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  1. O

    Anybody worked with Atlantic immersion heaters

    Has any worked with Atlantic immersion heaters they are a French mob but their UK agent went bust so I am looking for a couple of things one is anybody got a contact number for them yes I can G**gle but I would like to ask a technical question. The set up is a ceramic wire wound heater (a bit...
  2. B

    3 phase 3kw immersions, anybody found a good price for one in UK?

    Seems everybody is going down this road now we have more time on our hands? Energy management systems, using the new monitoring gear or using contactor from inverter relay! Yes I am trying to find a cheapish 3 phase immersion to cable as 1-2kw or 3kw domestic water cylinder heating system. At...
  3. R

    Timeswitching two immersion heaters

    Customer, sports ground changing rooms, has two 3kW immersion heaters (one for home team showers and washbasin, one for away team showers and washbasin) and has asked me to fit a timeswitch. Each immersion heater is on its own circuit, 16A MCB, 2.5mm conductors, singles in plastic trunking and...
  4. A

    Immersion heater timer switch

    Hi, I have a spur leading to a 3kW immersion heater as shown in the image below (circled in red). I would like to change this to a timer - so I can take advantage of economy 7. Can anyone recommend a good timer to fit? All I need is 2 hours per day, off peak. Thanks,Alex
  5. J

    PV Switch

    I am successively running a PV switch to switch spare electricity away from the grid to our immersion in a solar thermal 210 ltr tank. As its working very well I'm looking to install a 125 ltr pre heat tank to feed the main tank. Anybody have any ideas on a circuit to sense the main immersion...
  6. O

    Sunny Boy 4000TL Multi Function Relay

    I am about to replace my 3Kw Immersion Heater with a 1.5Kw. Please see the attached PDF I intend to control it with the multi function relay in the Sunny Boy turning on at 1800w. The default setting for self consumption is 1500w The other settings I am considering altering are the default 30mins...
  7. A

    Re connecting up customers immersion heater

    Hi. Just been to a customers house which has just had a new water tank fitted by a plumber. The customer would like me to re connect up his immersion heater as the plumber wouldn't do it. (clever plumber)! During the quotation i noticed that the old immersion heater was on a 13 amp plug to a...
  8. R

    remote switch for immersion heater

    On a job today, saw someone had run a twin from an immersion heater DP isolator, to a remote switch. So in essence, at the remote, they were only switching the live. I'v never done it like that, I always take L + N to the remote first, then to the immersion DP isolator. Is there anything wrong...
  9. G

    Switching on Immersion heater.

    Hi all, I am aware that there have been several threads regarding using pv to power the immersion and how to control the turning on of the same when the system is producing sufficient surplus output. I have had a 3.84kw system installed for several weeks now and like everyone else want to make...
  10. Murdoch

    Immersion heater circuits with additional connections

    All, About 50% of the houses I've been in recently have had additional connections added to the immersion heater circuits. The most common is a socket or FCU for a shower pump. In my mind BS 7671 says that water heaters should be on their own circuits. Bearing in mind that the vast majority...
  11. D

    6kw 3 phase immersor

    Hi folks I'm looking for a bit of advice on a 3 phase immersion heater. What they've asked for is a 6kw 3 phase immersion heater with thermostat operated from a single channel clock through a contactor. I've never done this before and I don't have a wiring diagram or anything. Any advice or...
  12. L

    Solar sensitive controls

    Hi All, I have a client who wants to know if I can supply controls that will turn on the electric coil in her immersion heater only when her PV system is generating. Whilst I know a controls engineer who could make something up for me it seems a bit OTT to bring him in on a domestic job...
  13. J


    Hi All, Firstly this is information l need for an economy 7 immersion heater circuit. My mother has been experiencing power cuts, resulting in her digital timer control circuit, that powers the immersion heater re-setting itself to default factory settings. Because of this she was unaware the...
  14. D

    energy meters on solar not accurate

    hi i`ve been using a bg energy monitor for aweek or so,however it reads the output of my solar panels sometimes eg panels producing 2.5kw meter says 2.8kw (300w house load) at other times it doesnt.i dont understand how the ct coil is getting confused any ideas. also i`ve found a supplier of low...
  15. J

    RCD tripping immersion heater.

    Hello All A friend of mine has just had a CU change from an old re wireable fuse box to a new Dual RCD board i didnt do the job for him someone else did. with the old board in place the immersion heater 3Kw worked now with the dual RCD board the immersion heater trips the main RCD the...
  16. S

    Not looking forward to Thursdays Job.

    Been called out to a house built in about 1980. 6 way rewireable CU. He told me over the phone that none of the sockets work, he rewired fuse and it went bang again, and again and all is OK, the problem is intermittent. He is a regular customer, and i look after 3 of his rentals. This problem is...
  17. V

    Domestic MK dual RCD busbar help

    Hi all carrying on from my thread last night on testing continuity of radial circuits. I've got my MK dual RCD consumer unit and just need some reassurance to see if im correct or not. ok i've got a picture for you guys to look at ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting so on the...
  18. pushrod

    immersion heater and a shower pump

    An immersion heater on a plug top - not allowed as should be on a switched connection unit to BS 1363-4. What code would you give it ? and out of interest what is the thinking in not allowing it as a plug and socket would give double pole isolation? Also would a shower pump be allowed on a...
  19. J

    immersion heater fault?

    ive got home from work the past few evenings to find my rcd main switch has tripped, checked my sky tv to see what time it tripped, it was approx 9 am. This also happened today (saturday) same time, so i pushed cartridge fuses on DB back in one by one and found the fault to be on the immersion...
  20. Benny_Boy

    3 phase service head and no earth

    Evening chaps, I've been out to a property to do some work (CU and shower circuits) and there's a 3 phase supply but no earth or main bonding. (only one phase in use, single phase meter) The perplexing thing is that I got a Ze of 1.17 Ohms at the board, as I removed every means of earthing...
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