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  1. bigspark17

    Range cooker isolator.

    hi. I have a range electric oven rated at 11.1kw so am running 16mm t&e due to distance & would like opinions on what isolators i could fit. The flex on the range is 10mm 3c so need a large enough isolator to take these comductors. Also positioning of the isolator?
  2. weatherwitch

    Disabled access to a fuse versus non fashionable location?!

    I have a question about plugs behind a freestanding washing machine and lack of disabled access to the plug/fuse. It's going to be a fitted kitchen and is currently bare walls with No integrated or hidden appliances just standard free standing appliances. In the case of the washing machine...
  3. GMES

    Samsung Fast charging Pad

    Have any of you lads got one of these The reason I bought it was that I'm sick of charger wires everywhere and part of...
  4. O

    The age old Grid switch topic

    From what I can gather, these grid switches can be crap. Burnt out, poor quality etc. is a common topic I'm picking up here. So, which companies to avoid etc.? My fixer-upper house falls under the regs of new build and thus I need to isolate hidden appliances. In the kitchen, I was going to...
  5. Soulsurfer

    Isolation for under worktop appliances ?

    Hey all, Quick ask, Client has say larder fridge or dishwasher under worktop in kitchen or in unit. Do you fit a d.p. switch or sfcu above worktop on wall to isolate without needing to pull out appliance ? or is it to belt & braces ? I thought that it was regs or OSG listed but not sure. I've...
  6. J

    Kitchen socket heights ?

    what height do yous usually have your kitchen sockets, is it a set height or all depending on the kitchen thats being installed ?
  7. M

    no earth at socket

    in the picture theres no earth at the socket above the worktop, the earth is broken from the JB to the socket somewhere and is not accessable. can I run a single earth between the two sockets.its a 20 amp radial cct.
  8. V

    rise and fall sockets

    Hello I have been asked if I can fit a rise N fall socket above a kitchen Island I have been looking but have only been able to find those great long industrial ones with 15-25 m of flex anyone know of any and where and how much ? Thanks in advance waiting with bated breath
  9. B

    Sockets supplying appliances in kitchens. Do they HAVe to be remotley swithced??

    Gents (and ladies of course). I have a new ring final to put in for my daughter in a new flat this weekend ( doing it through LABC of course.. £100 for the privilage too!). The existing ring final serves the whole downstairs and overloads when she has everyting plugged in/turned on (new baby...
  10. N

    installing a isolation switch

    hi new to the forum i'm not a sparky but a bricklayer so not that clued up on electrics.I have just installed a new kitchen after being told by the sparky at work how too i have added another 2 new double wall sockets,to the main ring which was fine until the mrs changed the design round and...
  11. A

    Domestic Bench-type Sockets for a Kitchen

    Part of a new kitchen installation will be against a stone wall, so there's no opportunity to install wall-mounted sockets. An option is therefore to install a bench-type socket on the worktop. Having looked at the MK Pinnacle and Centaur President solutions, they look rather commercial and I...
  12. K

    Kitchen sockets

    On a first fix of a kitchen, what height do you install the sockets that are above the work top.
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