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  1. D

    supply to brick lights from mains electric gate?

    Hi all I have only recently qualified and would appreciate some advice re wiring PIR brick lights and surface mounted PIR lights on two electric gate posts on either side of sliding gate. My question is can I break into the incoming 230V supply to the gate controller if I use a fcu for lights...
  2. 0

    Domestic New exposed brick wall

    Hi, We are in the middle of building our kitchen extension, we have decided to have an exposed internal brick wall constructed as we have some excellent brick spare. The external block wall is up and before we put up the internal brick wall we were going to install the cables for...
  3. S

    Switch in brick wall door opening

    Hello All So the wife wants to put a switch in a patio door opening. Wall is a cavity wall. I couldn't see in section 7.3.2 of my onsite guide that it was expressly forbidden but equally I wouldn't know where the cable should be run to be compliant because the safe zone seems to assume the...
  4. A

    Chasing into engineering brick

    Hi everyone, I need some advice about how to chase into engineering brick. Full story below. I've mounted a TV onto the wall, not my preference but long-story-short it's happening. I'm running the cables (HDMI and aerial etc) behind the wall but it's a solid wall. So, I've bought some square...
  5. J

    Brick Lights. SWA terminating.

    Hello all, Just after some guidance, i am a qualified Auto Electrician with a good number of years behind me. While confident in my own ability in domestic applications i am not fully aware of the Regs. I am planning on installing 3 or 4 (mind not made up yet) brick lights in my garden wall...
  6. Zdb

    Red brick conduit / cable

    Just wondering if anyone makes a red brick colour conduit? I want the cable/system to be as discreet as possible as it has to go around the side of the house.
  7. A

    Chasing sockets brick blown

    Hi guys, I’ve chased out a hole for double socket and noticed that some of the brick is about to crumble out. Only chasing for 25mm back box. Directly on the opposite side of the wall is a single socket which I intend to change to a double. (Single has 35mm back box) therefore the two sockets...
  8. Gary Tollison

    Conduit through brick wall

    hello. Dejavu for some folk, but here’s the scenario: My house is two-storey brick, my shed is 10’x3’ (odd size I know, but the back yard is small) made entirely of wood, no metal at all. The gap between the house wall and shed is 300-400mm. At present there is no power to the shed, so I have...
  9. gazdkw82

    Single brick wall insulation options

    We have a small toilet downstairs that had signs of mould. I've decided to pull the plaster off. I'm glad I did because it was slightly damp in places. I think this is mainly because 1. It's a single brick room and 2. They just nailed the plasterboard to the brick leaving a gap of round 10 mm...
  10. M

    Hit a brick wall with resetting Bosch Washing machine classixx 1200 express. After changing brushes.

    hi, I qualified as a sparks in 2008 and after doing many maintenance contracts mainly with the NHS, I only have time to do private jobs and my own. It’s currentely my own that I’m in a tiswas with. I just changed my brushes on my Bosch machine WAE 24162uk/08. They were worn right down to the...
  11. K

    Cables run in cavity between block and brick of an internal wall

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of building a side extension. I will be putting in 2 new rings and 2 new lighting circuits. To get them from the CU to the extension I wanted to run them in the cavity of the old external wall (now internal because there is an extension on the other side)...
  12. C

    ventilation brick big no no?

    Hello guys A client has requested I replace wiring carried out recently by a builder which consists of an SWA running from the DB, under the floor which then runs through the ventilation brick, the cable had then been run across the garden bed to the flood light mounted on the post. I would...
  13. Pete999

    Pete's Videos working at height has been ignored then

    Better now??
  14. N

    Garden light fault

    I have a set of double insulated LED garden brick lights that I installed about 5 years ago, Recently they tripped the RCBO and would not reset. The fault is L&N to earth, about 0.2 mega ohms. The install is SWA terminated into galvanized conduit boxes filled with magic jell.Thinking the jell...
  15. 1Justin

    socket fronts on brick slips?

    The job I'm on requires socket fronts to be fitted into brick slips behind kitchen worktop. Kitchen is not built yet. Thinking ahead, any nice solution to IP4X requirement against the rough brick fronts which would look tidy? (Yes, mastic etc work but nasty, and rather not need to use any sort...
  16. S

    Domestic sockets on skirting no backbox

    Hi, Came across some sockets mounted in tall skirting using metal frames screwed to the front of the skirting (trunking adapters?) with no back box. Void behind is hollowed out brick. Pretty sure this is a no no but I can't find the relevant reg, anybody? Cheers s
  17. S

    Socket fixing

    Just a quick one for any tips. While drilling screw holes for a socket box the hammer action of the drill pushedd the brick into the cavity. Although not completely lost, to fis with cement etc will take a while to set before trying again. Does anyone have any quick fix tips so the box can be...
  18. H

    Has anyone had experience of chasing in brickwork?

    Good info, also as I am just used to surface laying this whole chase cutting is a bit of a new experience, now the chases has capping in it and has to be deep enough to accommodate it, the metal back boxes are 35mm deep so sometimes do you have to chase into the brickwork itself as sometimes you...
  19. D

    SDS drill bits in normal chuck?

    Hi all, Has anyone tried using SDS drill bits in a normal hand-tightening chuck? I need to get a 20mm masonry-bit but don't want to invest in an SDS drill right now.. Thanks!
  20. G

    Socket box sinker. (+ sds chasing chisel)

    Anyone use a socket box sinker ? I'm thinking the armed type. I've got 2 or 3 jobs lined up soon where I know I will be chopping out in brick. So I think now's the time to bite that particular bullet and lay out for one. ! Be grateful for any pointers Cheers.
  21. L

    drilling 4" holes for fans

    recently i have been been coring holes for bathroom fans through outside walls and been taking ages to do it upto an hour when it should only take 25mins at most do you recon i should start drilling it on hammer with the diamond core bit allthough it can screw the bit up i am using a makita 8406
  22. P

    Sockets in Brick

    Hi Im fitting some 2 gang metal back boxes into a brick wall but the bricks are crumbling and Im finding it very hard to get a flat back to the hole. Has any body got any tips to help remove the brick, im using a hammer and cole chisel. Many thanks guys.
  23. O


    Chasing/domestic Evening Too You All, Dose Anyone Know The Rules About Chasing Cables Into Walls In Domestic Installations. Do You Have To Chase Into The Brick Or Not If Plaster Can Skim Over Them
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