1. JK-Electrical

    A Rather Obvious Forged EICR

    I know for a fact that the attached EICR is a forgery. I suspected as much even before I had been given a copy of the report. My suspicions were confirmed the moment I noticed that the tester had entered 25 years as the estimated age of the installation. The installation is in fact, brand-new...
  2. Automation ATO

    I don't quite understand the brushless motor parameters

    ITEM Qunt SERVO MOTOR 3 PHASE BRUSHLESS 2 IFT 6034-4AK 71 – 3AA1 EN 60034,NO YF P 921 6207 01 003 H CE Mo 1.65/2.0NM IO= 2.15/2.6A 60/100K MN= 1.4NM ŋN = 6000/MINT UIN-300 VY IM B5 IP-65 TH...
  3. rolyberkin

    Something not quite right!?

    I think someone forgot to connect this in 1989? Found it poked down the hockey stick!
  4. P

    Work quiet at the moment?

    The past month or two so has been noticeably quieter than its been for years. I have enough work to keep me going for a while and I'm chilled about it even if the work stops because I have lots of jobs to catch up with in my own house, and enough in my piggy bank to keep my going. Could it be...
  5. the pict

    Not quite electrical but

    Torx bits is there different types My Doblo van has a sump plug which would appear to be a torx splined affair but none of mine fit, its T set I have is there some other range of Torx sizes I don't know about
  6. M

    How does a no neutral electronic switch gets the power to operate and to light the switch's led?

    Hello, everyone, I want to understand how the NO NEUTRAL electronic timer switches and the NO NEUTRAL PIR motion sensor switches works. I would apreciate if someone can make this clear to me. Thank you.
  7. C


    Hello guys I have a new house installation job coming up in which Lutron series 4 has been specified. If anyone has any experience with this system is it really as plug and play as the manufacturer says? Looks like quite an interesting Job, I am quite familiar with commercial systems like...
  8. S


    Hi Guys, 46 yrs old x joiner/IT looking to change jobs and move into Electrical work. Considering private training course for City & Guilds 2365 Course Level 2 & 3 Diploma Done quite a lot of wiring in the past amongst other things. Like most sadly I cant afford 3yrs collage and wondering if I...
  9. O

    Business Skill Swap - SEO/Website for Electrical Help

    Hi, im just getting into this electrical game and have realised quite quickly that I will need some experience to go forward. I am wondering if anyone wants to help me out with some weekend jobs in Hastings in return for me building you a website and optimising it for google for your location...
  10. sparksburnout

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Now chaps, could we all refrain from Electrical Trainee/DI type comments please, they have been put to death, oops sorry done to death my mistake. However, it's a fact of life for us guys that do a bit of house bashing, that we need to be a member of a scam. Scheme I've done it again. I have been sent quite a...
  11. happyhippydad

    How many spurs can you get off one socket on a ring?????

    A friend asked me to have a quick look at the electrics as she wasn't sure if the plasterer was doing it quite right! On investigation I found the socket (on a ring) was already supplying one spur which fed 2 sockets (JB underfloorboards). The plasterer had already added another spur and then...
  12. L

    Domestic Backup generator

    Customer has already acquired a 'Loncin 80000-F' 6kW generator which has 115V and 230V sockets, to be used to run a few lights and central heating in power cuts. They are T-T. Genny also has a circuit breaker of sorts. I'm suspecting it is not suitable as it will have a floating earth, chassis...
  13. T

    Metrel Eurolink Pro Software - Anyone have any idea how to use it?

    Alreet Chaps. As always everything has happened at once, my NICEIC inspection date has finally come through after being messed around for months and then my MFT has blown up. My spare MFT has no calibration cert so i have bitten the bullet and been and purchased a new MFT.. A Metrel MI 3125...
  14. D

    best place to do my 2365 in or around hertford

    hi all i have been working as an electricians mate for approx 6 months now, i am now able to do rewires, 2nd fixing and fuse boards now. i am looking to further my self by getting the level 2 and 3 2365 qualifications. ideally id like to do weekend course but will consider nights if it becomes...
  15. E

    WANTED - small (2-3kw) system

    Any suggestions for where I can purchase a 2-3kw system? in kit form,and what price I should be paying? I already have 4 kw system fitted on my roof to utilise the feed in tarriff but they face SSW and I have enough space to fit approx 10 panels facing ESE. We use quite a lot of electricity and...
  16. D

    MCG Breakers

    I have a large amount of MCG single and Triple Pole MCB's i have sold quite a few and have had no complaints about the quality. Is anybody on here interested in buying any or does anybody know anywhere i could get in touch with to try and get rid of some. The only problem with them is that...
  17. S

    Jib photo countersign

    Alrite lads, does anyone know if my supervisor can countersign my photo for my jib gold card? Cheers
  18. uksparks

    This morning's bit of handy work

    Hi, Just thought id share my work with you, I did this board change this morning, I was contemplating extending the circuits, but managed to get it all to fit quite well, quite neat considering. Had to put new bonding in and tails and main earth which was a pain dragging it down through the...
  19. B


    Little scenario for you all. I've been doing an eicr today and come across a double socket wired as a radial on a 2.5mm t-e, which is protected by a 32 amp rcbo. Technically this cannot overload as the cable can withstand 27 amp ref method c. Unless mr DIY comes along and starts adding new...
  20. M


