1. A

    Electrician Recently moved to Sheffield area and looking for work

    I have recently moved from London to Sheffield and am looking for work. I have 10 years experience across domestic and commercial sites and have attained all level 3 qualifications including the 18th edition and inspection and testing (2391).
  2. C

    Moved to a flat aerial socket loose and is not connected ?

    HI i just moved to a flat. The TV reception is sporadic at best and we have been needing to re-tune it every few days. I have tried to look online and all the sockets seem to be wired in and the live wire connected ? Does this look normal ? Any advice would be great thank you. 1590129701 posted...
  3. C

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria.

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria to live. I want to work to help fund my small holding. I have found a country with little regulations. My electrical experience was on trains air conditioning. I’ve always done my own homes electrical stuff, I’m not a complete novice. It has been over 20 years...
  4. FatAlan

    Kitchen refit - sockets moved from wall to units?

    32amp rfc supplying two gang sockets in wall behind kitchen units. At present horrible holes have been cut in the back of the units to get access to the sockets for appliances. New units going in. Whats the best way of extending to a pattress in the back of the unit? In essence Im looking for...
  5. T

    NZ sparky just moved to the UK

    Hi everyone, I have just settled here in the UK with my British partner. We are based in Southampton. I am a New Zealand qualified Electrician with 6 years qualified experience. I come from a broad background with my most recent experience in high end residential and commercial work. I am now...
  6. S

    Domestic Hi everyone, just moved

    I just moved to a new place, there's so much to sort out. Looking for ideas from the pros and hope to find them
  7. C

    Consumer unit to be moved away from service head

    Hi everyone. I have been asked to relocate a consumer unit from a cupboard outside a house into the inside of the property. The main fuse and meter will be remaining outside however the run is about 6/7 metres long, i believe it states in BS7671 that the meter tails cannot exceed 3m in length...
  8. M

    Finally moved my board

    Moved in february last year and started re wire bout 2 months later. Due to work other commitments time and money all that is left now is a new cooker circuit and kitchen socket circuit which will be done when my old kitchen is ripped out. Started with a hideous proteus board, put up a nice...
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Moved a BT master socket

    Had a call this morning, customer come back from visiting family and during the recent up and down weather it appears rain has got in and damaged the BT master socket. they had no phone/broadband I moved it from one corner to underneath the built in shelving in lounge. outside the wall where the...
  10. U

    Domestic Semi skilled electrician recently moved to South Wales looking for work. Own tools and transport.

    Hello all Recently moved to South Wales and looking for work as electricians mate / Jointers mate. Capable of carrying out most domestic electrical works ranging from remedial works to rewires/ consumer unit installations. My experience can be discussed over the phone. Domestic installations...
  11. HandySparks

    'New' flags

    The 'New' flags on the RH side cover a few characters of the post text, which makes it hard to read. Suggest they are moved away from the text.
  12. A

    Portable Appliance Testing advice.

    The company I work for are responsible for carrying out all the testing in a high profile chain of stores. The customer is of course expecting everything to be done correctly so they are fully complaint. My company has said that any appliances that are located above the ceiling or in voids...
  13. G

    Gemini Advanced Microprocessor Control home alarm

    Hi, I've just moved into a 1900 house with an existing home alarm. It says on the box that it's a Gemini Advanced Microprocessor Control. I don't have the manual but would like to change the code. The previous owners didn't know the code either. Is there an online manual or a way of changing...
  14. P

    Lack of testing?

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question or it's too simple (mods please move if you need to) but I have had a new cu and sub-main installed (meter moved by dno) and the installer gave me an installation cert. with test results for the distribution circuit from...
  15. S

    Back to work

    Hello everyone, I'm back to work after having a 6 year break looking after my wife who was ill. As she's fit and well now and l can't stand being nagged all day l've resumed my career house bashing. I've been at it off and on since l was first issued with a hammer and bolster to chop boxes in...
  16. S

    Moving Main Fuse

    Hi guys I am on a job currently where a consumer unit has been extended and moved from one cupboard under the stairs to another cupboard under the stairs to make way for a new toilet. Now the lady is having the meter and supply moved as well by edf, apparently you cannot have the main fuse...
  17. M

    Cooker isolating switch above cooker

    Hey all i know you have to install a cooker switch to either side of the cooker in a new install. However in an existing install where it is positioned above the cooker does it say anywhere that it's illegal to have it there and does it have to be moved. I know it's dangerous as if there's a...
  18. J

    Ring Main Tripping RCD, Line to Earth reads 0

    Hi All, Will post an introduction on the new members forum but need to blurt out my question while its still in my head. Me and Mrs JimmyB1988 have moved into our first house, it has a split consumer unit, half on RCD half not, my sockets were on the half without an RCD. One breaker does all...
  19. P

    Jobs at home.

    I have this afternoon just fitted 4 fluorescent lights in my loft that I have had lying up there for 5 years it only took me 2 hours. What's the longest that you have left an electrical job at home on your to do list?
  20. A

    BMS engineering/commissioning

    Hi all! I have been working in the BMS industry since I started and been talking to a few people on site, and was just wondering what views people had about an engineering/commissioning role, I have heard there is a lack of engineers recently and they earn good money. Is the pay as good as they...
  21. S

    ATL/Trade qualified

    Hi all. Has anyone here attended any courses run by ATL/Trade qualified recently? Thanks in advance, Steve
  22. jason121

    Removing Panels

    Just had a phone call from an retired couple, been sold free solar, neighbours don't like the look of the design and have been giving her grief for around a year (so old tariff 43p). Company who installed gone burst, company who bought out bankrupt company gone burst and now been sold a third...
  23. B

    Shaver socket very close to bath?

    As the title says. The shaver socket has been 1st fixed on the right hand side of the wash basin, but due to the close proximity of the bath, the shaver socket falls just inside the edge of the bath.Wil this need to be moved? If so how far?
  24. S

    What forms for upcoming job??

    Hi guys I'm new to being self employed and was wondering if anyone could help with a few certification questions??I'm pricing a job where the consumer unit is to be moved into the garage as the wall it is currently on is being removed, ive checked above(bungalow) and the cables are long enough...
  25. N

    Tripping rcd

    just moved an mcb to rcd side of board and now a lighting radial on NON rcd side trips rcd...any ideas? I'lm sure i have moved correct wires.
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