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  1. Lister1987


    ...off the back of the latest CJR video thread it now has me wondering; What/Who class as wholesalers? I was of the impression that the likes of Screwfix/Toolstation were trade wholesalers? With the likes of B&Q, Wickes etc being "Big Shed" retailers and at the bottom of the pile you have the...
  2. N

    Domestic What do you look for in a wholesalers?

    Hello, Any help here would be appreciated. I'm soon opening a home/DIY store, however I would like to focus on electricians parts/cables/sockets etc. Can any sparks help me out with 1) What bugs you most about your current suppliers? What could they do better? Better Range? Better Prices? 2)...
  3. M

    App for wholesalers and stores

    Hi guys Quick question. Down in London. Is there an app, which has all the electrical wholesalers and hardware stores l, i use Google to locate closest store but sometimes wish just be able to open app and have all at hand. Hope all having a good week Me.
  4. gr7

    700W High Bay

    Does anyone know where I could get hold of a 700W high bay fitting? I need the circular type with a reflector to replace a faulty unit. My customer is not interested in converting to LED at present, just wants the failed unit replaced.
  5. Adie moore

    being mugged off by CEF

    £35.00 for 100M of 1mm t&e. and to make matters worse it's a real shite to strip. think it's time to find new wholesalers.
  6. D

    Fan pull switches

    Hi there, I am having trouble locating a fan isolator pull switch(3-pole). It needs to be in the style of brushed chrome, nickel or stainless steel. Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation. Dave.
  7. Doomed

    Crabtree polestar

    Anyone got a crabtree polestar 3 phase C32 hanging about? My wholesalers are quoting silly prices.
  8. Dan

    UK Electrical Supplies

    UK Electrical Supplies - Electrical Wholesalers for Trade and Private Customers UK Electrical Supplies, the UK's number one electrical wholesalers online. We pride ourselves in being the best discount electrical wholesalers online offering a wide range of electrical products and accessories. We...
  9. S

    Conduit back boxes 16mm knockouts

    Don't suppose anybody knows where I can source some 2 gang metal back boxes that are compatible with the old steel conduit systems? Basically need to change a 1 gang to a 2 gang but local wholesalers can't seem to locate anything. The old conduit is about 16mm diameter so knockouts need to fit this.
  10. Leesparkykent


    Looking to purchase a reasonably priced conduit bender if any one has one or knows of one for sale. I have one but have an underground car park to trunk/tube out starting in the next few weeks and would like another to speed the job up. Thanks Lee
  11. MerlinGremlin

    schneider kq 250amp switch connector won't fit?

    Good evening all just wondering if anyone has recently fitted a schneider kq 250amp switch disconnector and had an issue with the busbar terminals on the TP&N board not lining up with the busbar extensions?
  12. simpson93

    Wholesalers in north/central london who stocks click brand?

    Hi all anyone know of a wholesaler in north/central london that stocks click brand gear? cheers
  13. S

    rewireable fuses

    Can I get a 5 amp rewireable fuse from any wholesalers ? Need one ASAP !!!
  14. O

    Smoke Alarms

    Guys anyone know decent make as maintenance free as possible mains powered smoke alarms, Cheers
  15. I

    Intruder alarm systems?

    Advice please? Who's alarm control systems do you install and why? And do you use the same brands sensors and PIRs? Where do you get them from? Are they all pretty much the same? Not asking much :) Thanks
  16. D

    Steel trunking

    Hi guys Been asked to perform some remedial works on site....lot of which is Missing 100mm galvanised trunking lids missing. Can they be bought alone ? ( as i cant find them ) or will the whole trunking section needs to be replaced ? does anybody have any better ideas ? ta
  17. N

    Domestic PIR & sky dish

    Is a sky dish with in a few meters of a PIR likely to interfere with PIR sensor or functionality?
  18. N

    And todays pudding goes to the odd job man

    oh yet another one of those days eh , job im working on kitchen fitter / odd job man wired in the hob and oven hob is 8.7kw so 2.5 ok look closely at the live yes it is touching the cpc , if you look you'll see it wont work as its been connected to an unused terminal in on a big lable was the...
  19. A

    4" trunking

    I've got a load of 4" trunking which is minus all the bits to join it together and hold the lid on. The joiners are no problems as I can get those. It's just the brackets to hold the lid on I'm struggling to find. No matter how google I use. Does anybody know where you can get them from?
  20. B

    led strip lighting

    Afternoon sparks Can any1 recommend a good led strip lighting product off Internet , which will be installed in a kitchen, Thanks in advance.
  21. electrosparks

    mk sentry stock exchange from screwfix

    Today received letter from mk regarding possible problems with their dp 100a disconnector switches. I have purchased from screwfix some mk consumer units complete as they are very competivley priced and screwfix have passed on my details to mk . The letter says that some of these particular...
  22. S

    contactum breakers

    Hi is it Cribbs wholesalers that do contactum breakers or does anyone know who does need them for tomorrow cheers
  23. Robertbaker63

    goliath 250 worklight ballast

    my goliath 250 worklight stopped working, its a 55w 4 pin 2d lamp the ballast has blown, does anyone know where to get a replacement, if i search the original model - a visonator VEB155TC all i get is links to Taiwan sites many thanks to anyone who can help me
  24. R

    CPN 63A 30mA RCD

    Evening guysAs title says, Where can I get one from?What wholesalers sell them or what is compatible with them?Cheers
  25. E

    where to buy mem rcbo's ?

    my wholesaler's dont stock mem but said will get mem rcbo's in for me at £59 each :shocked::shocked: no thanks i need 9 of them so it would cost a fortune.... anyway i know most rcbo's are around £30 just need to know a good source for MEM rcbo's or if you know of a different brand that will...
  26. R

    bulkhead with pir (Two cable)

    Hi All, Quick question, anyone know if anyone makes a bulkhead with PIR that works like some of the newer halogen floods. ie, you leave the switch on and it works of the pir, then you flick the switch a couple of time and it overides and stays on etc. been asked to change a light for one with...
  27. G

    MK Logic fused spurs

    Does anybody else have problems with the design of the fuse holder of an MK Logic fused spur? I hate the bloody things! They can be very difficult to remove sometimes and can easily be chipped when levering away with a screwdriver. Also, latching back in can be a real test too. I've used MK...
  28. C

    Any advice on a potential job offer?

    Just after some constructive advice or a 1 word answer will do... Am an Improver subbing, trying to fill my weeks and trying, along with every other Improver or latest DISQ Qualified to find a break with a company that is offering something permanent or at least heading that way. I have a...
  29. R

    Sourcing obsolete trunking lid

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of Liteline (i think AL 1001) trunking lid? Sorry to ask a pretty boring question but I've tried several wholesalers, google, emails etc but no result. Cheers.
  30. I

    Wired fire and heat alarms

    Can anybody surgest a good wired fire and heat alarm for domestic installations, and where to duy from? Cheers
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