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  1. R

    Electric Towel rail in Bathroom connection question

    Hi. I am fitting an electric towel rail in Zone 2 - it is IP55 rated so fine there. The flex coming out of it I have a few options - There is currently a cable going from the consumer unit into the bathroom making its own circuit (used to be for boiler but not used now) I have a couple of...
  2. vaderag

    UK Electric Towel Rail and regulations

    We're having an electric towel rail installed in bathroom, outside any zones It's just above the stairs with a clear wiring run to under the stairs which we've been using as an access void for various pipes/gas runs etc Electrician is telling me there are regs around where the spur needs to be...
  3. P

    Heated towel rail (picture included)

    A good customer wants an identical electric heated towel rail to save the holes in the tiles fitting a different sized one. Any suggestions appreciated as I've not had any joy on google.
  4. A

    Bleed valves on electric towel rails

    Hi all could someone just clarify with me that there is no need for bleed valves on electric only element towel rads? Cheers
  5. S

    Towel Rail Spur to socket

    Hi, New to this, just looking for some advice. I have a Spur switch located outside of my bathroom connected to a towel rail inside my bathroom. I am looking to replace the Spur switch with a socket and have the towel rail an actual plug. This way I can place a smart plug between them to enable...
  6. U

    Can you fit a timer for a towel rail in the bathroom

    Hi all, It seems to be normal practice to mount electric timers outside the bathroom, but so long as its outside zone 2 a towel rail timer can be inside the bathroom? I'd rather have it inside the bathroom than visible in the hall. We're planning to have the towel rail less than 60cm...
  7. U

    Recommendations for timers for towel rail

    Hi all, Anyone got any recommendations for a timer for a towel rail. Timer will be outside the bathroom and would prefer a digital version. I've used a few before but some are a bit tortuous to program. Thanks a lot
  8. LisaHamilton

    Am I buying from a reliable seller of towel rail elements?

    I just purchased a towel radiator for my newly renovated bathroom last week, and I’m now interested in buying a towel rail element with thermostat from this online seller. But before I decide to avail anything, I want to ensure first that I’m buying from a good seller. Is there anyone here who...
  9. loulew

    Towel rail timer control

    Hi all, I’m currently doing a bathroom re-furb and i’ve installed a dual fuel heated towel rad. It’s fed via an FCU outside the room which then currently goes to a kudox controller just underneath the rad, both of which are zone 2. The client has just asked how to use the controller and I’ve...
  10. S

    Elec towel rail in downstairs washroom.

    Heyo, having a new downstairs washroom, sink, basin, boiler and elec towel rail. The electrician tells me that under the latest IEE 17th ed regs its OK to have the switch for the towel rail inside the washroom in the zone 2 area, as there's no steam from a bath or shower - is this correct ? I...
  11. Soulsurfer

    Zone 1 dual fuel towel rail ?

    So I have a client who requested a towel rail fitted at the end of the bath on wall, opposite end from shower (fixed) and taps and so is right bang in zone 1. Never fitted any before unless in zone 2 at least, OSG seems to okay it but through flex outlet, but I'm thinking it would be really...
  12. F

    ring testing

    whlist testing a ring final socket circuit r1, rn and r2 end to9 end had all the same readings found a spur taken from the ring for an electric towel radiator remove the cpc from towel radiator and end to end test were spot on reconnect towel radiater and r2 end to end was reduced to virtulally...
  13. S

    Towel rail fault

    Had a customer call me today with an RCD fault on a towel tail. When they turn the towel rail "on" its fine and heats up. When they turn the towel rail "off" it trips the RCD..... I had it last year on a different property and replaced towel rail which fixed the problem but id like to know why...
  14. B

    Thermostat in bathroom

    What's you guys opinion on room stat in bathroom, outside zone 2 I have a customer who wants a heated towel rail installed and controlled via a room stat that they would like in the bathroom to give an accurate gauge of room temperature I thought it would be best to install the room stat...
  15. N

    Redoing a shower room, should anything be checked? Timer for heated towel rail?

    We have a shower room off our bedroom which was there when we bought the house. I think it was put in well as generally all the electrics and plumbing seem to be done well but that said the electrics were done 20+ years ago... We've certainly never had a problem with it! The electrics...
  16. S

    Bathroom heating

    Hey fellas, looking for some advice on bathroom heating. Now I have a tiled floor but stupid old me in a rush to finish the bathroom (end of last summer) I didn't install underfloor heating, now as you can imagine its bloody cold now. I have a towel warmer fitted but as it is just a towel...
  17. D

    Dysonairblade interference with ceiling pir

    Anyone come across this the dysonairblade has a mind of its own it goes on and off as it pleases only since I installed a motion sensor in the bathroom for the lighting.
  18. steamboatwilly

    Bathroom Heating Options?

    Folks, Need some ideas.....small bathroom with 150w towel rail and pull switch globe light. She wants more heating but without those ugly light heaters. No room on the walls for a fan heater alas. She has no plumbed central heating....all storage heaters. Ceiling void and stud walls. Solid...
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