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Fitted new 8 bulb fitting using SES (E14) bulbs, wanted as bright as I could get, Homebargains had two candle bulbs at 470 lumen both same make, 6W at £2.29 and 5W at £1.29 why? Seems wrong way around.


Is one lamp (sorry, bulb) dimmable (the 6W one) and one not?


Only Homebargains can answer the question.

It may be that they bought a container full of excess stock of 5w from the manufacturer and are passing on the savings.
It may be Homebargains over bought 5w and are trying to sell off stock.
Even if the prices are back to front £1 difference is a lot.

WE'LL never know or be able to guess.


buying from homebargains is dim.
Watt you on about?
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Is one lamp (sorry, bulb) dimmable (the 6W one) and one not?
I think that is the case, however normally the dimmable one is the cheaper as they tend to use a simple capacitor to regulate current, where non dimmable use a pulse width modulated current regulator so use less current, the price is on the card inside the blister pack so no one in store could get it wrong.

It does however point out how careful one needs to be. First energy saving bulbs I bought were Philips, CFL 5W globes, got 16 of them, within year down to 6 my wife got replacements from HomeBargains which lasted 3 years and had not failed but replaced with LED.

I learnt my lesson, forget expensive bulbs, cheap ones last longer. To date I had some 0.58W G5.3 MR16 LED's fail, from PoundWorld, likely due to using a AC supply! and a 5 foot fluorescent tube replacement rather annoying the latter as expensive good quality.

But not had any LED bulbs other than the 0.58 watt toys fail, with chandeliers one often has 3, 5, or 8 bulbs so they mount up, would say last house around 24 bulbs not including garage, and mothers house 14 bulbs again not including garage. Over 5 years since started using LED, it has transformed the whole idea of lighting.

No longer do I need a cupboard full of bulbs, and I am not changing a bulb every other week, however still have loads of unused tungsten bulbs, I am just too tight to bin them.

I also seem to be collecting small wattage LED, where we fitted 1.8W or 3W in two 5 bulb chandeliers then decided not bright enough so swapped to 5W, still have some of those 8W CFL which replaced the Philips.

But selecting bulbs is hard enough when advert says 40W then you find it is in fact 5W claimed to be as bright as 40W. Even when they replace fluorescent tubes, so get a 22W replacement for a 58W fluorescent tube, then find 2000 lumen instead of 5500 lumen, quite clear why they use less power, they give out less light.
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