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Testing large amount of PIR controlled lighting

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I just wondered if anyone had any tips for testing an irritating design.
It's a large self-storage facility, several RCBO protected lighting circuits serving two floors, no light switches anywhere, just PIRs on radial circuits controlling about 4 lights each and there's about 30 such setups.
Emergency lighting comes from a separate branch near the origin of each circuit.
(The exceptionally irritating thing thing is that klik roses have been used for everything EXCEPT the PIR sensors!)

I can think of multiple ways to test CPC continuity and confirm polarity.
But when it comes to IR testing...options seem to be:
-link out each PIR (only one per group of lights but a LOT of them) and test normally
-test from the board to the PIRs, then test backwards via kilk rose on each set of lights
-agree a limitation with customer unless they want to pay extra
-declare an operational limitation due to design
The first two will obviously will be time consuming, and like a fool I quoted per circuit without knowing the setup.

What would you do? It feels unsatisfactory in the first place that you can't test it without jumping through many hoops...!
I assume the PIRs switch just the L? If so, then I would leave all lamps/luminaires and PIRs in place, connect L and N together, and test between these and E. The SL will be included in this test as it will be connected to N via the lamps.

I would avoid dismantling, except where necessary for close inspection, and I would not attempt a test between L and N (I generally don't bother with this test for EICRs, I feel it is of little value).
Thanks. I’ve never really thought about the test current flowing back through the neutral to the SL via the fitting.
If they are LED grid panels I guess the same would apply through the primary coil of the driver. Every day a school day.

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