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Say you have a CU change to do to the 17th edition lets say changing a 1970s fuse wire board.
For the bonding you can get onto the main water service but getting onto the main gas pipe means taking up lots of upstair floor boards (and the customer does not want you to).

Do you bond main water and maybe cross bond the boiler pipe so in effect you are covering the gas via the water pipe?

There is a bit in the book where there are certain dispensations on alterations of systems with bonding.

When looking at the whole picture the new install to 17th edition is safer than before and a path to earth can be obtained by my method?
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The customer will often say "I don't want you to". I would always say "If you want me to do the job, then x,y,z must be done at the same time (usually bonding).
Main bonding of services is an important part of any installation, so think carefully about whether you can achieve this properly another way, such as extending the water 10mm with a crimped and sleeved connection, then making the cable pass through one of the clamps and onto the other continuously. Maybe running the bonding outside and back in may even be an option.
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