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Been on a fault finding mission today. Domestic, flickering (quite low) on downstairs light circuit. Found lights were fed from a junction box. Switch feeds seemed to feed from elsewhere but couldn't go ahead & get access to other room boards to find. Isolated switches so lights on permanent & flickering seemed to stop sensing this was the problem connected back up for tomorrow & flickering seemed worse. Checked Supply at CU & Meter, no issues? Neighbours not having similar problems so does seem property dependent.

Any further ideas? I know it's difficult fault finding without seeing the issues but any info would help if Im missing something
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This sounds similar to a problem my gran had a few months ago, I done all the checks I could think of at the time even went through them with the local council electrician and we couldn't find anything wrong. I eventually found the problem and it was a loose supply cable before the meter, so had to get the electric board out to it. Only reason I found it was due to a loose floorboard that was next to the main supply cable and when I knocked it I got the light flickering.

I ruled this out originally as it was only the down stairs lights affected by it and no other circuit was noticeable affected and nothing showed on any of the tests.


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Right Chaps...the lights aren't CFL. A mix of rose fitted pendants & 3 fittings single T&E into connector block. The feed from the board & the feed off to the next light in the junction box. The Meter is in Garage & supply up from Concrete floor...
I know all of this may sound a mish mash the way Im explaining but appreciate your input. We are back there tomorrow so will search for other post perhaps n report back with what we find.


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Have any modifications or additions been done to the circuit?
Ive seen the addition of a smoke alarm on the switched live that acted as a resistor and made the CFL bulbs flickr!
...and of course switch off the smoke detector when they went to bed at night after turning the lights off!!
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Right...update on this...
Found it to be a broken neutral in the Living room light fitting. Perhaps went round the houses a bit, but as only a single T&E at 2x light fittings, hoped to find access at junction boxes for a possible loose connection for feeds. Well, found that at said lighting point which was the main point of all feeds to lower light circuit. Switch feeds up to lights fed from switches, so the logic of having the first light nearest the incoming from the CU went out the window...
Left the lights on & all seemed ok whilst we were packing away. SODS Law...they started flickering again. Took the fitting down in the living room (all the feeds in Connector blocks) & flickering stopped...we think? Eyes going beserk now - "Is it? Isn't it?"...
Anyhow we've advised customer to report on it & could be back again tomorrow...

we sorted the eventual obvious fault, but something not quite right...more investigations needed
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