1. R

    Ladder to fit in car boot

    I’m looking to get some step ladders but as I’m using my car for work, it needs to fit in the boot. Any recommendations would be great.
  2. happyhippydad

    Question about the little giant dark horse ladder...

    I have just seen the little giant dark horse ladders (Little Giant 24 in 1 Ladders - and they look fantastic in all but one way.... What I like about my werner is that it has a built in tray at the top that just folds out with the...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Used step ladder for sale

    Found an old but fully working ladder... any takers? Can put your tools and materials on aswell. Good for working at height and tray work. @Pete999 this looks like the sort of thing you would have had during your apprenticeship!
  4. keniff

    Fibreglass extension ladder

    Hi guys does anyone own a 2 peice fibreglass extension ladder that’s not operated by a pully or rope? I’m struggling to find one and could do with a brand name I only want a little one to keep on top of the van
  5. E

    telescopic ladder, you need one

  6. E

    must have ladder, its durable

  7. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Not as good as DelBoy

  8. SparkyChick

    Soffit Vent - Recommendations

    Hi all, Been asked to install an extractor fan in a bathroom and am looking to go down the soffit vent route. Having looked on-line, there are quite a few to choose from. Does anyone have any recommendations based on past experience? At the moment, my favourite is this:- Lambro Under Eave...
  9. E

    Strange Loft Hatch!

    Anyone come across one of these before? It's in a flat so possible the Landlord may wish to keep out rafter-crawlers, but my customer needs new lights! There's nothing I can see or feel inside the hole (other than a soft, spongy foam on one side) and I've resisted giving it an almighty pull for...
  10. KennyKen

    Dealing with condescending Supervisors

    Well The Area I'm Working in Has been closed off due to a roof installation that's taking place. In the meantime my crew has been placed on loan for a couple of weeks on a cable pull. Using winches and rollers on the ladder, quite simple stuff really pulling 120mm 3 core's along a run of 200m...
  11. H

    ladder m8rix

    anybody used the ladder m8rix or have any reviews on it? The LadderM8rix Professional - LadderM8rix -
  12. S

    scaffold - younman minimax 5.1m working height

    Hi All For sale is my scaffold which consists of; 2 platforms with trap doors 1 base section 4 wheels (adjustable) 4 long outriggers 4 silver cross braces 9 red straight braces 2 seven foot ladder sections 2 three foot ladder sections £850 o.n.o buyer collects ;) I have owned this for 6...
  13. F

    400amp 3 phase 4 wire cable sizing help.

    Hi guys if you could help me out with this would be much appreciated, its for a shop within a shopping centre and the client ( Decathlon! ) require a huge supply which i have contested but they seem to think they need this size feed. From a ryefield board to a 400amp switch fuse within the...
  14. M

    On a lighter note .....its not just solar installers

    And loads more crazy people on ladders at https://www.------------/ladderassociation. Oh the money we have wasted on scaffold !
  15. U

    lighting fault

    hi all, having a bit of a blonde day today. so here's a brief summary of the situation... bungalow... nothing new installed recntly... old lady said lights tripped and wont go back on.... arrived and she demonstrated a few times that the breaker just trips, which i explained really isn't...
  16. S

    books to learn ...

    Hello all looking for some books to improve my containment for example conduit ,tray, cable basket ,ladder rack , trunking step by step guides to do bends sets etc etc don't get to do alot of this work to be fair thanks alot
  17. S

    Cable pulleys/Heavy duty cable installation

    Hi guys going to be putting 2 times 95mm2 5 core onto a ladder system and was wondering where i can get pulleys from and wheels to mount above the ladder so when its pulled in its not in contact with the ladder system and then it can be placed onto the ladder once its all been ran in? Or what...
  18. K

    South London equipment sale final prices

    Not able to post any of these so prices based on collection. Kewtech ACC50MTL (R2 Wander lead) £30 Kewtech pat testing adapter £10 Bosch DMF 10 Zoom £20 Sparky FK652 wall chaser 2100w 110v £100 Fluke 1652b £200 fluke t5-600 £45 9 step fibreglass ladder £30 3 step fibre glass ladder...
  19. H

    Midland Ladders Roofing Ladders for Sale MIDLANDS

    Brought From Midland Ladders last year, Barely used cost £126.00 New Below is description of laddders. Pick Up only after £70.00 Imagine a lightweight, professional 12ft (3.66m) roof ladder with all the features you would expect.... strong aluminium hook, comfortable oval shaped stiles, rubber...
  20. S

    drawings showing cable trunking

    Hi all, just a question to see if anybody had drawings or plans off installations where there is cable tray and armoured cable to be installaed i am trying to find out about the industrial side off things have only ever worked on domestic and would like to see what the drawings look like...
  21. JD6400

    Overcoming the problems with working at height

    What access gear do others use when working at height , and how high would you deem it safe to still work from a ladder ? Also whats the worst case of daft and dangerous behaviour that you have come across by other people working at height .:38:
  22. S

    Ladder tray installation please help

    I have come across the need to fabricate a set in 450mm ladder cable tray, the incline is only about 200mm apart from the tip of both ends of the tray. the distance is about 830mm from tip to tip, now I know I need to cut both ends of the peice which I am going to install and the current tray...
  23. E

    Ladders for sale

    Hi guys after changing careers you will see i am selling most of my gear. I have for sale: Triple 4m trade ladders aluminium (cost £195 from midland ladders 6 months ago with Supergrip feet) - £70 Double 3m trade aluminium (cost £90 with supergrips 6 months ago) - £45 Double 4m cat/roof hook...
  24. M

    Help on furthering my PLC knowledge.

    Hi, I am currently an electrician working within the food manafacturing industry. I have a basic understanding of a few PLC's and various software used to view information on these. I'm looking to further my knowledge and understanding of PLC's with the hope of moving from just simple maintance...
  25. P

    Domestic Assessment: insulated steps

    Are insulated steps/ladder expected to be used during an assessment?
  26. M

    extractor fan grill installation

    Hi, just wondering if anyone know of a product that allows an external extractor fan grill to be installed without having to scale a ladder on the outside and drill external holes for fitting. Ian
  27. L

    Anything better than the Dewalt flexi torch ?

    Before i sell off my dewalt kit... I was thinking about keeping what i think is the best torch i have ever used for work. With a good charged battery it goes for hours. I changed the bulb to a LED version for even better life and it has a nice scratch free lens! it can put a spot on a house...
  28. S

    Trade spec Triple extending ladders.

    Need to get some of these, i have just found out that i am not insured on the very good DIY ones that i have had for years. Anyone recommend a decent supplier thats not daft with prices. Cheers..........Howard
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