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  1. GBDamo

    8v, 500mA ac/dc adaptor replacement with batteries

    I have a relatively cheep LCD clock in the kids room (Grow Egg Clock) that is supplied with a ac/dc adaptor, 8V 500mA. As the little moster keeps playing with it I'd like to put it on a shelf but there's no sockets near by. Was considering one of those 9V battery enclosures with the correct...
  2. C

    UK RCD adaptor issue

    I am seeking professional advice. I have no electrical qualifications. On the last 2 occasions I have cut my lawn the RCD adaptor did not trip BUT when I disconnected the mower the RCD was completely dead (ie would not reset nor test nor allow power to any device) . On the second occasion I...
  3. S

    Hi, could anyone help please. I’m looking for a UK plug adaptor for this

    Hi, I’m looking to find a UK plug adaptor that attaches to this please. Where could I source this? Thanks.
  4. C

    Plug adaptor?

    Can you buy the reverse of the adaptor below? I need the two pin plug (with the hex shape) to convert to a 3 pin uk socket. It’s just for chargers etc in the car. I could make one from a lead and socket but would rather have just an adaptor. Thanks.
  5. D

    Plug in adaptor for the ring doorbell pro

    Hello I have decided to purchase a 18v 1 am plug in adaptor plug to rung the ring doorbell pro Like this one...
  6. D

    installing ring doorbell pro in the UK with Byron776 or plug in adaptor

    Hello Im looking at installing the Ring Doorbell Pro in the UK I currently have a bell chime thats hardwired to the lighting circuit with a built in 6volt transformer. I understand that this is too low to run the ring doorbell pro. I know it comes with a DIN transformer but this just isnt...
  7. D

    Rather Expensive Test Adaptor

    £128... Really!! Would cost no more than £15 to make one... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beha-Amprobe-Messadapter-CEE-plug-5polig/dp/B0028YTX2C
  8. D

    Plugtop RCD Adaptor test problem

    Today I have three 13A 30mA RCD plugtop adaptors to test - two around 5-7 years old and one brand new. When testing these I insert a Seaward NTB1 isolation transformer to prevent tripping any upstream CPDs. The two old adaptors would not energise when connected to the isolation transformer...
  9. K

    Help, what kind of mains adaptor do I need for Dewalt Heat gun?

    We recently ordered a Dewalt heat gun from ebay, it's arrived but as it was from Germany it has a two pin plug on it, there are so many kinds of mains adaptors we don't know what to get???
  10. D

    Exhibitor Power supply adaptor at NEC

    Hello I will be an exhibitor at an exhibition to be held at the NEC early next year. I am going to display multiple specialist outdoor LED displays. All of my displays are wired with NZ plugs. I know that I can buy and use a UK to NZ travel adapter at any airport in the UK so there must be...
  11. DaveHsussex

    Wanted - Printer or IRDA Adaptor for Robin 1630

    Anyone have a Thermal Printer or IRDA Adapter for a Robin 1630 in their loft? £Sensible 07456617999 David
  12. L

    Domestic Using Shaver Socket with adaptor

    Hi I have a shaver socket in my bathroom - new build flat, socket has 115v & 240v. I have purchased an LED sensor nightlight which has a regular uk 3 pin plug, & I was wondering if I could use a European adaptor to plug the nightlight into the shaver socket. Nightlight has following details...
  13. rolyberkin

    Kewtech Portable Appliance Adaptor Box (17th Edition)

    Hi Has anyone used one of the Kewtech PAT adaptor boxes or got any views or experience of using it? I have a load of my own band/pa equipment to test such as amps and extensions leads etc, would this be up to the job? PATADAPTER1 Portable appliance adaptor box | Kewtech -...
  14. D

    12V DC adaptor showing 19V

    I was checking polarity using multimeter on some 12v DC adaptors I have. Doing this showed me the voltage. Here on my readings: 12V DC 200ma = 19V 12V DC 500ma = 16V 12V DC 1000ma = 14V Question 1): Why are they not showing 12V? Is this because all happen to be unregulated? Question 2): Why...
  15. K

    Dead socket.

