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  1. T

    Micc tails from meter cupboard

    Hi all,been to look at flat today and it requires a new Consumer unit. Its an old porcelain type of fuse holder and shield and some of them are damaged. The flat is in one of these 60's built blocks with a meter cupboard on each floor. In the meter cupboard is the service head, meter and an...
  2. Lister1987

    MICC - identification based on colour

    Just doing a mock exam i've got from college and one of the questions is regarding the colour sheathing on MICC cables; I know that red is ubiquitious with fire alarm systems but don't know about the other colours, as luck would have it GSH has done a few videos recently on MICC and mentions...
  3. happysteve

    Imperial gland - thread size?

    I need to replace this mess with a switch fuse (not the socket, obvs). The pyro is imperial; IR is low(ish) but above the minimum. Estimated age is about 60 years. The only things I'm missing are a banjo and a locking nut. I'm pretty sure I can get a 25mm banjo on to fit, but what thread were...
  4. Pete999

    MICC Terminating

    Firstly it's been a while since I learnt all my MICC Terminating skills, and whilst loads of training establishments show trainees how to terminate MICC in a sterile location, i,e, at a vice on a work bench. I was taught how to measure when and how to fit the gland and pot assembly by a very...
  5. Stevie g

    When does micc short or go bang

    Micc readings on a 4 core 10 mm are 4 cores to earth 1.09 ohms and between cores 1.70 ohms tested at 500volts cable supplies main DB and off peak DB both backed up by 60 A bs88 fuse, what's the resistance reading likely to be before it goes bang?
  6. T

    How would you do earth continuity on ring circuit in two core MICC cable?

    How would you do earth continuity on ring circuit in two core MICC cable?
  7. C

    Micc terminating

    Just done several micc terminations,adding power to existing install. Everything was going really well,did all the necessary tests,luckily for me,just a couple left to do,for some reason,did not test between conductors,on testing for Live,I again tested & found dead short between...
  8. K

    MICC cable gland installation London NW3

    I'm looking for someone who is able to install new gland on MICC cable, with have to cuted for new fuse box , I'm in London NW3
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