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  1. A

    Chasing into engineering brick

    Hi everyone, I need some advice about how to chase into engineering brick. Full story below. I've mounted a TV onto the wall, not my preference but long-story-short it's happening. I'm running the cables (HDMI and aerial etc) behind the wall but it's a solid wall. So, I've bought some square...
  2. C

    Need electricians advice. Moving ceiling light without chasing ?

    hello i moved in to my place 3 years ago and have been slowly redecorating one room at a time. Im finally on my last room, the living room but for some weird reason the ceiling light isnt in the middle of the room. its off to the side quite far. The problem is, my ceilings are concrete so i...
  3. A

    Chasing sockets brick blown

    Hi guys, I’ve chased out a hole for double socket and noticed that some of the brick is about to crumble out. Only chasing for 25mm back box. Directly on the opposite side of the wall is a single socket which I intend to change to a double. (Single has 35mm back box) therefore the two sockets...
  4. Nobbin

    Chasing in and trunking?

    I've been on a few jobs where a previous installer has chased in some 25mm trunking instead of the 25mm oval conduit that I would normally use. I don't like capping as it's a bugger to send new cables through. Just wanted peoples opinion of best practice when it comes to mechanical protection...
  5. S

    Chasing in and tanking.

    Quoting for a rewire on a property that's going to be fully tanked to 1.2 m. Back boxes in before or after tanking?
  6. spinlondon

    Don’t like chasing in.

  7. happyhippydad

    Which out of these 3 corded SDS drills?

    My cordless SDS is just not going to be up to the job of lots of channeling out so I am going to buy a corded.. I've decided on Bosch as that seems to be the majority choice, but even then there is still quite a variety, so I've narrowed it down to 3 : 1. GBH2000 2kg Bosch 2kg SDS Plus Drill...
  8. B

    best sds drill??

    hey there guys, im just nearly finishing my first yr (2330) and iv started being asked to do a few jobs, i done an outside light and had to drill through the wall, i then quickly relized my little hammer drill was compleatly useless, lol so looking to upgrade to an sds drill. so wondering...
  9. L

    chasing bits for a sdh hammer drill

    I need to get some chasing bits for my SDS hammer drill as im sure the right tools will save me making such a mess of things when im chasing. what bits do you all use for chaseing please, if you dont mind sharing
  10. T

    New drill

    Hi i'm after a new 240v hammer drill mainly for chasing out, as i'm doing almost no site work i'm getting fed up lugging round a transformer so i'm looking for a good quality 240v anyone got any good suggestions ???
  11. T

    Domestic pricing different ways

    was just thinking as i do, when my sister had a quote for rewire sparky gave quote firstly on drop down pvc trunking everywhere i didn't like this method so i asked for another quote on chasing walls out i was told the price was the same. so my question is in this type of scenario what would you...
  12. A

    Existing metal conduit

    I`m rewiring a bungalow. There is existing metal conduits with rubber bungs on the ends for the switch drops. I`ve taken out the old wooden boxes and replaced with new metal boxes. I want to use the old conduits to run the new switch lines. What I want to know is do the conduits need earthing...
  13. B

    Best drill for chasing

    Im looking to by a drill with hammer function only, whats the best make to buy? I am toying with the 36 volt bosch, is there anything better on the market. Oh and I would prefer cordless, or is 110/230v drills better for chasing.
  14. J

    SDS Drill

    Hi as I've been building up my tool kit over the last year I'm now looking into getting a drill for chasing. From what I've read on other posts that cordless isn't the way to go for this sort of work and have spotted the following offer and was looking for advice/other suggestions. Bosch GBH...
  15. O


    Chasing/domestic Evening Too You All, Dose Anyone Know The Rules About Chasing Cables Into Walls In Domestic Installations. Do You Have To Chase Into The Brick Or Not If Plaster Can Skim Over Them
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