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  1. P

    Changed a switch, and now there's no power to other rooms.

    I installed a motion sensor switch in our laundry room. It works. But, now the lights in the next room won't work, and a couple power outlets down the hall don't have power. Posting a photo of the box. Please let me know what other useful info I can provide? Thanks in advance.
  2. telectrix

    There's no such thing as a tidy up fairy.

    as title. been waiting all week. no fairy. so, to attack it meself. before and after pics.
  3. GBDamo

    Okay, there's conventional ways of wiring......

    ....and then there are the mavericks that use their own. but please don't swap and change between the two. Thank you. better Fridays afternoons have been had.
  4. S

    Just when you think there's no more surprises.

    Just been to look at a repair for a friend of a friend, flat over a shop with electric tripped out & won't come back on. Went to the shop 1st to see landlord & found shop half in darkness with staff in a flap as all breakers were OK etc. Told them I'd be back & went to sort out flat, Tennant had...
  5. Dan

    Pat Testing - If there's no earth on the plug, is it a fail?

    Have an old record player that has come into the local charity shop and they want to know if it's worth just throwing. There's no plug on it, but there's only L + N anyway, no earth. I said it possibly wouldn't pass anyway without an earth and said I'd ask. They can bin it if it's going fail and...
  6. H

    Wish me luck

    After 2.5 years since starting in this game, I'm now on my way down to the office to hand my notice in at the school to go full time for my uncle's firm. I've been two days with him for a few months now, and the time seems right for us both to make the change to full time. That all said though...
  7. C

    Cordless kettles

    anyone had any probs Pat testing the Philips cordless kettles,5 kettles apparently failed the test for earth continuity.They have been tested by someone else,& ive been asked to take a look,they look nearly brand new. It looks like there are no Earth pin connection on the base,& it certainly...
  8. H

    wago lighting connectors

    Should these be always housed in a wago cable retaining box if under plaster board?
  9. H

    MEM 3-phase board

    Morning all, As the regulars know, I work in a school part-time (while sparking part-time), and I'm going to do a bit work for them - they need power dropping in for 11 PCs. No problem, 2 RFCs should do to share the leakage currents of the machines, bit of dado trunking round the room, RFC...
  10. Paul Dodds

    New multifunction tester

    Hi, I'm obviously new. I'm looking at buying a fluke 1663 but am concerned that when the new 18th edition comes in it will be obsolete. Would I be better off buying a used 1653b, + calibration, and then a new mf tester when the new regs come in? If this has been covered then please feel free to...
  11. O

    Another star bites the dust..

    And now George Michael Who will be next..
  12. T

    max length of a 1.0mm flex

    Testing a school which has had lots of LED upgrades with exor controls. 12 way unit above the suspend ceiling with flex's down to the switches. All the leads were 12/14 meters long with the most of it thrown across the ceilings like spiders wed. I use to have a table of max loads and sizes but...
  13. M

    oven tripping electrics

    Hello, I have a Neff oven that today started tripping my electricity. I ran some tests to try identify where the issue might be without much success. the fan turns on fine, at 150C everything works fine, the thermostat kicks in and out without problems. If I put the temp higher to 175/200C...
  14. Dan

    Testing Emoji

    Just testing some emoji :confused1::grimacing::nomouth::nomouth::car::trafficlight::trafficlight2::tram::catface::mapleleaf:
  15. Christian1981

    Xs training.

    Hi all I just want to recommend Xs training to any of you thinking of doing your nvq. It took me 4 years to complete but that was me being lazy and already being payed sparks rate I couldn't get motivated to start and when I got an email saying it had to be completed by the end of December that...
  16. S

    Conduit back boxes 16mm knockouts

    Don't suppose anybody knows where I can source some 2 gang metal back boxes that are compatible with the old steel conduit systems? Basically need to change a 1 gang to a 2 gang but local wholesalers can't seem to locate anything. The old conduit is about 16mm diameter so knockouts need to fit this.
  17. J

    Self build - wiring a new network. Advice please.

    Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully to give me some advice. :) 1) I am building a self build home and want to wire it for networking 2) The network will be wired through a NETGEAR GS608-400UKS 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps Switch: Computers &...
  18. B

    Domestic Extending light switch wiring

    I'm about to rebuild a stud wall at the back of my kitchen prior to ripping the existing kitchen out and installing a new one. the light switch for the room at the back of the kitchen is in a really inconvenient place, and I'd like to move it and put it in the new stud wall. What I want to know...
  19. L

    Smartphone app

    Does anyone know of a good app for a smartphone to organise appointments and hold customer information etc? Preferably something that would sync up to iphone and iPad etc. Preferably free as I'm just starting out (no smart arses quoting pen and diary please). :)
  20. joel_till

