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  1. J

    Would having upstairs/downstairs rings on same rcd speed up powerline adaptors

    Hi i'm trying to get the best speed i can from powerline adaptors scattered around the house. between the downstairs ones the speed is 784mbps, however to the upstairs ones only get 40mbps. i've eliminated all the interference i can around the house that was affecting the speed. if the upstairs...
  2. M

    Powerline adapter on lighting circuit.

    Hi. I am a diyer and very new to anything electrical. I was hoping to put a new outdoor ip camera up outside the house. At the side of my house I have a boiler room that has a light and switch inside it. This light is fed off the light ring at the breaker as I tested it before hand. My plan...
  3. S

    Powerline adapters across junction boxes

    Hello I found this thread whilst searching the internet for solutions to my problem: Network Powerline Adapters with Dual Split Consumer Unit - I read more of the forum and saw it...
  4. D

    WIFI powerline extenders

    I have been having problems with my WIFI connection dropping off in my son's Xbox and in the Samsung smart TV. A possible solution might be the use of powerline extenders whereby one receiver is plugged in near to the WIFI router and connected with the other being plugged in next to the TV and...
  5. H

    Network Powerline Adapters with Dual Split Consumer Unit

    We're looking to get our consumer unit replaced and local electrians are suggesting a dual split unit so the 'workshop' can be on its own RCD. My question (which no one seems to be able to answer) is will network over powerline adapters work if one adapter is on one 'side' of the split and...
  6. P

    Powerline - slloooowww

    Hi All, I've posted in the relevant IT techy forums... I'm one myself, but got no answers. Basically just moved into a new build (no Ethernet wiring unfortunately), but was going to use powerline adapters. In my old house they worked fine and I'd get 150mb/s or more, but in this house they...
  7. N

    Earthing problem (probably)

    Hi all; hoped someone might be able to give me a little advice. I have three electrical issues in the house, which I think might have the common cause of an earthing problem. These problems are... 1. Tingling when touching some electrical devices (eg metal case of hifi amplifier, laptop case...
  8. H

    Band I & II Disturbances

    Installed a socket outlet for a wall mounted TV a week or so ago. Cable chased in to wall and installed alongside data, coax, and HDMI cables. Data/HDMI/Coax separated from power by about 10cm. All works perfectly, but now she's emailed to say the TV says "Wired connection lost" (as in the data...
  9. O

    BT Broadband and Network dropping out..

    Over the last couple of days our internet connection and rather bizarrely, the internal connections to al our devices seem to drop out/lock out. I've been running both the 2.4 ghz and the 5 ghz wifi and I have just turned off the 5 ghz to see if this helps. We also have a number of powerline...
  10. B

    Advice on Telephone and Ethernet points please!

    Hi all Personally not had much experience in telephone and ethernet points so was hoping for some advice please. Running a supply for a garage which is being converted into an office. The fella would like a BT and Internet point in there as it is too far from his house for wireless (approx 20...
  11. O

    Domestic Powerline adaptor fault

    Hi, I got a phonecall from a client the other day, (replaced the CCU for a split loader) he says that he uses powerline adaptors to network the internet and has noticed that some of them haven't been working since the board change (says the sockets themselves are working fine) does anyone have...
  12. D

    Powerline networking

    I want to use powerline networking to replace my wireless network. Does anyone know if they use just the neutral to send the signal? I have a an office in my garden that is fed from its own 40A breaker but to get Internet I have to use the wireless router that's setup in the house to receive a...
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