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Looks a right pigs ear mate doesn't mean it automatically needs a rewire though as you know


is this your website??? also why do you ask that question as you cant determine that it needs a rewire from a 16th edition board

My opening few words were " Just been browsing this site, advert popped up on gumtree ", how can you possibly ask if its my site?


I won't pull any punches here. That site is an absolute disgrace and must be run by cowboys. It is full of inacurate bull**** and is trying to scare anyone looking at it. Professionals? MY a**e. That's why some customers think tradesman are trying to have them over.

BTW, the website is cheap and tacky!


There are so many liberties taken with the advice given on that website i dont know where to begin.
Scaremongering , definately.
And i wouldnt like to use their periodic insection services either , missing grommets code 1's galore lol.
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