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  1. T

    Adding a wireless switch to override a timeclock and photocell.

    i have some outside lights where the customer wants a wireless switch to bypass a timeclock and photocell. On the wireless switch receiver I have permanent live in and neutral then another neutral s/l to the lights. The time clock being used is a greenwood with a built in override switch...
  2. sam400

    Easy to use timeclock

    Hi All A while ago I fitted 3 x lewden dinrail time clocks, I am having to go back every 6 months to change the time for GMT/BST as the customer can’t get on with the controls, They are a bit fiddly to be fair! Can anyone recommend a timeclock that’s easier to use preferably with the hour...
  3. P

    Domestic Timeclock to Nest System

    Happy Christmas/Holidays to all. Want to replace the below timeclock with a Nest. System uses an oil boiler and an immersion heater for the water. Heating fully controlled by existing timeclock, no thermostats. Current timeclock: Hive Diagram: Am I right in saying I will replace...
  4. M

    Splitting of UFH and Rads via Stat

    Good evening. Finally the futility of the design of my heating system has led me to try and alter it. Central heating is something i'm not brilliantly versed in. To keep it short, presently a BG WR-1 wireless clock controls the rads and the manifold via the switched output, powering up to the...
  5. flukey

    LED lighting problem

    hi all after a bit of advice really :wink5: on a job today to connect up a sign full of leds. feed had already been run to sign via photocell. once connected all worked fine until photocell was reset and then activated again causing the mcb to trip spoke to another spark who thought there was a...
  6. K

    timeclock for a shower?

    Is it possible to get the shower on a timeclock for certains lengths of times, Its for the children because they always have really long showers, haha, so trying to cut it down with a timeclock, would it go through a 40amp contactor, and then use the timeclock/timeswitch to switch the coil...
  7. S

    Help needed with Central Heating Wiring

    Hi Need some help with rewiring part of the central heating system in my house. I am not a qualified electrician, but I wish to carry out as much of the work myself to save a few pounds and then get a qualified electrician to check and carry out the final connection at the fuse box. The person...
  8. D

    Hager Time delay switch

    Hi Guys Could someone enlighten me as to the function of these puppies They used to run fused spares with electric heaters attached and also had thermostats attached. There coming out but I'm trying to get my head around the timings and purpose as I'm still learning and I've never come...
  9. P


    Hi guys got a problem can anyone point me in the right direction i need a relay or somthing to close then open in 0.5 of a second. any idears
  10. C

    Twin Immersion Thermostats

    Hi again, I tend not to get involved with heating systems, but I have just been on a site where they have had a new Hot water tank installed with 2x immersion thermostat heaters in the tank, each of these is rated at 3Kw. Each has a separate feed with its own spur. There is no economy 7 or...
  11. E

    Timeclock Tripping RCD

    I have a 6A C Type RCBO feeding a Horstmann 20A Timeclock and the switched-line operating AC1 on a 4P 24A contactor (NO). There are three lighting circuits going into the contactor, all fed from individual 6A B Type MCBs (on the RCD side of the DB). Why should the RCD sometimes trip when the...
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