase shifting, while the system overall maintains the battery storage in peak condition.
Has anyone else sucessfully created a micro grid system along these lines..either with Victron/Fronius hardware or SMA hardware?
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