1. Z

    wahl clippers cord twisted

    Dear Experts How can i avoid the twisted power cord on my wahl clippers as in the link below : View: https://Upload the image directly to the Thanks
  2. S

    Is this twisted cloth flex double or single insulated?

    Hi Folks Just bought some of this Bronze Twisted Fabric Flex - Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire - for a job...
  3. D

    Ring doorbell pro and telephone twisted pair

    Hello I'm in the process of installing a new ring doorbell pro. Currently we have an existing doorbell chime which is hardwired with a internal transformer and consumes 4v which is not enough to run the ring doorbell. I'm going to either use a plug in transformer and use the transformer that...
  4. L

    Thoughts on twisting CPCs together.

    Just wondering on peoples thoughts on twisting CPC's together. Worked with multiple sparks over the years some do it some don't. The ones who do it argue that there is less chance of losing continuity, as even if they do become loose in the back of accessories they are still twisted together...
  5. calpol91

    RJ45 - 3 damaged cores

    Hi. I have a customer with a cat6 from his house to a workshop on his land further up. Most of the run is underground, and the pipe is fair tight. 3 of the cores are damaged at some point and he's reluctant to pull a new cable in if he can avoid it since its a massive run, although I have...
  6. T

    HDMI Leads

    Does anybody deal with hdmi leads? Got a customers who wants to loose there through a wall so he can plug his tv in without seeing any leads. Of course its all decorated and only have a small hole to use, does anyone know how to cut off hdmi leads and redo them? Or buy a reel of cable and make...
  7. E

    Intruder alarm wired in cat5e?

    Only had cat5e on my van, I know it is dearer etc than alarm cable, just needed to get it done there and then. 4 twisted pair. Wired 3x pirs, 1x door contact, 1x sounder. Will it work ok? I know it is twisted & solid, not stranded & untwisted. In this instance, will I be ok?
  8. M

    Extending CT sensor for SolarImmersion

    Hi, I am planning to fit a SolarImmersion to make use of my excess generation and need to extend the CT clip-on sensor by about 7m. Their website states that this can be done using a twisted pair data cable, but no specifications. Has anyone needed to do this or can suggest a suitable cable...
  9. O

    Name & age of this fuse box??

    Being doing a PIR today and came across this beauty - can somebody help me with its model/age etc? I particularly liked the fact that there wasn't an earth bar and the earths had been twisted together, outside the CU and pushed into a choc block! Its a TNS system without an earth too, plus a...
  10. M

    testing r1 +r2

    when testing R1+R2 at main board then going to sockets to start my test i noticed the earth wire (cpc)twisted to gether on the socket . This was on every socket i tested would this give me wrong results
  11. P

    Domestic door bell issues

    Hi all, installed a door bell, transformer and chime. Door bell on front door, ran door bell cable on outside of house (7m), underground in conduit (2m), through garage (7m (near power cable)), through conduit with power cable (4m), into summer house (4m), connectectd to chime and then...
  12. J

    meger mft testing

    hi all at collage we use the megger mft 1553! now on a ring cct say 10m long we get a reading of 0.45ohms on sockets 1,2,3,4 but on socket no 5 the reading states 0.00ohms can any one give me some examples of what the metre will show upon faults?
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