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Hi all I'm a newbie to this forum larky, I'm a 59 year old Electrician self employed [semi retard] help my brothers company out when he is very busy, rest of the time i go fishing or just twiddle ma thumbs ,or a bit er diy and get house points off the wife. . . .anyhows just to say hi, as this is my first post :) :) :)
hello, welcome to the forum matey. glad you've join the forum, and I hope you can share all your knowledge with us.

thanks, luke


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Welcome MING - am sure you have a wealth on knowledge to share?:D


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Hey thanks fer reply lads . . . .yup over forty years eggsperence 5 years jib apprentice 5 years self employed 30 years industrial from valves to transistor logic to latest plc systems fully trained to all standards including instrument tech . . .now a semi retard werkin on shite buildings wiff crap conditions [un i luv it] smirk:):):)any hows thanks fer the welcome


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We've probably fished some of the same waters ming.
Tight lines ;)


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hi am doing my level 3 in electrian installation i ad to stop for 3 month i start back on monday and i am fealing the pressure and av got exams comming up this months,so am wondering av you got any papers to share of any advise for me please.
thanks. TAPA


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Luke, we all had to start somewhere

and Ming:- welcome

good to have some more industrial experience on here - any time you want to reminisce or just natter about TTL, AND & Nand gates, four variable Karnough maps or what your favourite type of motor is ( mine is the old autosynchronous induction) then post away.

And PLC's? i lead such a meaningless and sad existence that I have the Siemens S7-200 program on my home laptop!

i really should get out more often........


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ooooh, was the Siemens S7 I did my final project on for HND. had to learn it from scratch cos all we used in classes were the Allen-Bradley units. Actually preferred the siemens software to the AB one...
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