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    New Zealand Connect 2 Separate Switches to Operate 1 Light

    Hi everyone, I'd like to say hi as this is my first post. Along with many other folks out there, I have been making use of the lock-down time to get on with some DIY projects. One of these is to change the dated spot light wall fitting over the bed. It has 2 spots, each operated by a separate...
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    Will an rcd operate

    Will an rcd operate on the secondary part of a transformer if the primary side is RCD protected? Thanks in advance for your help
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    UK switch using water

    I want to use water to switch on a 12 volt buzzer in my car. A container with 2 contacts, when water is added the circuit is made and the buzzer sounds. Is this possible ,practical. Your help will be appreciated
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    Can a remote control ceiling fan operate have a wall installed light/ fan switch too?

    Can a remote controlled ceiling fan have a wall mounted light / fan switch installed to operate the ceiling fan too?
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    Operate Wired Switch Remotely?

    Hello. I'm an electric/electronics newbie and would like some advice on what I'm hoping is a fairly simple problem. I have an electrically operated gate that I would like to be able to open and close when I'm away from the house. When the technician fit the gate he left a simple doorbell...
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    An electric motor can operate at 230V?

    I have an electric motor at 230V / 400V. Can it be made to go to 230 V according to the diagram below? Thank you!
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    Rcd's that fail to operate in less than 40 m/s

    Hi All Ok...after many years of testing rcd trip times...having some failed or faulty rcd's....we are starting to come across perfectly good rcds / rcbo's . .from various makes....that wont trip at all..or wont trip in under 40 m/s. about a year a domestic property..we fitted a new...
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    RCD's Misbehaving

    Hi, I have a problem with 17t edition consumer unit (MK Sentry) on a TT system that has completely left me baffled. I'd be very grateful for an advice. On the left hand side of the board I have a 100 amp main switch. Immediately next to that a 30ma RCD controlling 3 MCB's and 2 spare ways...
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    Overcurrent in circuits

    Evening all...just a quick question. A customer was using a wallpaper stripper on a ring circuit, smoke started coming out of the back of the socket before the 32amp breaker tripped, what I don't understand is why the 13amp fuse in the plug didn't break? Could someone tell me why? Thanks
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    Intermediate switching

    I have recently wired a light with intermediate switching. when I turn on the light at one switch its fine, but when I operate the next switch it goes off! Then if I go and operate the next switch it comes on! But then if I go back to the first switch and operate that one the light goes off...
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    Security Lighting Controls

    Hi All, my friend asked me for some advice but im not 110% sure. He has installed a outside security light with built in PIR detection, but also wanted it to operate as a normal light when switched. So he has wired to switchlines from a 1g 2way switch, 1 switchline feeds directly to the live of...
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    Servant call box/bell

    Hello all This may be the second time I have posted this so apologies for any confusion. I am trying to wire an old Victorian servant call system. I have new push buttons, bell and transformer but the call box is original. I can get the bell to sound but the flags inside the call box I can...
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    What type of ADS is used for Short Circuit/Overload?

    I am at COLLEGE by the way, if your about to say join another trade or something lol. Also does RCD only operate if there is a earth leakage?
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    2391 - function testing ?

    Hi all, i have my 2391 practical exam coming up on thursday (22nd March) im currently running through all the tests, and making a publication showing a list of tests where i can just fill in the values for each test, ive come to the function tests section, as i see it i would add lamps back in...
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    One relay two horns?

    Hello everyone, I'm just wondering if I will be able to connect two horns both 15amps on one 30 amp relay but connected in parallel so I can operate the horns separately. So it'll be positive to the relay, then one switch to activate relay, with the two horns each with separate switches and...
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    Yet another RCD question

    Does an RCD need an earth to operate? I know it's additional protection and works on a balance between line and neutral but does it need earth to operate? Thanks in advance Ben
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    RCD trip times anomilies

    Hey guys i have a question. A 63A 30ma RCD main switch protecting a 20 metre run of FP200 16A mcb in a 2 way ccu. Would you expect the RCD test results to be the same at source as you would at the end of line of the FP200? My NIC qualified electrical supervisor basically says that he takes...
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    Rcd test

    How do you do your rcd test
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    Best Fan Isolator pull switch

    Does any body have any experiance with a TP fan isolator pull switch that doesn't require a massive amount of effort to operate it. I've currently tried click, ashley and BG and cant get on with any of them because customers are complaining of the effort needed to operate them/cords breaking on...
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    Rcd Tripping

    Hi all, Does anyone know how an RCD can trip out.. when the board is dead. Main switch off, touch neutral to neutral bar and pop! Several times.. ??
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