    Hi from France, I,m an all round DIY,er so when a mate ask me to bring my electrical tool bag to have a look at a dead socket I did so. With everything switched off I stripped the socket to find that there had been arcing but what confused me was that it was the neutral arcing to earth. I given...
  16. B

    110v pat testing adaptor wiring

    What is the correct way to wire up a 110v pat testing adaptor
  17. gazdkw82

    Socket tester adapter thingy

    I thought having one of those socket adaptors that allows you to push your testing leads directly in. What's the general consensus? Do they conflict with testing resulting think the one Iv looked at is made by kewtech
  18. N

    Domestic Fixing light with mini trunking containment?

    Hi all, A friend of mine has built a conservatory and has used surface mini trunking to contain the t&e for the lights, as the pvc blends in with the pvc panels of the conservatory. I'm due to connect up the lights and wanted to know the best way and be prepared before u arrive. I haven't...
  19. L

    Nonstandard Socket Adaptor

    Hello Does anyone know where I can buy (if there is one) an adaptor that will allow me to change a regular plug in into this MK non-standard one without me actually rewiring a plug in? Attaching a picture of the socket in question. I bought a new plug in, but I don't know how to rewire and thus...
  20. C

    Socket adaptor

    Can anyone recommend a good socket adaptor for doing r1+r2 readings etc? I bought a kewtech one but it doesn't work with my megger 1720 leads unless you wiggle them about and even then it's unreliable!
  21. T

    Usa Device Repair From Using Uk Voltage

    Hi I am not an electrician and would like to ask the community a question regarding a recently purchased from from the United States. I purchased a uSqueez leg massager from the USA: OSIM uSqueez App-Controlled Foot & Calf Massager?Buy Now! When returning to the UK, it was plugged...
  22. J

    using a martindale sb13 with a megger mit320

    i had to do a hasty test today using a martindale sb13 socket adapter but the megger leads would not fit into the adapter as they seemed to short to make any connection anyone else have this problem.(megger was very similar to the MIT 320)
  23. S

    Megger Accessories

    Hey all. Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. Weather here is rubbish but hey ho. Anyway, I have a Megger MFT 1553. Brilliant bit of kit in my mind and to accompany it I have the Kewtech Lightmate BC adaptor for doing Zs test at end of line. This saves time and means you don’t...
  24. I

    115VAC - unfamilar plug on industrial vibrator

    I recently purchased an industrial vibrator from a company called Vibco in the US - The model of vibrator is SCR-100. It has this variable speed control box wired to it. Unfortunately, I'm not familar with the plug and need to know what type of socket it goes into. The paperwork says the item is...
  25. D Skelton

    PVC conduit question

    Anyone know a good way of sealing an an entry to a PVC conduit box to make it water tight? What I'm wanting to do is use PVC conduit for an outside lighting installation. Where the lights are to go, my intention is to use a short length of flex from the light to a terminal in a T shaped conduix...
  26. S

    Quick Question RE: Shaving Socket + Adapter

    Hi, Quick question from a electrical dummy. Are UK shaver sockets, and EU plug sockets, the same? Or, in other words, and more specific to my requirements, will this adapter - Universal Adaptor with 3 Pin UK into 2 Pin Plug: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics - allow me to plug a UK standard plug into...
  27. P

    P.A.T. Testing help needed.

    Hi, I'm a in the 3rd year of my C&G 2330 electrical installation course and some time ago I completed a PAT testing course. I haven't done any PAT testing yet - other than the small amount required on the course. I have my first job coming up soon - a small engineering firm and I could use a...
  28. K

    dewalt 24v batteries

    has anyone ever tried the so called battery fix you can buy off ebay, I bought it years ago and never bothered.
  29. H

    fluke 1652

    alright lads , when i do a R1/R2 test on a ring main do i use the lead with a plug? if yes how do i plug this into the tester do i just use the red and green or do i also plug in the blue one ?
  30. S

    advice on fluke 1652b

    can anyone explain how you test at each socket for the ring main cross over test the tester only operates between L and E. i want to test between L and N. do you need a socket for probes cheers
  31. D

    Query with megger 1552 ?

    Hi guys. Can someone tell me if it is possible to do r1 + rn and r1 + r2 socket tests with the standard lead which comes with the megger 1552. This is the lead with the 13a plug on the end. I have read that this can be done but I would love to know if this is true because it would save me...
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