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  1. L

    how to wire the "soft start" of a Bosch GWS8-125 angle grinder

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to wire the "soft start" of a Bosch GWS8-125 angle grinder. There are 3 connectors : blue wire, white wire and a plug-in connector near the blue wire (see pictures). Thank you in advance. B.R. Larry.
  2. T

    18V Makita angle drill

    does anyone use either the makita DDA350Z or DDA351Z a 18v angle drills and what the difference is? Need to invest in one for a big job coming up with a LOT of ceiling joist close togther. Or recommend any other decent battery angle drills?
  3. rolyberkin

    Angle drill for joists

    Does anyone have a dedicated battery angle drill or an attachment, if so are they worth buying? Have to drill out joists at 400mm centres for 15mm pipes and cable runs and was looking at a Dewalt DCD 740N, however wondering whether a drill attachment for £15 do the same job?
  4. loplug

    millwauke angle drill

    any one have any experience of these I have the 18v combi drill impact and sds which I am impressed with the sds so much so I have retierd my bosch 36v. thinking of adding an angle drill for drilling out first fixes.
  5. N

    External Lighting

    Evening all, I've been asked to put some external lighting in for a gentleman I know. It's a large detached property and he wants 4 lights at the front of his house to make it "glow" in the night time. Never installed this sort of lighting, so not too sure which would be the best to use. Need to...
  6. S

    Picture uplights in a flagstone floor?

    Hi all, On a current job the customer decides she wants to light a canvass picture from the floor??? The floor is real heavy flagstone - currently being re-laid. I cant find anything that would be directional enough that can also be trampled on and doesn't cause a trip hazard. I obviously also...
  7. polo1

    Off topic, van security.

    Hi peeps, anyone out there had deadlocks fitted to the lower part of the side sliding door of a Vivaro panel van (2009-14 model)? I've just had this work done, and I'm unhappy with the finished product on the side door. Sure it locks, but the cylinder sits on a slant (the back door lock is...
  8. E

    SCR dimmers/light modulator

    I've got some new LED slimline downlight panels that are supposedly dimmable but need SCR dimmers/light modulator and not a PMW dimmers/light modulator. From the badly translated instructions. I don't get too involved with lighting and the only SCR dimmers i know of are big ones. These three...
  9. A

    Long range PIR - recommendations

    Hello im after a long range PIR detector for a customer, the gate is approx 14/15m from the corner of the house so needs to pick up that far. Any recommendations? All the ones I've seen so far are either very expensive or only have a 12m max range cheers
  10. W

    Domestic Running cables to a socket

    Hi guys my first post in here its probably common sense but here i go. Im currently an apprentice maintenance electrician so domestic wiring i dont see too much of. My question is for my logbook. I have to run in a radial socket circuit. I know all the usual stuff B20A MCB 2.5mm cable clipped...
  11. S

    LED Narrow Beam spotlight?

    Hope someone can help I'm looking for narrow beam LED spotlights for replacement into Gu10 or MR16 fittings Osram do a product called 'Halospot' which has a beam angle of 8 degrees, though I'm struggling to find an LED equivalent. Dont wanna use halogens as they'll be fitted at high level...
  12. BigSi

    Bosch 10.8v Tools

    Just though Id share with you my little collection of Bosch 10.8v tools. Now that Bosch has added a site radio to the family, my collection is now complete!
  13. M

    Best tool for drilling inbetween joists

    Hi guys looking to see what you use ad im new to all this, Was thinking about an angled impact diver? Anyone used one for betweeb joists or got anything better? Cheers Mewff91
  14. S

    Ladder tray installation please help

    I have come across the need to fabricate a set in 450mm ladder cable tray, the incline is only about 200mm apart from the tip of both ends of the tray. the distance is about 830mm from tip to tip, now I know I need to cut both ends of the peice which I am going to install and the current tray...
  15. S

    Drilling through joists

    Hi all i need to drill a lot of holes through joists. Just wondered what people thought was the best tool flat wood bit or auger ? Thanks
  16. S

    Cutting trunking and cable tray

    what are the best methods for cutting these with a power tool as with a hacksaw with every cut it just goes off the line
  17. S

    drilling joists

    for the above, do you's use a dedicated angle drill or an angled attachment for your cordless drill to fit easily between joists?
  18. M

    Anyone use battery angle grinders?

    Hi In a change from the usual type of post here, does anyone use battery angle grinders to trim the tiles? If so, are they any good, given that the work (I suppose) is light!!!? What makes do you use and can you recommend? Or would you recommend a 110V version + trailing cables etc. Mike
  19. Z

    Best drill bits for metal and stainless steel?

    Hi guys, I am sick of buying cheap or expensive drill bits which only last for a couple of drills. What do you think which exact make or model is the best and lasts longest?
  20. S

    new to trunking

    ive not long started commercial doing trunking bends etc any1 know any good guides or tips on making them
  21. Amp David

    For Sale Makita DA3010 angle drill

    Its 10 months old and has been used a handfull of times. Got it for a particular job I did and used it much since. Fully working order but just has the usual scratched to the body. Will get some photos tomorrow of the actual drill, but heres a link to give you all the tech spec. Makita DA3010...
  22. M

    Bending conduit mathematic methods

    hi all have any of you gents got the mathematical method of measuring and bending conduit? never done it like that look and bend and thread lol we got an apprentice type who wants draw it out etc anyone got any pointers thank you all maddfridge
  23. V

    modern wood drill bits???

    does anyone know where i can get some four edge cutting wood bits.. like the fast 4 and irwin jobs.. i had some old fathful ones this year but cant seem to find a seller online ta vito
  24. G

    MAD bits? multi angle drilling bits - Wood.

    10 x MAD-BIT Multi Angle Wood Auger Hinge Drill Bits on eBay (end time 19-Oct-10 16:32:01 BST) Anybody used these I cant imagine they would be any good, its says they are better than auger bits and have more freedom to move.
  25. D

    Right Angle Drills..

    ..Just wondered if anyone had used a right angle attachment on an otherwise ordinary drill.. the right angled drill themselves are pricey, and since I wouldnt use it much.. I thought the 'attachments' may be a feasible option. They only cost about £20.. I think.. but look a bit 'dodgey' to me..
  26. R

    Making your own trunking double set

    Hi can anyone help me with some info? Im having to make my own double set in 100 x 100mm trunking and haven't got a clue. Need to know how to do the measurements please. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  27. P

    Angle drills for joists

    Guys, does anyone know if any company does a drill that drills at a angle ie when trying to drill through joists under a floor the drill hits another joist and if you try to drill in the middle of the joist it will come out lower on the other side.your thoughts
  28. B

    a Synchronism check relay

    I am not sure how a Synchronism check relay works? Any good sites with explanations would be of great help….. As the name and description given in manuals, it states that this relay checks the voltage, magnitude, phase angle and frequency between the lines connected to the in and out of a...
  29. L

    conduit singles to T&E

    Hi Folks I have 1.5 conduit singles running vertical from a bend in 20mm conduit to an angle box. the plan was to terminate from the angle box onto 1mm T&E. How can I support the weight of the singles without putting strain on the terminals? It's about two an a half meters from the bend to the...
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