    Newbie looking - advice on finding work

    Hi Guys. I'm new to this site and also electrics. Decided to take the giant step to retraining as an electrician from 20 years of sales and have gained my Part P, 17 the Edition, PAT testing, 2392/94/95 inspection and testing and booked in for an electro-technical design course over the next...
  21. S

    Domestic No socket for gas hob

    Improvisation, what do you think?
  22. E


    Hello, I had 3 phone calls from 3 different companies today trying to sell me Ad space in their monthly booklet highlighting the risk of rogue traders. They also told me that if I was to take out an Ad the would only refer me to anyone in my area as a competent electrician. Oh yeah, they also...
  23. G

    A little knowledge can cause problems

    I was doing a few bits for my old chap and he was very impressed with the volt stick,so I gave him a spare and a socket tester.later on he was doing something and his mate saw the voltstick and thought it was great,now this guy is retired has loads of money and looks for any excuse to buy new...
  24. N

    Domestic Pop up Sockets

    Hello Chaps I'm Looking for pop up sockets for a friends kitchen. My dilemma is, I don't want what is essentially an extension cable that I can power low power utensils off a 13A plug for ie phone chargers etc. I want a pop up twin socket on the kitchen work bench that i can incorporate into a...
  25. I

    Is worth joining

    Hi everyone - just had a long chat with the lady from Trade Association | Vetted Tradesmen & Builders. From what I can gather it is a trade association offering Trustmark etc.... As a member of NAPIT I can get Trustmark, and get separate insurance backed guarantees from an insurer. I was looking...
  26. S

    How to properly test an RCD

    .....and there's plenty of humour on this thread Ben, forget your multifunction tester when it comes to RCD's. Use your multi meter, push the RCD button, and check that both poles have opened, and check the type and rating of the RCD. Job done, Regs complied with. The only truly useful...
  27. V

    Neutral / earth fault

    Could some one give me a simple explanation why a trip will not blow on a Pme system and on others and is this dangerous
  28. G

    Main panel rubber matt

    Hi, is their a regulation for having an insulated rubber Matt by any 400v main panel. I seem to recall that their is but cannot find what it comes under in regs
  29. R

    My builder

    Hope you all can help im thinking of joining my builder is it any good?
  30. S

    shed sockets

    i want to run an armoured cable from the db to 2 sheds at the back of the garden, approx 30m away. are there any rules or regs i need to know about?
  31. G

    honesty in the job

    Lately a lot of things happen which revolve around honesty or morales,just thought I'd throw this out and see the reaction. Your boss is a decent sort who lets you use the van outside work,and is the type who says "if you ever need any bits just help yourself" My question is this,A you use the...
  32. D

    Can I sign off work

    Lads, I passed my 2391 a couple years ago I'm a time served JIB electrician and halfway through an HNC, can I sign off a condition report for a house I rent out and have tested.
  33. Amp David

    Website tips and advice

    Anyone know about making websites. Been thinking about one for a while, don't know if i should DIY or pay for a professional one?
  34. Rockingit

    Is this non GS38 tester safe for sale?

    OK chaps, a slightly frivoulous rainy day one here but has a genuine question behind it: Electric Fence testers. I got one supplied to us the other day as part of a complete fencing kit that Mrs Rockingit bought. It's just some cheapo affair based on a neon network that increments in 1kV...
  35. P

    Solar Pv for park homes FIT?

    Hi We have a customer interested in solar pv on a park home site. The customer pays for the electricity that they use to the park home site. I believe there are several meters at the park home that show what each park home has used. Is it possible to install pv on a park home (grid connected)...
  36. K

    DC-coupled off-grid PV-plant. Meter and FiT.

    Hi Folks, I am looking for a meter for a DC-coupled off-grid PV-plant with a diesel generator to obtain FiT. I spoke to Ofgem. They said there's no DC meter approved but I could try to obtain MID certificate for a device that would incorporate a meter and if the meter passes some tests then...
  37. C

    the correct way to wire a 63 amp rcd

    hi im new to this and just started a course with train for trade skills i was hoping someone can help in my situation at home, ive just built a workshop and fitted a consumer unit with a 63 amp rcd a 32 amp mcb a 16amp mcb and a 6 amp mcb at the moment only the 32 for sockets and 6 for lights...
  38. K


    What areas do you live in? are jobs busy or waste of time!!!
  39. P

    Domestic Neff circotherm oven fault

    Hi I am new to this forum so apologies if I have not structured this post correctly. Question: I have a Neff double circotherm oven model U1524. It is 4 years old. We have recently noticed that although the oven is working the temperature in the main oven is significantly below the set...
  40. V

    Megger mft error codes

    Hi all Does anyone have a list of error codes for the MFT1552? Come across the code "E79" today and wondering what it could be Thanks Dan
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