1. D

    External LED tape termination

    Hi All, Were currently having a rear extention being built, after we will be having our garden landscaped. Our garden is on two levels, the steps and retaining wall will be made of timber sleepers with the top one having a slight overhang and I'd like to put led lights on the underside. I've...
  2. J

    SWA termination into WISKA boxes

    Do the item number 'EC308' WISKA earthing kits fit into the WISKA combi 208 boxes (10109571)? I've only ever used them in 308 junction boxes thank you very much in advanced
  3. Strima

    Main Earthing Conductor Termination with SPDs

    Here's a question that I was asked earlier. If you have SPDs installed in a DB is it permissible to terminate the main earthing conductor into the SPD first then the DB earth bar? Or must it be terminated in the DB earth bar first then the SPD?
  4. SparkieMarky

    Termination of SWA into new style flush Consumer Units

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to terminate an SWA into the new style flush CUs such as Hager's, BG's etc.? I ask as all seem to either employ oval or square knockouts, which is great for the surface boards when using truncking etc. but no great if you are trying to comply with...
  5. M

    Ferrous enclosure termination example

    Hello all, visit to site today to see in an install of a 315A 400V supply to a machine. Client mentioned previously they were going to use single core AWA cables from the distribution board to the machine so I advised them amongst other things to factor reg 525.1 and how they terminate the...
  6. C

    Split Concentric Termination

    I'm no expert on split concentric (assuming that's what this is)......But an earth clamp doesn't seem the best solution to this (also as the earth cores appear to be insulated! This is for an eicr on a sub main but I'll have to do the remedial work at some stage. Any advice on how to...
  7. G

    Cable termination and inspection day course - Dunstable LU55 Postcode

    Is anybody interested in joining me on a manufacturers one day course in Dunstable for cable crimping, termination and inspection? This is with a well known cable and connection specialist manufacturing company that makes connectors and cable jointing kits and tools and is a one day training...
  8. B

    SWA Termination Exsposed Packing

    Evening all, new member but looking forward to helping out where i can :) When terminating SWA is it acceptable to have the “Packing” (the PVC between the armour and the single cores) exposed ? I.E terminating into a box then having the packing exit the box leaving it exsposed and then enter...
  9. Pete999

    Pete's Videos MI single conductor termination

  10. I

    Types of connection methods in electrical installation

    Hi guys , can you please help me regarding about my one of my assignments about types connection methods in electrical installation. This is my first year in electrical course thats why im struggling, hope you can help me guys
  11. G

    Whiska Quixx

    Just seeing peoples opinions on the whiska Quixx glands for tails? Bad practice to use them without tails clamps within CU?
  12. L

    Underground Cable Testing

    What test is to be conducted prior termination of 11 kV HV cable?
  13. driverman

    extractor fans-time lag-isolation switches

    Touched on this before, unable to find thread. Many thanks for your comments re isolation switches etc. I've now decided to go for 4 x in line extractor fans all sited in the loft. Also that the isolation switch for each fan be sited along side each fan. The isolation switches will be...
  14. M

    Counterfeit BS1362 fuse?

    Had to replace double socket outlet today on a circuit I installed last year. This had a four way extension lead plugged into it, and that was pretty much overloaded with fan heaters and a printing machine. Whilst my customer was near to the socket, the printer just stopped, no power. They...
  15. B

    RCBO's Can the excess wires from them be cut off??

    Hi, I was talking to another sparks that I know, and the conversation swayed onto leaving the wires from the RCBO's and not just cutting them off. The conversation was cut short though and the reasons were not made to me to leave them as is. And seeing another thread in the 'Electricians Arms'...
  16. D Skelton

    Two way and intermediate switching

    How do you guys do it? Referring to the two pictres below, what are the pro's and cons to the two different methods? I'm trying to settle a minor dispute with a friend :)
  17. W

    Domestic shower fan/light extractor flue

    Shower fan/light extractor flue. Not having tall ladders or liking heights or the cold and having to fit outside cover to end of shower flue. I am wondering is there an alternative,:confused: some kind of kit that pushes through big hole in wall (from interior of building ) that i can then...
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