1. P

    CT panel install - who’s responsibility

    Hi, just started a brand new install, the building has 160a 3phase service head. Waiting for meter install but N power are requesting CT panel photos and also pictures of main switch. Last job I did from scratch had a 250a 3phase supply and Northern power supplied and fitted the CT panel which...
  2. A

    UK Power networks responsibility or not?

    Im currently in a dispute with UK power networks about who is responsible for the incoming earth? Now, i know under normal circumstances the owner has to take responsibility for the external earth, if an earth has never been provided via the normal channels (TNS, TNSC). This particular...
  3. happyhippydad

    Is this the responsibility of the DNO?

    I am going to be changing this CU. My question is who's responsibility is it to remove the old VOELB that is directly after the cutout but before both meters (see pic below). Im 90% sure it's the DNO? Is it just the meter itself that the supply company would be responsible for? Will the DNO...
  4. J

    landlord supply responsibility

    Hi,can anyone tell me what is the minimum a landlord has to supply in a small industrial unit, does he have to supply emergency lighting, fire alarm,hot water? or is that the tenants responsibility, or does anyone know where this information can be found,Thanks
  5. C

    High Ze, Whose. Responsibility.

    Morning chaps, A bit of background. Finished a job yesterday, it was a bathroom install for the council on a private job. So with these they are grant work for the disabled, existing installtion dated, we have to note this on the certificate and install new circuit off a small new board for...
  6. simpson93

    Re rerouting mains and dno responsibility

    Good afternoon all, I have a client that is having works done on there front drive and the landscaper has stumbled across the mains supply cable 20cm or so in the ground. Unfortunately the cable is too high up to be able to high up and needs to be moved down, I had advised my client to talk...
  7. C

    is it my responsibility to advise them

    When changing a fuse board in a flat is it my responsibility to install a fire mains wired smoke alarm?
  8. Ian1981

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic QS how much responsibility

    whats everyone's view on the QS system used? How much responsibility should a QS have, should they inspect all installation and testing going on within the company they work for and are they the fall guy if something goes wrong. Would be interested from all the QS guys on here and the non QS as...
  9. S

    What is a Improver allowed to do?

    Currently working as an improver and been given a lot of responsibility. Doing jobs on my own. Dealing with customers daily. Also doing big led instal jobs on my own with an apprentice. Is this common?
  10. S

    Fire alarm within public house with dwelling

    OK so while installing some cameras and aerials for a friend at their pub, I noticed some causes for concern... It was refurbed last year before they took on the lease, I noticed the old detectors changed for fike twinflex (which im sure I read the panels arent EN54 anymore) anyway today I asked...
  11. D

    CT wiring diagram

    Afternoon all Does any body have a wiring diagram for the installation of CT'S into a ryfield ct chamber. I have installed the chamber and the eon meter installer had said it is my responsibility to wire the CT'S and do all the interconnecting cabling to allow him to fit a meter. I have had a...
  12. S

    Rcd & cert?

    Hi all, we have been asked to look at a job, company went bust. Poor install 5 x Rcd tests not complete we will be retesting all RCBO's, detailing all on an EIC but denying all responsibility on test cert for design and construction. Who agrees???
  13. G

    Notifiable work?

    Hi all, for example if I have a job doing some minor works or even a new circuit installation and the client was not wanting a certificate for the said works due to keeping costs down would this be acceptable within laws and who would be responsible. Cheers
  14. K

    Domestic Who is responsible for the ryefield board?

    Who is responsible for the Ryefield board ? I own a property flat in London and I contacted recently my electrical supplier to make a full investigation based on extremely high bills. A technician came around and asked me where the main fuse or ryefield board was to disconnect the meter. We...
  15. P

    Customer doesn't want LABC notified.

    Have been completely rewiring a house where the builder (owner) has totally gutted the place. The only thing original is the outside walls. He's a retired guy and is doing the work to move into the house himself. Long story short, he tell's me he hasn't got any planning permission for the...
  16. A

    maximum demand, main fuse and tails

    Ok, installing a new cu, leaving old one in place. They currently have 60A main fuse. With the new demand added the total MD is now 86A. Do I just ring up the supplier and get them to change the fuse and meter tails to 25mm where needed. Can I then keep the 16mm out of the henley block to each...
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