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  1. EddieSparks

    400 amp 3ph, Harvey Hubbell isolators, (seized up)

    Tomorrow night, 5/12/19; I have got a job at a southern water pumping station to investigate a seized isolator. The isolator is a 400amp 3 phase Harvey Hubbell from about 1960’s. it is stuck in the closed position. We are able to remove the Handle and take the door off to game access. Has anyone...
  2. A

    Hob and oven isolators

    What's your guys recommendation on hob and oven isolators. It's still undecided what rating hob and what rating oven is being used therefore I have decided to run a 6mm radial for the hob and a 4 mm radial for the oven circuit to be hidden in a base unit. Do you guys recommend a 45amp isolator...
  3. D

    Shower isolators - Do we need them or not?

    Hi Guys, Searched the regs and internet and I cant find a definitive answer on whether they are needed to not. Found a few posts on here from a couple of years ago but there are a lot of mixed opinions. I’ve got mixed views, always installed them but I don’t think they are very nessacary...
  4. John Lundrigan

    plugs and unswitched socket outlets used as isolators!

    Table 53.4 shows that plugs and unswitched socket outlets can be used as devices for isolation while carrying load current!. Functional switching can also be carried out in this way as well. Is this really a safe procedure? Am I interpreting this table incorrectly. Thanks Jonel
  5. S

    For sale: Main isolators, RCD's, RCBO's, MCB's ...

    Hi all, A am selling some Main isolators, RCD's, RCBO's, MCB's and some other stuff as seen on the picture. Most of the items brand new, some have served as display but never used. PM me if interested, so I can send a list with all items. The ideal situation will be if someone wants to buy...
  6. J

    flat sub mains- isolators

    on my job i started today a different contractor has done the mains (100a 3ph head>>100a 3ph iso>>63a ryefeild>> meters>>then into a 100a isolator switch (no fuse just a 100a main switch) then I am responsible for the swa from here and then to consumer unit within the flats and the flat...
  7. T

    Isolator for more than just a fan

    Was thinking the other day about how you need to have an isolator for a extractor fan. Would anyone agree that you would also require one for say a mirror light/shaver light??
  8. marksparky

    Isolators in a kitchen cupboard?

    What's your view on putting isolators a inside kitchen cupboards mounted on a surface box? I'd normally have them on show obove worktop but in this case the walls are being clad with composite stone. Is there any reason why this wouldn't comply with regs?
  9. Worcester

    Domestic Installs Metal CU's also = Metal PV Isolators

    Interesting webcast yesterday from NICEIC covering the 3rd Ammendment BS7671, we were aware of nearly all of it. The one thing that made us sit up though was that in accordance with the regs, they specifically mentioned that the two isolators (and any other switchgear) needed for the PV system...
  10. i=p/u

    In a panel

    In an electrical panel with feeder isolators what is there bs numbers. Ideunk
  11. N

    100A Isolators , RCBO's, RCCB's

    Hi everyone. I have the following items for sale that I can't seem to shift on eBay. I'm sure they will be of use to some of you gentlemen. 20 x 100A Double pole Isolators complete with enclosure and 6mm tails (Deopke) 20 x 6A 30m/A RCBO (Doepke) 20 x 25A 30m/A RCCB (Doepke) £10 each or you...
  12. SibertSolar

    DC switch selection/discussion (again..) - letter from Mr Angry

    Hi all, Some may already know that I have been vocal over the past year or so about using isolation switches for DC that are designed for purpose rather than just achieving the requisite DC21 current/voltage ratings, ie - not simply using modified AC isolators. Anyway, I've been given the...
  13. D

    Where to wire in 3 phase gen meter?

    Hi all i just want to check if everything is ok with my 1st 50kw solar install. I have run a submains from an existing main consumer unit which is supplied with a 300mm swa cable so no problems there with volt drop. The sub board i put in is supplied with 16mm swa on a 50a mcb 10 meters away...
  14. N

    Job lot

    I have around 40 double pole 100a isolators, various used mcb's, earth straps, earth blockes, single and double 100a blocks, lots of new insulated screwdrivers, 2 brandnew ck tool bags, irwin saw, cable croppers, test lamps with proving units x 2, martindales, socket and see impedance and...
  15. E

    Office lighting PIR's

    Hello All, I have won a contract for installing motion sensors in to an office building. I have to carry out all the works during office hours and I am unable to isolate the supply of the necessary circuits at the consumer unit (there are individual isolators to isolate sections of...
  16. N

    Three Phase install,3x sma inverters.With G59 relay

    Proposed Install Inverters are sunny boy SMC 9000 TLS-20 Each inverter has three strings of 14 230w = 126 modules The system is around 28KW G59 Protection is required. I was thinking of wiring each seperate array with the 3 strings in a junction box in paralell to each inverter so only one dc...
  17. M

    Help with a 3 phase system!!

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked before and I've had a look on the forum but can't seem to find an answer. I'm just designing a 9.66kWp system over 3 phases. 3 x 3.22kWp with 3 sunny boy invertors which will keep it under G 83/1. 3 ac and dc isolators next to invertors and I will run 3...
  18. E

    2 new submains

    evening all a customer has asked me to prepare 2 new sub mains outside in enclosures where they will be fitting 2 new electric meters. i would like to know whether i need to fit 2 external boxes for each meter and isolators or if i could fix them all into 1 big box. also on the day edf...
  19. B

    3 phase connector advice

    Hi, I'm a technicain in a factory tasked with the following. I am currently looking into consolidating our electricity feed. We have several 600 amp fused isolators which are under utilized ie we have small feeds coming off these. To this end I am thinking of implementing the following. Use a...
  20. L

    solar video

    Videos in test lab for ac breakers ac switches and a cut on the back of a panel. Google Docs Do you use string protection, DC mcbs for roof top isolators and dc main isolators at the inverter.
  21. B

    School Job

    I have been asked by a friend to help price a job up as he has the possibility of some work at a school. He is subbing the work out to an electrician but must price the work up for the parent contractor first Here are the vague specs he has been handed, so please dont hammer me!! :) x 4 Flush...
  22. B

    School Job

    I have been asked by a friend to help price a job up as he has the possibility of some work at a school. He is subbing the work out to an electrician but must price the work up for the parent contractor first Here are the vague specs he has been handed, so please dont hammer me!! :) x 4...
  23. C

    Switching poles

    Hi cud u help, I was just wondering when you have for instance a 3phase isoltor it's classed as a 3pole sw am I right as in it sw's the 3 phases but why do u not sw the N therefore it being a 4 pole sw and y do we not sw the N and in other isolators we do sw the N
  24. S

    Domestic Bathroom Isolators 'Under Your Control'

    Hi Guys Here is a bit of a conundrum that we are constantly having battles with during new domestic builds with various clients. The query is the siting of fan isolators and shower isolators for mechanical maintenance. Our local NIC/EIC engineer and we agree, that fan isolators and shower...
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