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  1. B

    Immersion heater faulty

    Hi, I've been asked to go look at an immersion heater which isn't working. I haven't looked at one before and would appreciate a heads up. Obviously there may be a problem with the power supply or the unit may be faulty. Would appreciate any comments by those with experience as to a suitable...
  2. pushrod

    oven not working

    Hi , looked at an oven this afternoon that had tripped its mcb 40A, on 10mm T&E, and on resetting it the oven did not work. However, fan and grill both still worked. Tested continuity across L and N at isolator - greater than 199 ohms with oven switched off and 127 ohms with dials turned on...
  3. G

    Underfloor heating

    Hi all, I am 2nd fixing a job that someone else 1st fixed. I hav two wire coming out from under the tiles. One is a two core. One brown and one blue. The other is a bit bigger diameter cable and one core is blue and one is grey. As i did not install it i dont know which is the sensor and which...
  4. M

    washing machine/fault

    Hi all washing machine keeps trpping rcd,no obvious faults with machine,any ideas please.
  5. H

    Immersion tripping rcd.

    Hi folks. Changed a Cu today. No rcd protection, Changed for a split way board. All tests were fine. Came to do Zs test on immersion heater - everything fine. Turned on DP switch to immersion and rcd tripped. Had a good look at all cables for the circuit and all seemed fine. Disconnected...
  6. L

    Help with - Contactor UFHeating

    Hi all, Finally got around to installing UFH (loose cable type) 40sq metres being laid in a kitchen using 4 kits (10sqm each) main heating source, 2000w per cable, Underfloor thermal board used on timber floor, I was just wondering what amp size contactor to use to connect x4 cable to...
  7. 1

    Designing a circuit

    hi Just out of interest. Suppose a customer has an electric cooker like this one say. The manufacturer doesn't say, The cooker is rated at x kW? (could be 12kW say for a cooker) They give me the following information: Main oven energy consumption 0.90kWH. Top oven energy consumption...
  8. O

    Cooker ring trips rcd

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help? I have an old electric cooker on an RCBO cooker circuit, and one of the rings trips the RCBO when you turn it on, does this mean the element needs replacing?
  9. K

    City and Guilds 2392-102 (practical)

    Hi, I desperatley need to sit the C&G 2392-102 practical (exam) at a college or training provider centre as an external candidate. I have passed the 2392-101 (exam element)and hold the C&G 2382-100. I need the practical element to gain the full qualification to carry out some work. Does...
  10. 1

    baffled by immersion heater??

    hi, has anyone ever come across an immersion heater where the white pre fitted cable would be the neutral? im pretty sure the said piece of cable would go to the stat with the feed (brown L) going to the other side??? the reason i ask is ive just asked to a neighbours home where she has a e7...
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