    Hi all Well it maybe time for me to join the modern world and hang up me pen. What software do you lot recommend for producing all the relevant certs
  21. Sparky_Steve

    house alarm

    I have just purchased my first house which ive had to totally gut so considering adding a hard wired alarm while im at it, Im currently working in electrical maintenance and although previously completed numerous rewires haven't been asked to fit any alarms as yet. I'm quite lucky in the fact...
  22. O

    Gallium 8.33 250w black panels

    Hi All, can anyone recommend suppliers of Gallium 8.33 all black Mono panels and have any experience of the performance/ quality of them . Thanks in advance.
  23. A

    sparky sparky the battery boy he,s a walking talking toy

    heres a 1955(ish) sparky/ torchy vid Torchy the Battery Boy (Episode 1 - part 1) - YouTube the old geezza seems suspect(not quite right) altho he was made of wood, or was till wood worm
  24. Paul.M

    Elex Show Manchester 2013

    Here is a link so you can sign up WELCOME TO ELEXSHOW ? THE PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICIAN'S EXHIBITION It's on the 20th and 21st of June so who is going? Do you want to meet up? I've been to a few of these shows and met up with quite a few members, its great to put faces with names and good...
  25. N

    Looking for someone who is working in cable supply

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who is working in commercial / industrial electrical cable industry for some info. or advice to establish a manufacture or import and supply business in the UK. Although at this stage, I cannot guarantee it would be succeed, it would be a life changing...
  26. A

    Commercial Eicr on a pub

    Dont you just love it, all the punters must think they are a dab hand at electrics, and the must all be willing to do it for a few pints. First switch i drop the cover off and i find this, its like a rats nest, Anyone else do many eicr's on pubs? And do you come across thing like this quite...
  27. C

    minor works

    I'm working in a waitrose changing light fittings like for like, I'm not adapting any wiring apr adding any new circuits, does a minor works cert have to be done!
  28. S

    online solar calculator

    Hi, I recently received an e-mail (and subsequently cannot find anymore!) which indicated that an online software tool was available for solar PV calculations. The bit which I was particularly interested in, was the wind loading, snow loading reports etc. Has anyone else recently seen...
  29. J

    Dimmer query

    Got 6x 50w downlights (300w total) Got a 400w remote control dimmer switch from b&q which for £35 so not quite cheap as chips it did get quite warm...and now its not working? I was advised its good practise to get a dimmer with double the wattage of your demand. But I have also been told most...
  30. I

    connecting equipments to battery questions...

    If I have a stand alone 12v 100AH battery, how long can it power a 1000w equipment? what kind of battery is best for powering equipments? deep cycle battery? wet cell? dry cell? I need to use it for commercial purpose so i need it to be heavy duty. is 2000W inverter plug to battery save to...
  31. O

    Lighting for shower/wet room?

    All, Got to locate 2 lights for a shower/wet room. Both are to replace non IP rated fittings! 1 is for the ceiling 1 is wall mounted and is reasonably close to the shower area! Suggestions please Thanks
  32. La Poste

    Most reliable RCD brand.

    Greetings. There has been much talk of the unreliability of RCD's lately so I was wondering what are peoples thoughts on the most reliable. Do you have a favourite brand? What do you think is the worst brand? I am hearing quite good things about MK brand but they are quite pricey. Thanks.
  33. E

    door bell for warehouse

    evening all, ive been asked to fit a bell for warehouse. I went to wholesaler and they gave me a fire alarm bell which runs on 24volts and a chunky 12 volt transfomer. I rigged it up temporarily and it didnt sound that great. Is it bettter i use a 24 volt tranny or can anyome reccomend a...
  34. H

    Fike (Rafiki) Alarms

    Hi all, Got some flats with office below to wire which will need CAT LD2 fire alarm system. Didnt want the hassle/Responsibly of this my self so im gna sub it. Had a local Fire alarm company price it.. was a bit pricey. Found another guy who will second fix and commission the system the thing is...
  35. J

    Domestic Linking Across... SWITCHES

    (Apologies to Moderators, tried to place this thread in correct forum, but forum was full and not accepting any new threads). When changing light switches, l have noticed (quite a few times) is that a link wire has been used, to carry out a live from one switch to another (2 gang). What l...
  36. D

    Just found a job! but need help!

    Hi There, Ive just found a job as a trainee electrician, I have lots of previous experience with normal lighting cricuits but this company I will be working for do alot of Lutron lighting systems, are these Lutron lighting systems similar wiring to the normal lighting circuits? may sound stupid...
  37. Y

    Feed to switch

    Hi all I work in modular buildings and we always wire our lights (In flat T&E) with the feed going to the switch. However at college they are quite adament that this is not a good way to do things, Is there anywere in the regs that says this? Or is there any reason why we shouldn't wire our...
  38. S

    Good Books

    Anyone recommend any good books ? whats the Best Book you have read . As a younger man I liked all the cult like authors and books " Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" by Tom Wolfe Charles Buchokskis tales of an alchoholic Irvine Welsh , Now I like the classics Sherlock Holmes at the...
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